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411 - 440 Coins

Lot 411 Lot number 411
A coin box containing a quantity of UK and Foreign coins predominantly UK to include commemorative crowns, Victorian coins and similar (2)
Lot 412 Lot number 412
A lot to include a quantity of UK and foreign coins predominantly pre-decimalisation, cuff links, wallets, medallions, badges and similar
Lot 413 Lot number 413
Forty five series D £1 notes (various chief cashiers), seventy one series C £1 notes (predominantly with varying degrees of scorching) and f...
Lot 414 Lot number 414
A lot to include a quantity of predominantly UK coins, cigarette lighters, hip flask, small brass bell, penknives and similar
Lot 415 Lot number 415
A good lot comprising of small quantity of UK and foreign coins and bank notes, Cloisonné thimble, three gentleman's wrist watches and two c...
Lot 416 Lot number 416
A small quantity of coins, commemorative crowns, and similar also included in the lot is a small quantity of A & B C chewing gum cards f...
Lot 417 Lot number 417
A quantity of UK and Foreign coins including commemorative crowns and similar
Lot 418 Lot number 418
Two Victorian crowns comprising 1887 and 1900 Est £30 - £50
Lot 419 Lot number 419
Two Victorian crowns comprising 1890 and 1893 Est £30 - £50
Lot 420 Lot number 420
Two Victorian half crowns comprising 1894 and 1889, a George III Cartwheel Penny 1797 and a 1935 crown Est £30 - £50
Lot 421 Lot number 421
A lot to include a framed Britannia sterling coin collection, a framed Britannia coin and stamp collection, a small collection of Bolton Wan...
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