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271 - 340 Ceramics

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 271 Lot number 271
Beswick - a pair of Beswick hexagonal form vases marked 485 to the base approximately 17.5 cm (H), a further pair of Beswick vases marked 48...
Lot 272 Lot number 272
Val St Lambert - six hock glasses all cut to clear by Val St Lambert, signed to include three sky blue, two lime green and one yellow Est 1...
Lot 273 Lot number 273
Val St Lambert - a collection of seven Val St Lambert hock glasses all cut to clear, signed to include two ruby, two amethyst and three emer...
Lot 274 Lot number 274
Moorcroft Pottery - a large Moorcroft Pottery round lidded powder bowl decorated with magnolia on a blue ground, impressed marks to the base...
Lot 275 Lot number 275
Moorcroft Pottery - a large Moorcroft Pottery vase decorated with anemone on a blue ground signed to the base approx 18.5cm (h) Est 70 - 9...
Lot 276 Lot number 276
Swarovski - a Swarovski crystal glass two point candle holder approx 9.5cms (h) Est 20 - 40
Lot 277 Lot number 277
Swarovski - two crystal Swarovski pieces to include a water lily candle holder approx 8cm (d) and paperweight approx 6cm (d) both items are ...
Lot 278 Lot number 278
Moorcroft Pottery - a large Moorcroft Pottery shallow bowl decorated with columbine on a cream ground signed to the base approx 22cm (d) Est...
Lot 279 Lot number 279
Moorcroft Pottery - a Moorcroft Pottery vase in the Phoebe pattern approx 20cm (h) Est 100 - 120
Lot 280 Lot number 280
Swarovski - three crystal Swarovski animals to include a swan approx 5cm (h), a goose and a tortoise, all boxed Est 30 - 50
Lot 281 Lot number 281
Moorcroft Pottery - a small Moorcroft Pottery jardiniere decorated with hibiscus on a green ground signed to the base approx 12.5cm (h) Est ...
Lot 282 Lot number 282
Kevin Francis Ceramics - a colour trial sample figurine by Kevin Francis Est 50 - 70
Lot 283 Lot number 283
Royal Doulton - a Royal Doulton special edition figurine entitled Judith #2313 Est 25 - 40
Lot 284 Lot number 284
Moorcroft Pottery - a Moorcroft Pottery vase decorated with pomegranate signed to the base and dated 1918 approx 15cm (h) Est 225 - 275
Lot 285 Lot number 285
Anita Harris - an Anita Harris trinket box in the form of a frog, signed in gold to the base Est 40 - 60
Lot 286 Lot number 286
Moorcroft Pottery - a Moorcroft Pottery ceramic photo frame in the Stitch in Time pattern stamped and impressed marks the the reverse approx...
Lot 287 Lot number 287
Moorcroft Pottery - a Moorcroft Pottery vase decorated in the Cosmos pattern approx 10cm (h) Est 70 - 90
Lot 288 Lot number 288
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey black and red limited edition cat named Marmalade, 1 of 1 Est 30 - 50
Lot 289 Lot number 289
Moorcroft Pottery - a small Moorcroft Pottery vase decorated with freesia on a blue ground stamped to the base approx 9.5cm (h) Est 45 - 6...
Lot 290 Lot number 290
Royal Doulton - a Royal Doulton figurine entitled Katherine #HN1252 Est 150 - 170
Lot 291 Lot number 291
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey Art Deco style jug in the shape of a house Est 30 - 50
Lot 292 Lot number 292
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey black and white cat entitled Marvin Est 15 - 25
Lot 293 Lot number 293
Anita Harris - an Anita Harris vase decorated in the Bluebell Wood design, signed in gold to the base, approx 13cm (h) Est 35 - 55
Lot 294 Lot number 294
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey striped cat entitled Miss Prim Est 15 - 25
Lot 295 Lot number 295
Moorcroft Pottery - a large Moorcroft Pottery slim line vase decorated with blue bells stamped to the base approx 32cm (h) Est 70 - 90
Lot 296 Lot number 296
Moorcroft Pottery - a Moorcroft Pottery vase decorated in the Anna Lily pattern approx 18cm (h) Est 130 - 150
Lot 297 Lot number 297
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey tea pot in decorated as Hillside Cottage Est 30 - 50
Lot 298 Lot number 298
Royal Doulton - a Royal Doulton figurine entitled Sweet and Twenty #HN1360 Est 80 - 100
Lot 299 Lot number 299
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey lipped vase in the Somerville pattern approx 29cm (h) Est 30 - 45
Lot 300 Lot number 300
Kevin Francis Ceramics - two boxed face pots by Kevin Francis depicting Laurel and Hardy Est 25 - 45
Lot 301 Lot number 301
A Royal Doulton figurine #HN3418 entitled Bedtime, issued in a limited edition of 9500, #881 with certificate and four Coalport lady figurin...
Lot 302 Lot number 302
A quantity of good quality crystal and glassware to include Edinburgh crystal, decanters, Waterford crystal mantel clock, dishes, vases and ...
Lot 303 Lot number 303
A wooden cased decanter holder with decanter stopper and six glasses also included in the lot is a further glass decanter with stopper with ...
Lot 304 Lot number 304
Royal Worcester - an unused set of Royal Worcester cups and saucers decorated in the Arden pattern in presentation box
Lot 305 Lot number 305
A Royal Worcester golfing presentation bowl, part of the Melyn Bookly collection with related ephemera, a further Royal Worcester ceramic ta...
Lot 306 Lot number 306
A large shallow bowl, the rim with applied decorative fruits, the base impressed St Peter, Graz # 2508, made in Austria, approx 8 cm (h) x 3...
Lot 307 Lot number 307
Six coffee cups and six saucers by Aynsley Est 20 - 40.
Lot 308 Lot number 308
A good mixed lot to include ceramics comprising Wedgwood, Beswick, Aynsley and similar, glassware and framed pictures of varying size [2].
Lot 310 Lot number 310
Waterford Crystal - a vase by Waterford Crystal in the Seahorse design, boxed Est 120 - 150
Lot 311 Lot number 311
Four French Stanton terracotta costume dolls the largest approx 26cm (h) and similar
Lot 312 Lot number 312
A quantity of crystal animal figurines, comprising Swarovski and similar.
Lot 313 Lot number 313
A hand painted oriental scent bottle with stopper, a Teign Valley glass perfume bottle and a Wood & Sons pussyfoot teapot [3] Est 30 - ...
Lot 314 Lot number 314
A good lot to include a Carstens Tonnieshof West Germany twin handled vase, a melba ware Mr Punch toby jug, further toby jug and a Ranleigh ...
Lot 315 Lot number 315
Two Sylvac vases with a pebble-like decoration, one marked 3368 to the base, two H G Wood Indian Tree pieces comprising one jug and one bulb...
Lot 316 Lot number 316
Panda - a collection of six pieces of ceramic ornamental ware with an Egyptian theme by Panda to include a pair vases, water jug, a jardinie...
Lot 317 Lot number 317
Masons Ironstone - a quantity of good quality ceramic ornamental ware by Masons Ironstone to include graduated ginger jars, jardiniere's and...
Lot 318 Lot number 318
A Waterford crystal weft water jug at John Rocha with original packaging, a pair of Royal Doulton toasting flutes made with crystallized Swa...
Lot 319 Lot number 319
Shelley - a Shelley coffee set with floral decoration comprising five saucers, six coffee cans, sugar bowl and creamer Est 40 - 60
Lot 320 Lot number 320
A lot to include a small quantity of Wedgwood Jasper ware in powder blue, eighteen pieces of Royal Doulton tea ware in the Tonkin pattern co...
Lot 321 Lot number 321
Five porcelain dolls by Evelt dressed in traditional Greek costume and a further doll by SR Dolls, largest approximately 43 cm (h) (6)...
Lot 322 Lot number 322
Lladro - a large Lladro figurine #4763 entitled The Obstetrician stamped and impressed marks to the base approx 36cm (h) Est 40 - 60
Lot 323 Lot number 323
A lot to include a Nao figurine, a Lladro figurine, a Shelley Harmony mushroom vase, a Maling lustre vase of conical form and two J Fryer Li...
Lot 324 Lot number 324
A good mixed lot to include figurines depicting Scottie dogs, a small collection of plated ware, three Nao figurines, a dressing table set w...
Lot 325 Lot number 325
A lot to include five vintage Babysham, glasses a Baby Bubbly glass, a quantity of Royal Commemorative ceramics and plated ware
Lot 326 Lot number 326
A mixed lot of Oriental ceramics and similar to include Japanese coffee set, miniature enamelled tea pot, vases and similar
Lot 327 Lot number 327
A lot to include a quantity of decorative glassware to include drinking glasses, bowls and similar Est 20 - 40
Lot 328 Lot number 328
A good mixed lot to include a Pendelfin Studio with three rabbits, three pieces of Aynsley decorated in the Wild Tudor pattern also included...
Lot 329 Lot number 329
A good quantity of glassware to include vintage bottles, art glass, uranium glass and similar.
Lot 330 Lot number 330
Anita Harris - a large figurine by Anita Harris in the form of a Boxer Dog, signed in gold to the base approx 46cm (h) Est 160 - 180
Lot 331 Lot number 331
A quantity of ceramic tableware by Booths decorated in the Floradora pattern to include two lidded tureens, a gravy boat and plate pattern n...
Lot 332 Lot number 332
Royal Albert - thirty four pieces of Royal Albert Old Country Roses comprising tea pot, coffee pot, cake stand, cups, saucers, plates, sugar...
Lot 333 Lot number 333
Royal Crown Derby - fifteen pieces of Royal Crown Derby Imari ware in pattern #2451 comprising four cups, five saucers and six side plates d...
Lot 334 Lot number 334
Royal Albert - sixty six pieces of Royal Albert dinner, tea and coffee wares in the Lady Carlyle pattern comprising plates, cups, saucers, t...
Lot 335 Lot number 335
Wedgwood - a collection of 53 pieces of ceramic tableware by Wedgwood decorated in the Westbury pattern (qty)
Lot 336 Lot number 336
Denby - a collection of 27 pieces of tableware by Denby comprising cups, saucers, tea pot, side plates and sugar bowl (qty)
Lot 337 Lot number 337
A good dinner service by Hutschen Reuther with floral decoration comprising approx 59 pieces along with six Wedgwood 'Silver Ermine' plates....
Lot 338 Lot number 338
Royal Albert - a quantity of approx 111 pieces of Royal Albert tableware in the Brigadoon pattern comprising plates, saucers, bowls, serving...
Lot 339 Lot number 339
A good lot of 21 pieces of Plant Royal Tuscan china comprising plates, cups, saucers and similar, hand painted and gilded decoration Est 20...
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