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71 - 90 Pictures

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 71 Lot number 71
Two decorative prints on panel, the larger approximately 50 cm x 99 cm (2)
Lot 71A Lot number 71A
A conte crayon landscape by Rolf Parker, mounted and framed under glass, initialed lower left by the artist, image size approximately 20 cm ...
Lot 72 Lot number 72
A small collection of pictures of varying sizes to include oil on board depicting a horse, a winged heart Mackintosh mirror in original box ...
Lot 73 Lot number 73
Four framed and glazed reproduction advertising prints to include Hercules Cycles, Cottereau & Cie...
Lot 74 Lot number 74
Three framed and glazed reproduction advertising posters comprising BSA, Atlas Lamps and one for the Lambretta Rally, Harrogate 10 - 11 July...
Lot 75 Lot number 75
Three oils on board depicting tribal village scenes all framed, largest approx 35cm x 50cm (3)
Lot 76 Lot number 76
Robert Frier (british 19th century) - a watercolour depicting a landscape scene entitled Farmstead at Knowe Mill near Prestonkirk purchased ...
Lot 77 Lot number 77
Albert Milton Drinkwater (British 1862 - 1923) - a watercolour depicting a lakeland scene with mountains in the distance, signed, image size...
Lot 78 Lot number 78
Two limited edition artist signed prints by Steven Townsend and Maggie Miller, and an original oil on board depicting Derwentwater from Broo...
Lot 79 Lot number 79
Three tinted engravings drawn by J Moore and engraved by H Pyall and T Fielding, View of the Great Dagon Pagoda at Rangoon and scenery to th...
Lot 80 Lot number 80
Three framed maps to include an early map of Lancashire, a further map marked Leobelgicvs and one other, all mounted and framed under glass ...
Lot 81 Lot number 81
Two framed oils on board depicting rural scenes each signed by the artist, Sorensen, image size 11.5 cm x 16 cm (2)
Lot 82 Lot number 82
Five decorative wood panels of varying sizes with an oriental theme and carved wooden panel depicting 4 gentlemen in a tavern (6)
Lot 83 Lot number 83
5 frames pictures of varying sizes to include oils and a watercolour, various coastal and street scenes (5)
Lot 84 Lot number 84
5 pictures of varying sizes to include water colours, of various themes, predominantly framed
Lot 85 Lot number 85
Three reproduction advertising signs for Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish, Rowntrees Table Jellies, Schweppes Soda Water and a reproduction poster...
Lot 86 Lot number 86
Lot to include a quantity of pictures of varying sizes comprising watercolours, prints posters and similar
Lot 87 Lot number 87
After Frederick Morgan - a large print, mounted and framed under glass entitled 'Little Lady Bountiful' approx. 49cm x 70cm image size
Lot 88 Lot number 88
Two framed oils on board one depicting a fairground scene the other depicting a street scene sign lower right by the artist Tony B, four Ori...
Lot 89 Lot number 89
Sutherland after T. Whitcombe - a naval themed engraving by T Sutherland entitled Capture of Desius, November 25th 1796, mounted and framed ...
Lot 90 Lot number 90
Lot to include two watercolours the first depicting a coastal scene, the other a riverside scene depicting a mill, both mounted and framed u...
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