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451 - 465 Collectables

Lot 451 Lot number 451
Lot to include a Kodak Retina folding camera in case, two Ronson cigarette lighters, a Stratton powder compact and a box of cufflinks and st...
Lot 451A Lot number 451A
A mixed lot to include a Greenall's bitter advertising sign, four framed displays of cigarette cards by Players and Wills, a Chelwyn Tropic ...
Lot 452 Lot number 452
A collection of motoring bumper badges to include AA, National Breakdown, Motoring Club and RAC, also included in the lot is a Motor Vehicle...
Lot 453 Lot number 453
A quantity of vintage marbles, a gas iron The Rhythm #375U and a Royal Commemorative glass beaker
Lot 454 Lot number 454
A quantity of sporting trophies and medals and four belt buckles
Lot 455 Lot number 455
A box containing a quantity of vintage scarves and gloves
Lot 456 Lot number 456
A Record #04 plane and a Stanley #78 rebate plane (2) Est 20 - 40
Lot 457 Lot number 457
A good mixed lot to include hip flasks, cigars, vintage match books, a set of Iraqi Most Wanted playing cards, wallet, watches and similar
Lot 458 Lot number 458
A lot to include a boxed set of Townsend Croquet Limited carpet bowls, a set of Darlington Limited Liverpool bowls size 7 and a further case...
Lot 459 Lot number 459
Angling - a lot to include an ELO registered Bakelite fishing reel, lures, flies and similar
Lot 460 Lot number 460
A metal detector
Lot 461 Lot number 461
A wooden artist's case containing a quantity of paints and art equipment, a camera bag, a small wooden easel, two painting sets and a furthe...
Lot 461A Lot number 461A
Sixty carved wooden novelty puzzle trinket boxes in the form of a turtle, boxed. (unused)
Lot 462 Lot number 462
A good lot to include 34 copies of Elvis Monthly, a small quantity of cigarette cards, a coin sorter, metal cash tins, key ring and keys, a ...
Lot 463 Lot number 463
A lot to include a quantity of bags, a magnetic levitating globe, Easylife Eco heater with cover (2)
Lot 464 Lot number 464
A good lot to include a Sputnik coat rack, a small decorative musical table a National Panasonic turntable cassette recorder with two speake...
Lot 465 Lot number 465
A mixed lot to include framed examples of Iraqi currency, a quantity of old photographs, postcards and similar, cigarette cards, whisky bott...
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