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261 - 310 Ceramics

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 261 Lot number 261
Lladro - a large Lladro figurine of a dog entitled Papillon model #4857 stamped insized marks to the base, approx 20cm (h) Est 40 - 60
Lot 261A Lot number 261A
Peggy Davies - a Peggy Davies flambe bird entitled The Whisperer, issued in a limited edition of 100, #62 from the Pheonix Series with certi...
Lot 262 Lot number 262
A pair of Royal Vienna style ceramic vases decorated with couples in a landscape scene on a blue ground with gilded decoration, shield / bee...
Lot 262A Lot number 262A
Peggy Davies - a Peggy Davies flambe bird entitled Secret Keeper issued in a limited edition of 100 #92 from the Pheonix Series with certifi...
Lot 263 Lot number 263
Royal Doulton - three Royal Doulton ceramic figurines from the Rupert Characters Collection to include Tempted to Trespass issued in a limit...
Lot 263A Lot number 263A
Peggy Davies - a Peggy Davies flambe bird entitled The Listener issued in a limited edition of 100 #95 from the Pheonix Series with certific...
Lot 264 Lot number 264
Eight Only Fools and Horses themed cruets (8) Est 20 - 40
Lot 264A Lot number 264A
Peggy Davies - a Peggy Davies flambe bird entitled The Pheonix issued in a limited edition of 100 #93 from the Pheionix Series with certific...
Lot 265 Lot number 265
Lladro - two Lladro figurines to include #4680 depicting a recumbent cow and #4524 Donkey in Love approx 13.5cm (h), stamped and insized mar...
Lot 266 Lot number 266
A set of seven Nat West pig money banks marked Wade, Cousin Wesley approx size 15.5cm (h) with base approx 11.5cm x 8cm (7) Est 30 - 50
Lot 267 Lot number 267
A Czechoslovakian hand painted Art Deco style wall plaque, inscribed with makers mark 13933, approx 21cm (h) Est 40 - 60
Lot 268 Lot number 268
A lot to include a Beswick Beatrix Potter's Jemima Puddle Duck, a Royal Doulton Bunnykins Henry VII DB305, two ceramic models of Lady and th...
Lot 269 Lot number 269
Royal Doulton - two Royal Doulton character jugs from the Antagonists Collection comprising model #D6712 depicting General George Armstrong ...
Lot 270 Lot number 270
Lladro - three Lladro figurines to include #4568 Shepherdess with Ducks approx 23cm (h), Girl with a Duck #4682 and a figural group depictin...
Lot 271 Lot number 271
A ceramic lamp base in the form of a Guinness toucan with pint, marked Carlton Ware
Lot 272 Lot number 272
Eight ceramic Golly Band figurines marked Carlton Ware, approximate height 7.5 cm (8)
Lot 273 Lot number 273
Three flying toucan Guinness wall plaques marked Carlton Ware (3). Estimate 40 - 60
Lot 274 Lot number 274
A hand painted Chinese ginger jar decorated with Guanyin riding a Qilin with attendants on wooden stand, approximately 27 cm (h) on stand an...
Lot 275 Lot number 275
Beswick - A Beswick 'Foxy' money bank, # 1761. Est 30 - 50
Lot 276 Lot number 276
A collection of mixed ceramics to include Wade money banks and whimsies, Wade figurines of Goldilocks and the three bears, Hornsea, a Lorna ...
Lot 277 Lot number 277
A blue Wedgwood Jasperware jardiniere with classical figures and vines, approximate height 16 cm, a Royal Winton lustre bowl and a Poole Pot...
Lot 278 Lot number 278
A Masons Ironstone vase decorated in the Fruit Basket pattern approximate height 20 cm, a Cranford blush ivory footed bowl and a pair of cer...
Lot 278A Lot number 278A
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey cat entitled Butterfly, Estimate 20 - 30
Lot 279 Lot number 279
A good mixed lot of ceramics to include an unusual egg holder in the form of monks, novelty egg cup holders by Dusty Bin, a three piece vint...
Lot 279A Lot number 279A
Carltonware - a Carltonware penguin advertising Guinness. Estimate 20 - 30
Lot 280 Lot number 280
Crown Devon Fieldings - three pieces of Retro Crown Devon ceramics in the red Stockholm pattern featuring the leaping deer comprising a coff...
Lot 280A Lot number 280A
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey bulbous vase decorated in the Summerville pattern, approximate height 21.5 cm. Estimate 30 - 40
Lot 281 Lot number 281
Two shelves containing a quantity of predominantly glassware and some ceramics to include six piece Chance Glass handkerchief set, carnival ...
Lot 281A Lot number 281A
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey flat pocket vase decorated in the Bauhaus pattern. Estimate 25 - 35
Lot 282 Lot number 282
Royal Crystal Rock - two glass figurines depicting ballet dancers, approx 28cm (h) (2) Est 20 - 40
Lot 282A Lot number 282A
A Chinese reticulated porcelain hexagonal form lantern with matching stand, each side with a decorated panel depicting figures, birds and fl...
Lot 283 Lot number 283
Crown Devon - 114 pieces of retro ceramic tableware by Crown Devon decorated in the Stockholm pattern with leafing deer (red) comprising din...
Lot 283A Lot number 283A
Moorcroft - a Moorcroft hibiscus bowl on a hammered pewter stand, marked to the pewter base English Pewter 218, approximate height 13 cm (h)...
Lot 284 Lot number 284
Crown Devon - a collection of 72 pieces of ceramic tableware by Crown Devon decorated in the Stockholm leaping deer pattern (green) comprisi...
Lot 284A Lot number 284A
A large ceramic charger decorated in the Imari pattern over eight panels, 47 cm (d)
Lot 285 Lot number 285
A matched pair of large fireside dogs and a pair of Foo dogs (4)
Lot 286 Lot number 286
Royal Doulton - a Royal Doulton plate entitled The Old Balloon Seller, D6649, a Royal Doulton plate entitled The Balloon Man, D6655 and a Ro...
Lot 287 Lot number 287
A Lladro figurine depicting a man seated on a tree stump and a Sylvac jardiniere inscribed with makers mark to the base number 3896 (2) Est ...
Lot 288 Lot number 288
Wedgwood - a Wedgwood black basalt ribbed football vase, marked to the base Nick Munro, Wedgwood, approximately 19 cm (h) Estimate 25 - 35
Lot 289 Lot number 289
Royal Crown Derby - a Royal Crown Derby paperweight in the form of a vole with gold stopper, boxed. Estimate 30 - 40
Lot 290 Lot number 290
Moorcroft - a Moorcroft vase decorated in the Anna Lily pattern, approximate height 8.5 cm. Estimate 50 - 70
Lot 291 Lot number 291
Royal Doulton - a Royal Doulton Dulux dog, boxed. Estimate 20 - 30
Lot 292 Lot number 292
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey cat entitled Mousetrap. Estimate 20 - 30
Lot 293 Lot number 293
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey teapot entitled Dingle Cottage. Estimate 30 - 40
Lot 294 Lot number 294
Moorcroft - a Moorcroft vases decorated in the Trefoil pattern, approximate height 11 cm. Estimate 50 - 70
Lot 295 Lot number 295
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey owl, approximate height 9 cm. Estimate 20 - 30
Lot 296 Lot number 296
A good mixed lot to include a pair of Moorcroft style vases, a large Asian vase, a Capodimonte candelabra and bell and a Guinness Toucan mar...
Lot 298 Lot number 298
Royal Commemorative - sixteen pieces of Royal Commemorative ceramics commemorating the Coronation of George V, Silver Jubilee, Diamond Jubil...
Lot 299 Lot number 299
Two shelves containing a large quantity of ceramics to include Hornsea, Sylvac, Arthur Wood, blue and white Victoria Ware and similar (2 she...
Lot 300 Lot number 300
A large collection of ceramics to include Staffordshire Flatbacks, Oriental vases and other (qty)
Lot 301 Lot number 301
A good mixed lot of ceramics to include Staffordshire figurines, a pair of twin-handled Austrian vases, a ceramic figurine of a harlequin, b...
Lot 302 Lot number 302
Six vintage Babycham glasses in original box and a ceramic Babycham ashtray by Beswick (2) Estimate 20 - 40
Lot 303 Lot number 303
A quantity of Chinese and Japanese ceramics to include vases, jars and similar
Lot 304 Lot number 304
A quantity of ceramics predominantly Royal Commemorative and similar to include Royal Worcester, Williamsons and similar
Lot 305 Lot number 305
A quantity of small ceramic figurines to include Wade, Disney and similar, also included in the lot is a small quantity of glass figures
Lot 306 Lot number 306
51 pieces of Burleigh Ware Radford pattern to include plates, side plates, serving dishes, tureens and similar also included are four gradua...
Lot 307 Lot number 307
A quantity of Wade Whimsies and similar ceramic figurines over two shelves
Lot 308 Lot number 308
A large Black and Whyte ceramic whisky barrel approx 31cm (h)
Lot 309 Lot number 309
A ceramic whisky decanter (empty) in the form of a Guardsman by Windsor Canadian produced to commemorate American's bi-centennial anniversar...
Lot 310 Lot number 310
Wade - approx 60 Wade Whimsies and Whoppers and similar (2 shelves) Est 20 - 40
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