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This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 2 Lot number 2
A pair of Victorian cast metal picture / photograph frames featuring ornate cherubs with flowers, ribbons and feather accents to the frame d...
Lot 3 Lot number 3
Two wooden doll's dance displays featuring ten dolls with bells and castanets, approx 95 cm (h) and 43 cm - [2]
Lot 4 Lot number 4
A good quality brass telescopic telescope with leather carry case marked T.OK London 1928 - This lot MUST be paid for and collected, or deli...
Lot 5 Lot number 5
Bellows Cameras - two vintage Bellows concertinaed cameras one marked to the strap Cameo and the other Folding Klito, marked to the lens Opt...
Lot 6 Lot number 6
Le Creuset - a five piece Le Creuset set of cast iron graduated lidded saucepans with chrome Le Creuset rack, rack 60cm x 49cm x 25cm Est 1...
Lot 8 Lot number 8
A pair of Lemaire Fabt Paris opera / field glasses, bearing raised broad arrow / crows foot mark (possibly military) in case and two further...
Lot 9 Lot number 9
Crosa - A resin bust depicting a female, inscribed to the plinth Crosa 2001, approx 32cm (h) Est 30 - 50
Lot 10 Lot number 10
A resin bust from the Poussiere De Bronze Collection by Idyllis issued in a limited edition 330 / 600, approx 28cm x 23cm
Lot 10A Lot number 10A
A good quality brass double inkwell desk set (lacking liners). Estimate 30 - 50
Lot 11 Lot number 11
A figurine depicting a fantasy mythological creature, issued in a limited edition 666 issue number 352, approx 22cm x 24cm x 25cm Est 30 - ...
Lot 11A Lot number 11A
A Tiffany style cuboid lamp depicting birds, approximate height 28 cm. Estimate 20 - 40
Lot 12 Lot number 12
Nemesis - a large fantasy figurine issued by Nemesis, approx 31cm x 23cm x 27cm Est 30 - 50
Lot 12A Lot number 12A
A hot cast bronze depicting a female on a marble plinth, approximate height 31 cm (h). Estimate 80 - 120
Lot 13 Lot number 13
A collection of parasols to include Oriental paper and wood, silk and similar
Lot 13A Lot number 13A
A cornelian shell cameo depicting a lady in profile and floral decoration.
Lot 14 Lot number 14
A collection of parasols to include wood and paper construction, silk and similar (5)
Lot 14A Lot number 14A
A metal plaque with pierced decoration depicting classical figures, approximately 22 cm (d)
Lot 15 Lot number 15
A retro style Auna Classic Phono turntable and radio system in cream Est 20 - 40
Lot 15A Lot number 15A
A mixed lot to include an ostrich egg, coral / sponge samples, onyx eggs and similar.
Lot 16 Lot number 16
A H.E.Messmer limited quadrant scale for weighing paper Est 30 - 50
Lot 16A Lot number 16A
A good quality vintage glass and brass hookah pipe, with hand painted floral decoration to the base. Est 40 - 60
Lot 17 Lot number 17
Photography - a Leica III Range Finder camera with with a Leitz Elmar f=5cm 1:3,5 lens, serial no.655084, top stamped Leica DRP Ernst Leitz ...
Lot 18 Lot number 18
A Praktica Super TL1000 camera in protective hard case with additional lenses, flash gun and other accessories
Lot 19 Lot number 19
A Kodak Beau Brownie no.2, green body, two tone enamel front face contained in a case Est 70 - 100
Lot 20 Lot number 20
Nemesis - a Nemesis figurine depicting two knights playing chess, item number NEM2283, approx 14cm (h) x 33cm (w) x 27cm (l), an Egyptian fi...
Lot 21 Lot number 21
Egyptian - a quantity of Egyptian style collectables to include a large figurine from the Pharaohs Gods Regency Collection, figurines, plate...
Lot 22 Lot number 22
A Victorian doll's push pram with 32 cm (diameter) spoked wheels This lot MUST be paid for and collected, or delivery arranged, no later tha...
Lot 23 Lot number 23
A heavy carved wooden bear with jointed limbs, approx 48cm (h) Est 30 - 50
Lot 24 Lot number 24
A stereoscope viewer by H C White with approx 50 cards to include Underwood and Underwood, Keystone View Company, Excelsior Stereoscopic Tou...
Lot 25 Lot number 25
A turned wooden truncheon approx 43.5cm in length and an enamelled Warrington Special Constable badge (2) (badge located in cabinet 4) Est ...
Lot 26 Lot number 26
A heavy white metal car mascot in the form of a fox, a white metal belt buckle with an equestrian theme and a white metal whistle marked ARP...
Lot 27 Lot number 27
A Chinese white metal Opium Pipe, the body etched with a figural, floral and foliate design, the opposing side with calligraphy, 26 cm (h)
Lot 28 Lot number 28
A miniature shagreen covered address book. 7.5 cm, Est 50 - 80
Lot 29 Lot number 29
Rocking horse - a unusual highly carved hand painted wooden rocking horse with braided horsehair tail, shaped base mounted on wheels and roc...
Lot 30 Lot number 30
A wooden hand-painted rocking horse, approximate height 80 cm x 100 cm x 26 cm This lot MUST be paid for and collected, or delivery arranged...
Lot 31 Lot number 31
Rocking Horse - a vintage dapple grey rocking horse with studded leather tack, resting on a wooden stand, approx 115 cm x 130 cm x 50 cm, Es...
Lot 32 Lot number 32
Four children's sewing machines to include Vulcan, Picot and Sew-Mate (4)
Lot 33 Lot number 33
Five vintage children's sewing machines to include Vulcan, Seiwa and similar (5)
Lot 34 Lot number 34
Taxidermy - a bear pelt / skin rug approx 135cm (l) Est 80 - 120
Lot 35 Lot number 35
Haddon Rocking horse - a Haddon dapple grey rocking horse with leather tack, real horse hair on a traditional style oak frame, serial No H15...
Lot 36 Lot number 36
A Georgian copper twin handled Samovar, with purchase receipt dated March 8th 1982, approx 45cm (h) Est 80 - 120
Lot 37 Lot number 37
A Doll's house by Binbak Models of Bradford, unfurnished, approx 36 cm x 75 cm x 47 cm - This lot MUST be paid for and collected, or deliver...
Lot 38 Lot number 38
Breweriana - a lot to include a Glenlivet branded twin hip flask set, a Grants branded triple flask set in leather case and a further cased ...
Lot 39 Lot number 39
A hot cast bronze depicting a Diver mounted on a marble cuboid base, after Milo, 23 cm (high) - Est 80 - 120
Lot 40 Lot number 40
A large cast iron wall plaque featuring a depiction of a Liver Bird, presumed to be a dockyard entrance sign. approximately 39 cm (d)...
Lot 41 Lot number 41
A chess set, the pieces in the style of football teams, with board
Lot 42 Lot number 42
A large Balalaika instrument with hand painted decoration depicting fruit approx 142cm (h)
Lot 43 Lot number 43
A pair of Chinese cloisonne vases depicting five clawed dragons chasing a flaming pearl, approximately 26.5 cm (h) and a cloisonne plate, 30...
Lot 44 Lot number 44
A very good collection of UK Victorian and later postage stamps mounted in an album, appraised independently by Stanley Gibbons at 500
Lot 46 Lot number 46
A heavy metal sculpture depicting a dragon
Lot 47 Lot number 47
An unusual turquoise lamp in the form of a Lambretta scooter, 28 cm (h). Estimate 50 - 80
Lot 48 Lot number 48
A matching pair of large stone urn table lamps with wooden bases decorated with a wicker surround, overall height including shade 80 cm, wit...
Lot 49 Lot number 49
Football programs - 5 souvenir football programs to include the England 1966 World Cup July 11-30, FA Cup Semi-Final April 23rd 1977 between...
Lot 50 Lot number 50
A papier mache small lidded pot in the form of a duck, a round lidded papier mache pot decorated with an Asian boat, two larger lidded pots ...
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