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170 - 210 Collectables

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 170 Lot number 170
Boyd's Bears - eleven bears from the T.J.'s Best Dressed Collection, all hand stitched and fully jointed featuring Momma McNew, Samuel, Baak...
Lot 170A Lot number 170A
A box to include a large quantity of pin badges and patches.
Lot 170B Lot number 170B
Boyd's Bears - ten bears from the Head Bean Collection, JB Bean and Bear in the Attic hand stitched and fully jointed featuring Bess, Chase ...
Lot 171 Lot number 171
Six PIA ROSSINI ladies' evening bags and a small quantity of festive decorations.
Lot 171A Lot number 171A
A desk top magnifying lamp (unused), boxed Est 15 - 20.
Lot 172 Lot number 172
An Avery Weighting Balance believed to be from Waterfields.
Lot 173 Lot number 173
Vintage tools - two wooden boxes containing quantity of vintage tools (2)
Lot 174 Lot number 174
In excess of forty 33.3 rpm vinyl record albums to include Nat King Cole, Johnny Cash, Tom Jones and a quantity of singles.
Lot 175 Lot number 175
A Pathescope Projector with a collection of 8 mm films to include Circus Days and similar, also included in the lot is a box containing a qu...
Lot 176 Lot number 176
A mixed lot of glassware and ceramics including Aynsley, Royal Albert, Royal Vale, Wade, Queen Anne, Royal Winton, Jura Line, hotel ware and...
Lot 177 Lot number 177
A mixed lot to include a quantity of art glass, a vintage NATIONAL reel to reel deck with microphone, cables, reels, two Bossons Wall Plaque...
Lot 178 Lot number 178
VIVA - TONAL Columbia GRAFONOLA model number 109A with spare needles internal pack marked Columbia Gramophone Company London and a Royal Wei...
Lot 179 Lot number 179
A Parts Vintage Tin containing a quantity of pocket and pen knives, small quantity of vintage marbles, Robertson's advertising and paper men...
Lot 180 Lot number 180
A good mix lot to include a DEMON Vintage Radio, a John Ball Printing Outfit #8, a Hot Point vintage toaster, darts, shoe stretchers and oth...
Lot 181 Lot number 181
A wooden desk set with two glass inkwells, a wooden wall plaque containing three brushes and two wooden lidded barrels.
Lot 182 Lot number 182
A good mix lot to include vintage tins, vintage Phillips Lady Shave and Remington Roll- A-Matic, plated ware and other.
Lot 183 Lot number 183
Two shelves of glass paperweights by Caithness, Wedgwood and similar (2 shelves).
Lot 184 Lot number 184
An E Thomas & Williams Ltd of Aberdare Cambrian safety lamp numbered 83022, a decorative Asian scroll in case and similar...
Lot 185 Lot number 185
Haberdashery / Needlework - a mixed lot to include sewing materials, buttons, cottons, scissors, needlework sets and similar
Lot 186 Lot number 186
A quantity of 45 RMP vinyl records to include ABBA, Morrissey, Chuck Berry, Blue Oyster Cult, Tears for Fears, Echo & the Bunnymen, The ...
Lot 187 Lot number 187
A good mixed lot to include a Wedgwood part dinner service, Royal Doulton Bunnykins, also included in the lot is Royal Worcester, Royal comm...
Lot 188 Lot number 188
A good mixed lot to include three Maiso Giacon figurines # AMGI14, # 13, # 11, also included in the lot is Wade, Nao, Wedgwood and similar
Lot 189 Lot number 189
Photography - A quantity of cameras to include a Regul Sprinty C, an Olympus OM30, a Vivitar XV-2,a Sharp Viewcam, also included in the lot ...
Lot 190 Lot number 190
Thirty three miniature / taster bottles of whisky and other alcoholic beverages.
Lot 191 Lot number 191
A good mixed lot to include a Waddington's Lexicon card game, two carved figures, a small quantity of costume jewellery and five wristwatche...
Lot 192 Lot number 192
A good mixed lot to include a quantity of cigarette lighters by Ronson, Sim, Kingsway, Flick and similar also included in the lot is a pair ...
Lot 193 Lot number 193
A herd of elephants
Lot 194 Lot number 194
A quantity of glassware, ceramics and similar predominantly with an Oriental theme to include figurines, soup bowls, vases and similar
Lot 195 Lot number 195
Oology - a small collection of bird eggs (holed and emptied) to include labelled examples comprising wood pigeon, cormorant and similar
Lot 196 Lot number 196
A quantity of 33.3 rpm vinyl records to include The Eurythmics, Elton John, Depeche Mode, Stevie Wonder, Japan, Adam and the Ants, Ultravox,...
Lot 197 Lot number 197
A large quantity of 33.3 rpm vinyl records to include Elvis, Elton John, Chris de Burgh, Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassey and similar
Lot 198 Lot number 198
Five ornaments all depicting elephants (5)
Lot 199 Lot number 199
Two glass decanters and a yard of ale (3)
Lot 200 Lot number 200
In excess of 150 music CDs to include Abba, Van Halen, Foreigner, Enya, Phil Collins, Elton John, George Michael, The Police and similar
Lot 201 Lot number 201
A quantity of motoring related collectables to include car badges, keyrings, white metal 'Spirit of Ecstasy' style model, also included in t...
Lot 201A Lot number 201A
A YAMAHA PSR-282 keyboard with stand in a carry case.
Lot 202 Lot number 202
Two vintage Pratts petrol cans and four vintage car registration plates Est 30 - 50
Lot 203 Lot number 203
A good mixed lot to include a large plated serving tray, plated flatware, a Wedgwood part tea service decorated in the Devon Springs pattern...
Lot 204 Lot number 204
Three replica hand guns to include a BKA 98 Colt 45 and similar
Lot 205 Lot number 205
A cast iron leapfrog money box. Estimate 25 - 35
Lot 206 Lot number 206
A good mixed lot to include two tribal wooden carved wall plaques, a quantity of ornamental glass figures to include a soldier, a frog, a pa...
Lot 207 Lot number 207
A good mixed lot to include a Binatone stereo, Stereo cassette / hi-fi, plated ware, drawing set, vintage cameras and a pair of sunglasses w...
Lot 208 Lot number 208
A cast iron sign Champion. Estimate 20 - 30
Lot 209 Lot number 209
A 1935 German badge Tag der Arbeit. Estimate 20 - 30
Lot 210 Lot number 210
A good mixed lot to include a Sylvac bulldog No. 16, Beswick figurine, a Burleigh ware character jug, a carved wooden bear, an Airfix Bengal...
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