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216 - 260 General Lots

Lot 216 Lot number 216
A mixed lot of ceramics and glassware to include German ceramics, Asian ceramics, Poole pottery, Coalport and similar (2)
Lot 217 Lot number 217
A lot to include a quantity of glassware comprising bowls, decanters, drinking glasses, vases and similar (2)
Lot 217A Lot number 217A
A mixed lot of ceramics to include Spode, Royal Worcester, Asian ceramics, Wedgwood and similar (3)
Lot 218 Lot number 218
A lot to include gilt framed mirror and a framed oil on board of Delamere forest by John A A Bradbury, signed lower right by the artist, ima...
Lot 219 Lot number 219
A mixed lot to include lady's handbags, purses, cameras, comprising Nikon AF210, Minolta 75W, Nikon Coll Pix, brass ware and wall lamp.
Lot 220 Lot number 220
A mixed lot to include ceramics comprising Royal Albert Old Country Roses, Minton, Royal Stafford and similar, glassware to include Stuart C...
Lot 221 Lot number 221
A mixed lot to include ceramics, metalware, dressing table set, plated ware, yellow metal cigarette case and similar [2].
Lot 222 Lot number 222
A lot to include seven pictures of varying themes to include oils, prints, (predominantly framed) also included is a vintage leather bag.
Lot 223 Lot number 223
A mixed lot comprising kitchenalia, ceramics, including Royal Albert Old Country Rosies, Sadler and similar, cuddly toys, hand bags and othe...
Lot 224 Lot number 224
A lot to include quantity of replica football shirts from Liverpool Football Club, Wigan Athletic Football Club, sports related T-Shirts, tr...
Lot 225 Lot number 225
Apple - an Apple iMac desktop computer with keyboard Est 20 - 40.
Lot 226 Lot number 226
Apple - an Apple iBook model #M6411 in protective carry case Est 20 - 40.
Lot 227 Lot number 227
Kirstein door stop in a form of a cricketer Est 20 - 30.
Lot 228 Lot number 228
A wooden large artist easel by Windsor and Newton on tripod adjustable fold away supports, approximate height 200 cm.
Lot 229 Lot number 229
Photographic Equipment - a quantity of photographic and developing equipment (qty)
Lot 230 Lot number 230
A cast iron bronze finished Mermaid family Est 20 - 30.
Lot 231 Lot number 231
A lot to include a quantity of various flatware to include Joseph Rodgers & Sons Ltd, cased sets and similar
Lot 232 Lot number 232
A good mixed lot to include glassware, ceramics, plated ware to include and Oriental coffee set, also included in the lot is Limoges, Denby ...
Lot 233 Lot number 233
A good mixed lot to include Victorian meat plates, a Smiths Barometer, Archana hand crafted brass card holder, ceramic tea set, glass decant...
Lot 234 Lot number 234
A mixed lot to include glassware, ceramics comprising Wedgwood, Royal Commemorative, blue and white ceramics and similar (2)
Lot 235 Lot number 235
A quantity of ceramics to include Price Kensington, Limoges, Royal Worcester Palissy ware and similar...
Lot 236 Lot number 236
A mixed lot to include ceramics comprising Wedgwood, Aynsley, Johnson Bros Persian pattern, metalware and similar
Lot 237 Lot number 237
A good mixed lot to include three large cooking stock pot pans, unused hanging baskets and garden planters (qty)
Lot 238 Lot number 238
A good mixed lot to include a large ceramic centre piece in the form of a fruit basket, approx 34cm x 45cm, a plated and glass tureen and a ...
Lot 239 Lot number 239
A good mixed lot to include two large white metal candlesticks, a good quality vintage suitcase containing ceramics to include a Carlsberg a...
Lot 240 Lot number 240
A large cloth picture framed under glass depicting Krishna and Arjuna heading to the Battle of Kurukshetra, approximately 43 cm x 112 cm, a ...
Lot 241 Lot number 241
A mixed lot comprising ceramics to include Coalport, Cornish Ware cruets, Royal Albert Old Country Roses, Sylvac and similar, glassware and ...
Lot 242 Lot number 242
Two boxes containing a mixed lot to include electrical items, vintage cameras, ceramics, glassware and other (2)
Lot 243 Lot number 243
A mixed lot to include glassware,ceramics comprising Wedgwood, Sylvac, Maling, Limoges and similar, plated ware, Murano style glass and simi...
Lot 244 Lot number 244
A Dimplex 1.5kw Microfire in high gloss red finish, appears un-used in original box
Lot 245 Lot number 245
A quantity of handbags, scarves,,gloves, umbrellas and similar, three boxes in total (3)
Lot 246 Lot number 246
A quantity of lady's handbags and umbrellas contained in two boxes (2)
Lot 247 Lot number 247
A sewing box containing a quantity of sewing accessories, yarn, scarves, crafting equipment and similar
Lot 248 Lot number 248
A good mixed lot of brass candlesticks, glassware and ceramics to include carnival glass, a Capodimonte limited edition figure #421, signed ...
Lot 249 Lot number 249
A lady's fur coat in light brown with slip pockets, retailed by Marshall and Snelgrove, Southport.
Lot 250 Lot number 250
A mixed lot of metalware to include copper, brass, plated ware, flat ware and similar.
Lot 251 Lot number 251
A lot to include two boxes of Christmas decorations, predominantly unused retail stock and contained in original boxes [2].
Lot 252 Lot number 252
A good mixed lot to include a cast iron weighing balance Polaroid One Step 600 express, blue tooth headset, Asian style ceramics, a Shelley ...
Lot 253 Lot number 253
Four decorative prints depicting still life of roses, mounted and framed under glass (4)
Lot 254 Lot number 254
Two boxes containing a mixed lot to include ceramic tableware, a cast iron Salter domestic balance model no...
Lot 255 Lot number 255
A modern framed print of a map mounted and framed overall size including frame 73cm x 103cm
Lot 256 Lot number 256
A mixed lot to include vintage Kitchenalia, ceramics, metalware and similar [2]
Lot 257 Lot number 257
A lot to include a quantity of predominantly unused retail stock modern and vintage to include Kenwood toaster, Phillips iron, Russell Hobbs...
Lot 258 Lot number 258
A quantity of gardening tools and accessories also includes a retractable extension cord and similar [2]
Lot 259 Lot number 259
A mixed lot to include ceramics comprising Wedgwood, Masons and others also includes metal ware, wooden boxes, clocks, dressing table set an...
Lot 260 Lot number 260
A mixed lot to include vintage telephones, household scales, glazed ceramic garden wall pots and other garden ornaments, metal ware, cake st...
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