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221 - 280 General & Household

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 221 Lot number 221
A decorative vintage Singer Sewing Machine Est 10 - 20
Lot 221A Lot number 221A
A quantity of DVDs and Black and Decker power tools
Lot 222 Lot number 222
A small quantity of antique brass and copper ware
Lot 222A Lot number 222A
A bronze coloured skull. Estimate 15 - 25
Lot 223 Lot number 223
A good mixed lot to include a quantity of ceramics, plated ware, a quantity of vintage prints and similar (4)
Lot 223A Lot number 223A
A cast iron advertising racing car. Estimate 20 - 30
Lot 224 Lot number 224
A Scalextric Total Speed race game in original box, a vintage Tank Command game by Ideal and an Airfix Super Flight Deck with power launcher...
Lot 224A Lot number 224A
Unused retail stock - A Wufu air tool non-reversible air drill model # WFD2053S, also included in the lot is a Nordstrom air body saw also b...
Lot 225 Lot number 225
Three Ski-Doo foam boards, a pair of Rio Roller Skates size 4 in original box and a Dizzy Bitz construction set in box (5)
Lot 225A Lot number 225A
Two packs of stainless steel cutting discs, approximately 50 in total, also included in the lot is a heavy duty wrecking bar.
Lot 226 Lot number 226
A good mixed lot to include a quantity of ceramics, wooden trinket boxes, plated ware, glassware and similar (2)
Lot 226A Lot number 226A
Lot to include a Sumlock adding machine, a cased Prinz Mirage dual 8 projector and a cased Philips reel to reel player. (2)
Lot 227 Lot number 227
A Nintendo Wii games console with a quantity of accessories, a Nintendo Game Cube console with a quantity of games and a Fast Lane racing ga...
Lot 227A Lot number 227A
Lot to include a quantity of brassware comprising a model of a blacksmith, tankard, candlesticks, weights, models of frogs, ashtray stands a...
Lot 228 Lot number 228
A good lot to include a Homedics Shiatsu massaging cushion in original box, a Mistral stainless steel chocolate fountain, boxed and a Fridja...
Lot 228A Lot number 228A
A mixed lot to include four Royal Worcester lidded serving dishes, predominantly Evesham pattern, a vintage Thermos jug, two German ceramic ...
Lot 229 Lot number 229
Two sets of nine unused mosaic solar jar lights by Garden Kraft Garden Lighting in presentation boxes and outer cardboard casing
Lot 230 Lot number 230
A Silver Cross dolls pram, three soft toy Meerkats, a boxed child's and young riders skull and two portable DVD players in carry case
Lot 231 Lot number 231
A good mixed lot to include glassware, plated ware, hand painted glass vase, various ceramics comprising Wedgwood, Foley, Beswick, Capodimon...
Lot 232 Lot number 232
A mixed lot to include six wooden walking sticks, a tin containing a quantity of toy soldiers, climbing harnesses, a Cyclone eye and temple ...
Lot 233 Lot number 233
A Turkish wool on cotton rug with floral decoration on a blue ground contained in a cream border approx 94cm x 158cm plus fringe, Est 30 - ...
Lot 234 Lot number 234
Three video cameras, two by JVC the other by Panasonic and a quantity of accessories including a hard case, cassette adapters and similar (2...
Lot 235 Lot number 235
A good mixed lot of ceramics to include Wedgwood Meadow Sweet patter comprising ginger jars, vases, trinket boxes and others, Alfred Meakin ...
Lot 236 Lot number 236
A mixed lot to include a quantity of plated ware, ceramic figurines, Nature Craft figurines, a small quantity of Classic Locomotives limited...
Lot 237 Lot number 237
A mixed lot to include two Bradford Exchange Wedgwood collector plates, a quantity of cased plated cutlery, a white metal candlestick, a lac...
Lot 238 Lot number 238
Two x 33 feet lorry straps and clips, all unused. Estimate 20 - 30 - This lot MUST be paid for and collected, or delivery arranged, no lat...
Lot 239 Lot number 239
A vehicle recovery strap set with carry case bag. Estimate 35 - 50 - This lot MUST be paid for and collected, or delivery arranged, no lat...
Lot 240 Lot number 240
A Bissell Cleanview Quickwash carpet washer
Lot 241 Lot number 241
a lot to include two Asian figurines, a quantity of ceramics including blue and white and a figurine by Elegance entitled Radiant Heart and ...
Lot 242 Lot number 242
An LG 5.5 channel surround sound system including two speaker stands and instructions
Lot 243 Lot number 243
A Samsung 40 inch full HD flatscreen television, model #LE40B650T2W with an LG wireless soundbar model #LAS455H (3)
Lot 244 Lot number 244
A 22 inch JVC LED TV with DVD player
Lot 245 Lot number 245
A 23 inch Samsung DTV monitor, model #LS23CFEKF/EN with remote(2)
Lot 246 Lot number 246
An LG 5.1 channel surround sound system with manual (8)
Lot 247 Lot number 247
A good lot to include a Panasonic 3D full HD Blu-Ray player, a Swann Digital video recorder and a Toshiba Blu-Ray player (3)
Lot 248 Lot number 248
A Hewlett-Packard laptop model #DV5-1111EA
Lot 249 Lot number 249
A Panasonic HD Blu-Ray disc recorder model #DMR-BS850, a Thomson digital terrestrial recorder and an LG 3D Blu-Ray player (3)
Lot 250 Lot number 250
Bose - a Bose Acoustimass speaker system
Lot 251 Lot number 251
A good lot to include a Pioneer AV digital surround amplifier model #VSA-730, a Pioneer digital synthesizer tuner model #F-447L, an LG wirel...
Lot 252 Lot number 252
A good lot to include a Panasonic 3D full HD Blu-Ray recorder, a Humax Freeview Plus box, a Konica Minolta camera, a Samsung digital camcord...
Lot 253 Lot number 253
A box containing a quantity of CD's and DVD's, a Garmin Sat Nav in box and a boxed Kodak Easy Share SV 710 digital picture frame
Lot 254 Lot number 254
A good mixed lot of ceramics to include Capodimonte figurines, Alfred Meakin jug and bowl, a twin handled vase and similar also including a ...
Lot 255 Lot number 255
A good mixed lot to include a quantity of plated ware, ceramics to include a Doulton Improved Foot Warmer, a Royal Albert Flower of the Mont...
Lot 256 Lot number 256
A mixed lot of ceramics to include Spode, Wedgwood, Poole, Wade and similar
Lot 257 Lot number 257
A Bosch electric powered Lawn Mower
Lot 258 Lot number 258
A petrol driven Lawn Mower by McCulloch, model M53-625CMDW with operating manual
Lot 259 Lot number 259
A modern Thomas Pacconi classic music system
Lot 260 Lot number 260
A good quality massage table in carry case, height is adjustable 184cm x 71cm
Lot 261 Lot number 261
A Florabest electric hedge trimmer
Lot 262 Lot number 262
A good lot to include a two man dome tent in carry bag and a boxed Electrolux hand held steam cleaner, a boxed Earlex 55 watt electric spray...
Lot 263 Lot number 263
A mixed lot to include a cased Sankyo Super CM300 cine camera, two metal ornaments one depicting a 4x4 motor car and the other depicting mic...
Lot 264 Lot number 264
A mixed lot of ceramics to include Royal Albert Crown China, Masons Ironstone, Wade, Wedgwood Peter Rabbit, Royal Worcester, Portmeirion, Ll...
Lot 265 Lot number 265
A good mixed lot to include a quantity of glassware, ceramics comprising Poole Pottery, Sadler's, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton series ware Juliet...
Lot 266 Lot number 266
a 19 inch Toshiba LCD colour television model no.19AV615DB with remote
Lot 267 Lot number 267
A good mixed lot to include a quantity of pewter tankards, decanter, Dartington Crystal vase, ceramics including Sadler's, Hornsea, Tunstall...
Lot 268 Lot number 268
A good mixed lot of ceramics to include Masons Ironstone, Aynsley, Wedgwood Susie Cooper design, Sylvac and similar
Lot 269 Lot number 269
A good lot to include a quantity of ceramics comprising Royal Doulton Dickens Ware, Aynsley, Queen Anne, an hourglass, a Spanish fan, a reli...
Lot 270 Lot number 270
A Hewlett Packard 20 inch colour LCD monitor model W20 with stand
Lot 271 Lot number 271
A good mixed lot to include a collection of dressed dolls to include porcelain, Fisher Price, a wind up toy and an ERTL open front panel sid...
Lot 272 Lot number 272
A Bosh PSV1000 RE electronic drill in hard case
Lot 273 Lot number 273
A good mixed lot to include a brass and copper vase, decorative stone eggs, a quantity of mixed ceramics to include Wedgwood Jasper Ware, We...
Lot 274 Lot number 274
A good lot to include four frame pictures of varying sizes to include two watercolours of lake side scenes, a photo image of the Lake Distri...
Lot 275 Lot number 275
A lot to include a quantity of crafting equipment to include fabric, embroidery thread, buttons and similar and a boxed dual purpose versati...
Lot 276 Lot number 276
Lot to include a quantity of towels, placemats (unused retail stock), an ice bucket, a quoits game, a clock and similar.
Lot 277 Lot number 277
A mixed lot of ceramics and glassware to include Arthur Wood jug, Asian vase with relief decoration depicting dragons, asparagus plate, Frie...
Lot 278 Lot number 278
Royal Commemorative - a large collection of Royal Commemorative to include cups, mugs, moustache cup, two Royal Albert collector plates depi...
Lot 279 Lot number 279
A Quantum 2521 overhead projector Accon Nobo, boxed, a Canon FC224 all-in-one portable copier and a Universal Money Checker by Omal Group Lt...
Lot 280 Lot number 280
Three boxes containing a mixed lot of glassware and ceramics to include Orrefors glassware from Sweden, Aynsley, Regency Arts and similar (3...
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