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341 - 370 Clocks & Watches

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 341 Lot number 341
An imposing Vienna style wall clock, walnut case flanked by decorative turned columns, with opening glazed door, celluloid dial with Roman n...
Lot 341A Lot number 341A
A lady's gold plated, boxed, wristwatch and a gentleman's Guess wristwatch
Lot 342 Lot number 342
An oak cased long case clock with Westminster chiming movement, three weights and pendulum, 198 cm (high) Estimate 50 to 80
Lot 342A Lot number 342A
Three lady's wristwatches to include a Timex and two Sekonda and a Seiko travel alarm clock
Lot 343 Lot number 343
Five gentleman's wrist watches predominantly with brushed stainless straps. To include Rotary marked to the face...
Lot 343A Lot number 343A
A good oak cased long case clock, Roman numeral on a silvered chapter ring, striking on the hour and half hour, with pendulum and weights, 1...
Lot 344 Lot number 344
Seven gentleman's wrist watches to include CS collection, Sempre and similar.
Lot 344A Lot number 344A
A carved oak cased mantel clock Roman numerals on a silvered dial, the movement marked W&H Sch with pendulum, hallmarked silver cartouch...
Lot 345 Lot number 345
A 19th century mahogany-cased long case clock, signed to the circular painted dial for J J Speard of Dukinfield, interesting Black-Forest wo...
Lot 345A Lot number 345A
A Vienna style wall clock, walnut case flanked by decorative turned columns, with opening glazed door, dial with Roman numerals and Art Nouv...
Lot 346 Lot number 346
Seven gentleman's wrist watches to include Sempre, Auriol, Chtime. Also included in the lot is a pair of cufflinks, a yellow metal toothpick...
Lot 346A Lot number 346A
A mahogany cased mantel clock, Arabic numerals on a silvered dial, Westminster chimes, ca 1930s - Est 20 - 40
Lot 347 Lot number 347
A gold plated pocket watch with white enamel dial, subsidiary seconds, case inscribed HB USA, serial No...
Lot 347A Lot number 347A
An early 20th century shelf clock, the case with glazed opening door, surmounted by three turned finial and flanked by bamboo styled turning...
Lot 348 Lot number 348
Grants of Dalvey, Scotland - a Voyager Clock, travel alarm clock with certificate and Dalvey novelty pack of circular playing cards in round...
Lot 348A Lot number 348A
An early 20th century beehive style shelf clock, the case with glazed opening door, applied carved decoration Timepiece only movement with g...
Lot 349 Lot number 349
A collection of five wrist watches to include a gentleman's Desotos manual wind chronograph gold plated wrist watch, the silvered dial with ...
Lot 349A Lot number 349A
A Bradley & Hubbard styled painted cast metal mantel clock in the form of Napoleon holding the clock Estimate 40 to 60
Lot 350 Lot number 350
A Lady's gold plated case wrist watch marked Omega to the dial, arabic numerals, replacement strap and a small 9 ct gold stone set brooch st...
Lot 350A Lot number 350A
A mahogany cased mantel clock, Arabic numerals on a silvered dial, Westminster chimes, ca 1930s - Est 20 - 40
Lot 351 Lot number 351
A collection of Six gentleman's vintage wristwatches to include a stainless steel Marine Star 17 jewel self-winding incabloc Swiss made watc...
Lot 351A Lot number 351A
A mahogany cased mantel clock having Roman numerals on a silvered dial, Westminster chimes, ca 1930s, the dial marked Fred J Malcolm Ltd, Be...
Lot 352 Lot number 352
An oak cased mantel clock, Arabic numerals to a silvered chapter ring, marked Smiths Enfield, with Smiths movement, with key and pendulum, a...
Lot 352A Lot number 352A
An early 20th century Edwardian mahogany Napoleon mantel clock with a Westminster chiming eight day movement sounding on 5 rods, the movemen...
Lot 353 Lot number 353
A 19th century French mantel clock with drum movement striking on a bell, with covered wooden base under a glass dome on ebonised stand, the...
Lot 353A Lot number 353A
An imposing French black marble mantel clock, the case style influenced by classical architecture, 8-day gong striking movement Estimate 40...
Lot 354 Lot number 354
A gentleman's Seiko chronograph ports 150 wristwatch with multiple fascia and date indicator, serial number 134845 and a further gentleman's...
Lot 355 Lot number 355
A good collection of predominantly vintage watches to include a Microstar 17 jewel incbloc, a Sheralier, Acqua, Sekonda and similar
Lot 355A Lot number 355A
An ebonised wood cased American mantel clock intended to emulate the French black marble clocks, the case style influenced by classical arch...
Lot 356 Lot number 356
A contemporary long case clock, Roman numerals on an arched dial, 195 cm (high)
Lot 356A Lot number 356A
An Art Deco styled black marble mantel clock, the case accented with pink marble an incised decoration, gilded dial behind an opening glazed...
Lot 357 Lot number 357
A lady's hallmarked 9 carat gold wristwatch, the dial marked Renown, subsidiary seconds dial, Swiss movement - Est 20 - 40
Lot 357A Lot number 357A
An Edwardian polished mahogany cased wall clock, silvered dial with Arabic numerals, glazed door displaying the brass bob pendulum, with key...
Lot 358 Lot number 358
Four wristwatches to include a Sekonda one marked Kapten & Son, a further one marked Marc by Marc Jacobs and similar
Lot 358A Lot number 358A
A Cuckoo Clock by Quemex, quartz movement (w/o, this does not constitute a guarantee)
Lot 359 Lot number 359
A Smiths brass lantern clock approx 18 cm (h) contained in original box Est 20 - 30
Lot 359A Lot number 359A
A Town Savings Clock (Two Florins Weekly) and a pair of Orpheus 7 x 50 zoom binoculars with carry case item #69147 (2)
Lot 360 Lot number 360
Six wristwatches to include one marked Smiths Empire to the dial, one marked Merlin, one marked Kew & Kew JNO automatic and similar
Lot 361 Lot number 361
A Smith's mantel clock with key and pendulum, marked Enfield Made in England to the movement.
Lot 362 Lot number 362
A mahogany drop dial style wall clock with ebonised accent to the case, brass glazed bezel, white dial with Roman numerals, glazed door disp...
Lot 363 Lot number 363
A gentleman's silver cased, stem wind pocket watch, the case stamped .935, Roman numerals on a white dial with subsidiary seconds dial, a ha...
Lot 364 Lot number 364
A Gustav Becker twin weight movement, dial and pendulum only, mounted on a board for display/ use, white two-piece enamel dial with Roman nu...
Lot 364A Lot number 364A
An oak cased mantel clock, Jacobean style decoration, silvered dial with Arabic numerals behind glazed brass bezel, hour and half past gong ...
Lot 365 Lot number 365
A President 31-day 'wag-on-the-wall' clock with applied corner spandrels, silvered chapter ring and decorative pendulum, together with a Nap...
Lot 365A Lot number 365A
A small kitchen steeple clock, timepiece with alarm, the case having two turned finials, grid-iron styled pendulum Estimate 20 to 30
Lot 366 Lot number 366
A 9ct gold wristwatch, hand move freely and ticks when wound but this does not constitute a guarantee Est 80 - 100
Lot 366A Lot number 366A
An unusual early 20th century polished mahogany cased mantel clock, applied contrasting veneers and inlaid stringing, silvered dial with Ara...
Lot 367 Lot number 367
A brass and glass Bulls Eye clock, Est 35 - 55
Lot 367A Lot number 367A
A good walnut cased American mantel clock, the case with carved an incised decoration, gilded dial behind cast brass glazed bezel, striking ...
Lot 368 Lot number 368
A leather case containing 24 watches
Lot 368A Lot number 368A
A late 19th/ early 20th century French wall clock, Black Forest style case with carved animals and foliage, opening glazed bezel over dial w...
Lot 369 Lot number 369
A gentleman's Rotary wristwatch, new, in box
Lot 369A Lot number 369A
A rare early 19th century, 30 hour with alarm longcase clock, the case in oak and mahogany, the hood with fluted columns flanking a 13 inch ...
Lot 370 Lot number 370
Gentleman's Accurist wristwatch, new, boxed
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