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376 - 400 Coins & Medals

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 376 Lot number 376
A George V half sovereign dated 1913 Est 80 - 120
Lot 377 Lot number 377
A full gold sovereign dated 1883, mounted on a 9ct gold hallmarked pendant, overall weight including mount 11.02 grams Est 200 - 250
Lot 378 Lot number 378
A George III copper cartwheel two pence 1797 (edge knocked) Est 30 - 50
Lot 379 Lot number 379
A Bank of England five pound note with misprint to the lower right corner of the reverse, a Bank of England one pound note with misprint thr...
Lot 380 Lot number 380
Nine half crowns comprising eight George V examples dating between 1920 and 1934 and a Victorian example dated 1887 contained in folder Est ...
Lot 381 Lot number 381
UK Shillings and Sixpence pieces - 41 Shilling pieces contained in a folder predominantly pre-1946 with three post 1946 examples and 49 six ...
Lot 381A Lot number 381A
A silver and enamelled 1929 nursing medal and a bronze Motor Club medal circa 1931 (2), Estimate 20 - 30
Lot 382 Lot number 382
Two silver Motor Club medals inscribed 1932 and 1931. Estimate 30 - 40
Lot 383 Lot number 383
A quantity of coins predominantly pre-1947 to include three pence pieces, shillings, sixpence's, a Charles II Maundy coin (drilled), a Canad...
Lot 384 Lot number 384
Thirteen pre-1947 florin coins and a 1931 Netherlands Wilhelmina one guilder coin
Lot 385 Lot number 385
A lot to include a folder containing a quantity of three pence pieces, brass type, a quantity of Victorian George V one penny coins, half pe...
Lot 386 Lot number 386
A quantity of commemorative coins and similar to include Churchill crown's, Queen's Silver Wedding crown's, Silver Jubilee, Prince Charles I...
Lot 387 Lot number 387
A 1969 five pence piece with striking error, edge of coin has been partially struck with pressing for the next coin
Lot 388 Lot number 388
A King Edward Imperial cigar box containing 38 encapsulated Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee crowns Est 40 - 60
Lot 388A Lot number 388A
Masonic - two Masonic medals, one inscribed to the edge of the mount Bro. G. Gissing Service as Steward R. M...
Lot 389 Lot number 389
A King Edward cigar box containing seven sets Coinage of The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland 1972 - 1978, in original packaging Est 30 ...
Lot 390 Lot number 390
A quantity of Isle of Man related coins to include 1984 Winter Olympics Sarajevo set, two further Olympic related coins, all encapsulated, a...
Lot 391 Lot number 391
A cigar box containing a quantity of coins to include a United States proof set 1968, a George V Silver Jubilee crown 1935, a 1951 Festival ...
Lot 392 Lot number 392
Thirty three commemorative crowns to include Queen Mother 80th birthday, the marriage of Charles and Diana, Queen Elizabeth II and Price Phi...
Lot 393 Lot number 393
Silver Proof - a 1999 - 2002 United Kingdom silver proof 1 coin set with certificate of authenticity by Royal Mint, set in presentation cas...
Lot 393A Lot number 393A
A small collection of UK pre-decimal coins to include a James 1st sixpence, Victorian Crown 1893, half-Crown 1887 and 1891, Florin 1887 and ...
Lot 394 Lot number 394
Numismatology - 'The Royal Silver Wedding Coins 1972' cased six coin set of 22ct gold plated sterling silver coins and other UK coins - Est ...
Lot 395 Lot number 395
A small quantity of UK and foreign coins, a small quantity of British mint stamps (approx 4.50 face value), a vintage Ronson lighter, a Pol...
Lot 396 Lot number 396
A small quantity of UK and foreign coins, a tin containing sheets of gold leaf, hip flask, collection of cufflinks, white metal crested stam...
Lot 397 Lot number 397
A Bank of England George III emergency issue three shilling token, obverse Laureate head right, reverse indicates value within wreath 1814 -...
Lot 398 Lot number 398
23 Elizabeth II Crowns and a 5 coin - also included in the lot is a Victorian Crown 1890 and other UK coins
Lot 399 Lot number 399
A George V gold half Sovereign 1914 - Est 80 - 120
Lot 400 Lot number 400
A World War One (WW1) Wound Bar inscribed verso Wounded Stripe SS Ltd B No 4 Prov.Pat and a hallmarked gilded silver bar Birmingham assay Pe...
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