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271 - 330 General

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 271 Lot number 271
A collection of brass items to include horse brasses, brass model of an airplane and simlar
Lot 271A Lot number 271A
A good mixed lot to include ceramic fireside dogs, cats and a quantity of ornamental angels
Lot 272 Lot number 272
Two boxes containing a quantity of household items, binoculars, vintage cameras, vintage clocks, walking sticks and other (3)
Lot 272A Lot number 272A
A lot to include a quantity of electronic equipment comprising a Ben Q LCD monitor, HP printer, JBL speakers, Pentax camera, Toshiba digital...
Lot 273 Lot number 273
A Janome 5100 sewing machine contained in original box appears unused
Lot 273A Lot number 273A
Two boxes containing a quantity of glassware and ceramics, a bronzed figure and other (2)
Lot 274 Lot number 274
A quantity of vintage cameras and binoculars to include Olympus OM10, Box Brownie, Omija 8 x 40 zoom binoculars and similar
Lot 274A Lot number 274A
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, DVDs, camera equipment and similar (5)
Lot 275 Lot number 275
Photography - a lot to include a quantity of photographic equipment to include a Canon AE-1 Camera, lenses, accessories and similar
Lot 275A Lot number 275A
A remote control car with two remotes
Lot 276 Lot number 276
two boxes containing a large quantity of ceramic tableware by J & G Meakin, a mantel clock, an adjustable clothes rail, a Vibra Glade an...
Lot 276A Lot number 276A
A box containing a quantity of predominantly brass and some copper ware
Lot 277 Lot number 277
Two boxes containing a mixed lot to include a quantity of vintage linen, two pairs of binoculars in carry cases and other (2)
Lot 277A Lot number 277A
A lot to include a child's push-along trolley containing building blocks, small vintage doll's cot and a child's chair (3)
Lot 278 Lot number 278
Two boxes containing miscellaneous items to include a novelty wall light, a grooming set, 33.3 vinyl records, tripods, sewing basket with co...
Lot 278A Lot number 278A
Lot to include a vintage doll's cot, two child's chairs, one a rocker. (3)
Lot 279 Lot number 279
A good mixed lot to include brass ware, plated ware, novelty teapot in the form of a tank, horse brasses and other
Lot 279A Lot number 279A
A Fidelity reel to reel Playmaster, (tape recorder)
Lot 280 Lot number 280
A Viners stainless steel canteen of cutlery in the Chelsea design, Harrods branded mug in box, Wedgwood Jasperware ashtray in box, a boxed A...
Lot 280A Lot number 280A
A small collection of walking stick handles and a brass money bank
Lot 281 Lot number 281
A mixed lot of boxed glassware to include Jaffe Rose, Dartington crystal, J.G.Durand and similar
Lot 281A Lot number 281A
Treen - A collection in excess of 12 pieces
Lot 282 Lot number 282
A mixed lot to include table lamps, ceiling fan, sporting trophy's suit covers, mirrors and a Blanco sink (7)
Lot 282A Lot number 282A
Lot to include a quantity of metalware comprising horse brasses, decorative brass items, copper jug and a cased Anchor Brand gas lamp.
Lot 283 Lot number 283
A mixed lot to include a quantity of blue and white ceramics, cameras, a small quantity of costume jewellery and similar. (3)
Lot 283A Lot number 283A
An Agfa 'Family Set' super 8 film monitor in original box, a Prinz Magnon LV and a boxed Agfa Maxi Screen for Agfa family monitor. (2)
Lot 284 Lot number 284
A cast HMV figure and a Michelin figure. Est 20 - 30
Lot 284A Lot number 284A
A mixed lot to include fishing equipment, Barbie doll, a quantity of 45 RMP vinyl records including The Kinks, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Simon...
Lot 285 Lot number 285
A mixed lot of ceramics to include Crown Devon, Asian jars, blue and white ceramics and twenty pieces of Alfred Meakin Medina shape Verdi pa...
Lot 285A Lot number 285A
A mixed lot to include ceramics, Oriental ginger jar, buttons, brassware and similar.
Lot 286 Lot number 286
A good mixed lot of glassware and ceramics and an enamelled pill box by Alastor Enamels, white metal cased powder compact inscribed Stretnoi...
Lot 286A Lot number 286A
A mixed lot to include plated flatware, mixed ceramics comprising Aynsley, Coalport and similar and other.
Lot 287 Lot number 287
A mixed lot to include ceramics, dressing table set, glassware and similar. (2)
Lot 287A Lot number 287A
A mixed lot to include plated flatware, ceramics, framed pictures, a Tomey, Birmingham vintage pressure gauge and similar. (2)
Lot 288 Lot number 288
Lot to include a quantity of board games, jigsaw, shooting game, vintage tennis and squash racquets and a wooden model ship 'The Mayflower'
Lot 288A Lot number 288A
Tweed clothing comprising shooting breeks, shooting vest and jacket with cartridge pockets, by P & F Haggart Aberfeldy, size 44 (L), a p...
Lot 289 Lot number 289
Lot to include two picnic baskets, a basket containing sewing equipment along with a print and an oil on board. (5)
Lot 289A Lot number 289A
A vintage suitcase containing a quantity of plated flatware and similar.
Lot 290 Lot number 290
A Sankyo Dualux 2000H projector in original box and a quantity of film reels. Est 20 - 40
Lot 290A Lot number 290A
A Bell & Howell super 8 projector (boxed), Bell & Howell super 8 camera (in case), Greenkat 7 x 50 binoculars (in case), diecast van...
Lot 291 Lot number 291
A cast BSA Motorcycle plaque in red. Estimate 15 - 20
Lot 291A Lot number 291A
Lot to include a large ceramic centrepiece, oriental collectables, stand magnifier and similar.
Lot 292 Lot number 292
A good mixed lot of predominantly glassware to include a Cranberry glass cut to clear decanter, also included in the lot is a Clarice Cliff ...
Lot 292A Lot number 292A
A mixed lot to include vintage tins, ceramics to include Royal Doulton Slaters Patent Vase, cider mugs, a model of a dog, glassware, plated ...
Lot 293 Lot number 293
Four good quality dressed dolls one baby doll marked to the back of the neck Hello Dolly, a young girl doll with curly hair marked to the ba...
Lot 293A Lot number 293A
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware including Wedgwood, a vintage hair dryer, Royal Commemorative ceramics and similar (3).
Lot 294 Lot number 294
A box containing a quantity of ceramic figurines, pewter ware, Royal commemorative teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, cups and saucers and other, ...
Lot 294A Lot number 294A
A mixed lot of ceramics to include Carlton ware, oriental, Meissen, Royal Doulton and similar (2)
Lot 295 Lot number 295
A riding hat by Charles Owen size 54, a stoneware water jug, a stone ashtray, a Ronson Richmond table lighter and other
Lot 295A Lot number 295A
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, stone eggs, Tetley collectables and similar (3).
Lot 296 Lot number 296
A good mixed lot of glassware and ceramics to include a Royal Doulton figurine entitled Childhood Days HN2970, unicorn figurines from the Fa...
Lot 296A Lot number 296A
A mixed lot to include ceramics, vintage tins, glassware, boxed pewter tankards, sewing thread and similar (3)
Lot 297 Lot number 297
A good mixed lot to include a part tea service, retro glass vase, oil lamp, drinking glasses, further glassware, an unusual glass bottle cov...
Lot 298 Lot number 298
Withdrawn - A good mixed lot to include a collection of postcards, cigarette case, binoculars, an A850 digital camera, brassware and other
Lot 298A Lot number 298A
A quantity of brass and copper ware (3)
Lot 299 Lot number 299
A good mixed lot to include a quantity of ceramics by Royal Doulton, Carltonware, Wade and similar also included in the lot are four clocks ...
Lot 299A Lot number 299A
Two vintage cases containing quantity of ceramics to include silver, Delft and similar (2)
Lot 300 Lot number 300
A Handygram vintage record player and a Singer sewing machine (2)
Lot 300A Lot number 300A
A mixed lot of Disney and Snoopy related items to include cuddly toys, cups, posters, also includes a small quantity of diecast cars and sim...
Lot 301 Lot number 301
A mixed lot of ceramics to include a large jardiniere with Asian decoration 25.5 cm (h), a Colonial Pottery 'Kelmscott' patterned Art Nouvea...
Lot 301A Lot number 301A
Unused retail stock - a TORQ three piece nested case set comprising three aluminium framed cases, largest being 43 cm by 29 cm by 12.5 cm
Lot 302 Lot number 302
A mixed lot to include a quantity of clocks, cased binoculars, vintage Ekco radio, camera tripod, fire screen and similar. (3)
Lot 302A Lot number 302A
A lot to include unused boxed CD cassette radio Hi Fi, two aluminium framed protective cases and a briefcase (4)
Lot 303 Lot number 303
A good mixed lot of glassware, ceramics and plated ware to include Carnival glass, Noritake and other
Lot 303A Lot number 303A
A vintage case containing two Crown Green bowls approximately 2.6 lbs and two flat green indoor bowls approximately 3 lbs, also included in ...
Lot 304 Lot number 304
A mixed lot to include a quantity of glassware, plated ware, a clock, brassware, ceramics, money boxes and similar. (4)
Lot 304A Lot number 304A
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, plated ware and similar (3)
Lot 305 Lot number 305
A mixed lot of Laurel and Hardy collectables to include ceramics, vinyl records, pictures and similar, also included in the lot is a decorat...
Lot 305A Lot number 305A
A large mixed lot to include ceramics, decorative wooden panels, books, comics, annuals, bowls, boxed convector heater, insect killer and si...
Lot 306 Lot number 306
A mixed lot to include a quantity of collectors spoons, approximately ten fans, door handles and similar.
Lot 306A Lot number 306A
A lot to include DVD player, a Polaroid DVD player, good Milan's speaker system, phone dock and a cord less phone set
Lot 307 Lot number 307
A good mixed lot to include a bronze figurine depicting a golfer approximate height including plinth 21 cm, a Uranium glass fruit bowl, mant...
Lot 307A Lot number 307A
A vintage Singer sewing machine in wooden carry case.
Lot 308 Lot number 308
A large quantity of unused netting
Lot 308A Lot number 308A
Four bears to include Herman Bears Deans Ragged Book Company and similar (4).
Lot 309 Lot number 309
A Jumpstart battery charger by Powerstation in original box, a Homark ceramic plate heater and a Professional Evolution electronic keyboard ...
Lot 309A Lot number 309A
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, vintage terrestrial globe, woodworking planes, a vehicle recovery strap set, cycle helmet and si...
Lot 310 Lot number 310
A festive table lamp, and two ornamental figures (3)
Lot 311 Lot number 311
A lot to include a quantity of Denby stoneware in the Ode pattern to include cups, lidded serving dishes, plates and similar
Lot 311A Lot number 311A
A quantity of plated ware, brass ware and pewter to include tankards, dishes, vases and similar (gty).
Lot 312 Lot number 312
Two festive novelty lamps, two angels and a small collection of Christmas festive decorations
Lot 313 Lot number 313
A pair of mahogany bookcase doors having fitted leather hand made book spines approx 61cm x 51cm (2)
Lot 314 Lot number 314
A large quantity of CD's and DVD's
Lot 315 Lot number 315
A Brother sewing machine model #LS-2125 with manual, power controller pedal, cover and original box
Lot 316 Lot number 316
A mixed lot to include an Alvis 303 slide projector, a Queen D.L. and Co Commemorative Queen Victoria Jubilee Year 1887 jug, table lamp, jam...
Lot 317 Lot number 317
A good mixed lot to include a small collection of Wedgwood collector plates, two vintage dressing table sets, a grooming set, brass ware and...
Lot 318 Lot number 318
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, carved wooden items and similar (2). Estimate 20 - 40
Lot 319 Lot number 319
A good mixed lot to include good quality brass ware, a Sylvac ceramic table ware with impressed marks to the base 4033, plated napkin rings ...
Lot 320 Lot number 320
A mixed lot to include a quantity of hand-made and hand-painted pottery figures, two dome thimble display cases, a quantity of thimbles, dec...
Lot 321 Lot number 321
Two boxes containing a quantity of porcelain dressed dolls to include Alberon and similar (2)
Lot 322 Lot number 322
A mixed lot to include ceramics comprising Royal Crown Derby in the Derby Posies design, Royal Doulton Seasons cups and saucers from the Bra...
Lot 323 Lot number 323
A mixed lot comprising ceramics to include Czechoslovakian part service, Royal Albert Lady Carlyle, glassware, silver handled letter opener,...
Lot 324 Lot number 324
Brassware - a quantity of brassware to include a cannon, ornamental animals, an ornamental smoker's pipe and other (qty)
Lot 325 Lot number 325
A vintage Singer sewing machine in carry case
Lot 326 Lot number 326
A good mixed lot to include a quantity of Royal Commemorative ceramics, a Wade Bells Whisky decanter lacking contents, a bronzed figurine de...
Lot 327 Lot number 327
Five bronzed style figurines and a bronzed style figurine set with a Windsor clock movement
Lot 328 Lot number 328
Two boxes containing a mixed lot to include Oriental ceramics, miscellaneous figures to include Piano Babies and similar (2)
Lot 329 Lot number 329
Two boxes containing a mixed lot of glassware, ceramics, ornamental ware and similar (2)
Lot 330 Lot number 330
Two boxes containing a large quantity of ornamental cottages, houses, figurines and other (2)
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