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331 - 354 Collectables

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 331 Lot number 331
Angling - a Greys Prodigy TXL 12 foot specialist feeder rod in soft protective carry case also including a Baitrunner DL 6000RB by Shimano, ...
Lot 331A Lot number 331A
A quantity of vintage Boys Brigade collectables to include hats, belts, a Handbook For Boys, Company Section, enamelled pin badge and simila...
Lot 332 Lot number 332
A small collection of oil lamps, a Beswick horse and a Kockums enamel jug. (5)
Lot 332A Lot number 332A
A mixed lot to include vintage cameras, hand tools, flags, a cigarette lighter in the form of a hand gun and a wall mahogany free standing b...
Lot 333 Lot number 333
A pair of cased binoculars stamped 8 x 30 Made in the USSR Est 20 - 40
Lot 333A Lot number 333A
A lot to include small quantity of vinyl records Nana MOUSKOURI, costumer jewellery, handbags, wristwatches, purses and similar.
Lot 334 Lot number 334
A vintage black Bakelite telephone Est 20 - 40
Lot 335 Lot number 335
A vintage green Bakelite Circuit Testing Ohmmeter in case marked Megger Est 15 - 30
Lot 336 Lot number 336
Two oil cans Est 15 - 25
Lot 337 Lot number 337
Two brass trench art lighters Est 15 - 25
Lot 338 Lot number 338
A boxed set of three Butlers skewers Est 25 - 45
Lot 339 Lot number 339
A small wooden concertina Est 20 - 40
Lot 340 Lot number 340
Two Mr Peanut money banks 27 cm and 19 cm (h). Est 20 - 30
Lot 341 Lot number 341
A pair of fretwork wall hangings, wood cased clock and vintage first aid kit.
Lot 342 Lot number 342
A cast iron reproduction promotional sign marked Ducatti Meccanica
Lot 343 Lot number 343
A quantity of predominantly pre-decimalisation UK coins,vintage AA car badge and a Mersey Model Co Ltd brass and tinplate stationary steam e...
Lot 344 Lot number 344
A cast metal nutcracker in the form of Hitler. Estimate 20 - 30
Lot 345 Lot number 345
A vintage suitcase containing a quantity of vintage cameras and accesories to include a Pentax Asahi Spotmatic, a Pentax P30N, a Zorki - 4, ...
Lot 346 Lot number 346
An acoustic guitar in carry case along with two case snooker cues. (3)
Lot 347 Lot number 347
A pair of Miranda 8 x 30 gold coated optic binoculars in protective carry case, a pair of Prinz Painzlux 10 x 50 lense binoculars and a carv...
Lot 348 Lot number 348
A good mixed box of photographic equipment, binoculars to include a pair of Telstar 35 x 60 in protective case, a Miranda 10 x 50 pair of bi...
Lot 349 Lot number 349
A good mixed lot of glassware and ceramics to include a lidded vase with maker's mark to the base, a Royal Doulton meat plate RD No 597783, ...
Lot 350 Lot number 350
A good mixed lot to include two Rolls razors, one in original box, a boxed carving set with deer leg handles, two boxes of mineral chips fro...
Lot 351 Lot number 351
A cased set of vintage cutlery, a large quantity of plated flatware and three photograph frames, boxed
Lot 352 Lot number 352
A quantity of film slides and Hanimex Rondex 120 slide magazines to include slides of Oulton Park, a wooden box containing a quantity of fam...
Lot 353 Lot number 353
A good mixed lot to include a small quantity of crested spoons, a harmonica in protective case, a set of Parker pens, a parker fountain pen,...
Lot 354 Lot number 354
A mixed lot to include predominantly glassware and ceramics to include two Nao figurines, Wedgwood Jasperware and Ainsley also included in t...
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