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51 - 110 Militaria & Weapons

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 51 Lot number 51
A 9ct gold medal awarded by The Lord Mayor of London Colonel Sir Charles Wakefield for the Destruction of Zeppelin L15, verso engraved 2/Lie...
Lot 51A Lot number 51A
A World War Two third pattern Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife with leather scabbard, grip mould number '1', Broad Arrow / crows foot marked t...
Lot 52 Lot number 52
A WWII 25 pdr ammunition case stamped 'P 60 MC II 1943' 18 cm x 46 cm x 30 cm. Est 20 - 40
Lot 52A Lot number 52A
Two canvas prints depicting the Red Arrows, one with planes in flight, the other showing two planes pre-flight, both bearing signatures, app...
Lot 53 Lot number 53
A photograph HMS Renown, mounted and framed under glass with HMS Hood hat band, image size approximately 35.5 cm x 48 cm, this item is from ...
Lot 54 Lot number 54
A photograph HMS Hood, mounted and framed under glass with HMS Hood hat band, image size approximately 35.5 cm x 48 cm, this item is from th...
Lot 55 Lot number 55
A WW I medal pair, comprising British War Medal and Vixtory Medal 21428 PTE. W. BENSON CHES YEO (Cheshire Yeomanry), British War Medal miss ...
Lot 55A Lot number 55A
An officers belt with shoulder strap and red sash.
Lot 56 Lot number 56
A WW II medal pair, comprising British War medal and Victory medal, inscribed 176212 GNR. G. HOOD...
Lot 56A Lot number 56A
John Batchelor - A limited edition print entitled 'Their Finest Hour', numbered 368 of 1940, signed and numbered in pencil by the artist and...
Lot 57 Lot number 57
A lot to include a Machine Gun Corp cap badge, silver RAF badge, stamped 925, two sterling silver and enamel Blood Donor badges and similar,...
Lot 57A Lot number 57A
A limited edition print by Michael Turner entitled 'Final Victory', signed and numbered (780/850) by the artist and further signed by Flying...
Lot 58 Lot number 58
A quantity of military related ephemera to include a Field Service Pocket Book 1914, a Certificate of Service Of Thomas Grey in the Royal Na...
Lot 59 Lot number 59
A World War II (WW2) medal pair comprising the French Medal, the War Medal 1939 -45 with accompanying ephemera Est 20 - 40
Lot 60 Lot number 60
1936 U.S. Army foot locker 8th QM BTN, made by Belber Trunk and Baggage Co of Chicago, with lock and clasp scribed 'Corbin Cabinet Lock Co' ...
Lot 61 Lot number 61
A World War Two (WW2) canvas map case with map, the case marked MAPLE 1940 with later crow's foot 73 and a webbing pouch [2]
Lot 62 Lot number 62
An Iron Cross Second Class with ribbon
Lot 63 Lot number 63
A Kodak autographic vest pocket camera, early 20th century compact camera allowed the used to add captions to the negatives which then appea...
Lot 64 Lot number 64
A lot to include a George VI sterling silver ARP badge London assay 1938, Red Cross enamelled badges, National Reserve Cheshire badge, Colle...
Lot 65 Lot number 65
A small collection of Foreign medals to include Austo-Hungarian Medal for Bravery, Austro-Hungarian Military Merit Medal, Karl Troop Cross, ...
Lot 65A Lot number 65A
A Third Reich German Luftwaffe belt buckle, embossed with eagle and swastika within a band of laurel, 6.5cm wide Est 50 - 80
Lot 66 Lot number 66
A World War I medal pair comprising British War Medal and Victory Medal awarded to H Marston B R C & ST J J, lacking ribbons Est 20 - ...
Lot 67 Lot number 67
World War I Medals - WWI Medal Group comprising Victory Medal, British War Medal and 1914/1915 Star awarded to 15388 Pte T Marston R.W Fus E...
Lot 68 Lot number 68
A mixed lot o include a World War 2 medal pair comprising War Medal and The France and Germany Star also included in th lot is a commemorati...
Lot 69 Lot number 69
Lieut A T Smith - a World War One (WW1) British War Medal inscribed to the rim Lieut A T Smith (no Regimental number) who was awarded the Lo...
Lot 70 Lot number 70
1851 Hartford navy brass .36 cal replica handgun with 'cowboy' holster - Est 100 - 150
Lot 71 Lot number 71
Antique Pepper Pot or Pepper-box percussion six shot pistol, circa mid 1800s with light hand engraved floral design and wood grips capable o...
Lot 72 Lot number 72
A World War I (WWI) trench art jug constructed from a 13lb shell with a commemorative copper and white metal horn [2]
Lot 73 Lot number 73
An 18th century hunting percussion long gun, barrel 16 mm or 14 gauge approx. This is a beautiful example of a sporting gun made by Wilson (...
Lot 74 Lot number 74
A US Art Craft Ammunition tin, containing a quantity of hand tools, pocket knife, inscribed AMM.BOX, CAB 50M2, and similar
Lot 75 Lot number 75
A replica middle eastern flintlock pistol with working action Est 20-30
Lot 76 Lot number 76
A Grande Tetras army style water bottle and a Carpentier Cusset 1957 French Army Helmet Est 20-30
Lot 77 Lot number 77
Lot description to follow
Lot 78 Lot number 78
A lot comprising a German military cap with World War II (WW2) emblem and a World War I (WW1) style cap with a Royal Engineers cap badge - E...
Lot 79 Lot number 79
A World War II (WWII) gas mask in a box Est 20-30
Lot 80 Lot number 80
A 1904 Wilhelm II one Mark coin, Berlin mint and a set of white metal collar links (no makers marks) with swastika decoration.
Lot 81 Lot number 81
A Wehrmacht 12 year long service medal (third class) with ribbon.
Lot 82 Lot number 82
A Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen (Westwall) medal with length of ribbon
Lot 83 Lot number 83
NSDAP Party membership badge with painted finish, RZM in circle device makers mark M1/159 for Hans Doppler. Est 30 - 50
Lot 84 Lot number 84
A Kriegsverdienstkreuz ( War Merit Cross with Swords 2nd class) with ribbon, suspension ring stamped with makers mark for Fritz Zimmermann...
Lot 85 Lot number 85
A reproduction Deutsches Kreuz.
Lot 86 Lot number 86
A lot to include a postcard book of Arras, France showing destruction of the city in World War One, a Red Cross Society stationery set and a...
Lot 87 Lot number 87
A Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen (Westwall) medal, with ribbon. Est 20 - 30
Lot 88 Lot number 88
An Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse (Iron Cross 2nd class) with ribbon, no makers mark. Est 50 - 70
Lot 89 Lot number 89
A Verwundetenabzeichen 3 Klasse (Wound Badge 3rd Class) with makers mark L/57 Boerger & Co Berlin. Est 20 - 40
Lot 90 Lot number 90
A Scottish Dirk, Sporran, silver regimental Cap Badge, Liverpool Scottish Cameron and associated ephemera - the Dirk hilt with Celtic decora...
Lot 91 Lot number 91
Lot 92 Lot number 92
An artist's sculpture of AK47 made up of an aircraft parts, Est 30 - 50.
Lot 93 Lot number 93
Three framed R.A.F. wings and badges to include Shawbury Liaison Officer's Annual Conference RAF badge. Estimate 20 - 30
Lot 94 Lot number 94
Barr & Stroud military binoculars with crow's foot mark and serial number 69276. Estimate 70 - 90
Lot 95 Lot number 95
A Toye, Kenning and Spencer silver medal, cased. Estimate 15 - 25
Lot 96 Lot number 96
A leather mutton chop gun case with cartridge case inside. Estimate 60 - 80
Lot 97 Lot number 97
A French helmet, marked internally Carpentier Cusset 1957
Lot 98 Lot number 98
A military helmet displaying Belgium flag [worn].
Lot 99 Lot number 99
A French 1 l water bottle marked Le Grand Tetras with pouch.
Lot 100 Lot number 100
A truncheon with strap, in original leather case, unmarked for any force, has no chips or cracks, just some fine scratches and general ware....
Lot 101 Lot number 101
Distinguished Flying Medal - the rim engraved 1378953 SGT J E Muldowney R.A.F. with ribbon - included in the lot are various communications ...
Lot 102 Lot number 102
A World War Two (WW2) campaign medal group comprising British War medal, Defence medal, Atlantic Star, Air Crew Europe Star, 1939-1945 Star,...
Lot 103 Lot number 103
A World War One (WW1) campaign medal group - British War medal and Victory medal inscribed to the rim M2-105995 Pte W Muldowney A.S.C.
Lot 104 Lot number 104
A military trunk marked 22956249 Cpl Price of CAD (Central Ammunition Depot) Kineton Warwickshire UK, approximately 42 cm x 79 cm x 54 cm
Lot 105 Lot number 105
A World War One (WW1) campaign medal group - British War medal and Victory medal inscribed to the rim 5517 Pte J E Muldowney L'Pool R - (see...
Lot 106 Lot number 106
A World War Two (WW2) campaign medal group comprising British War medal, Atlantic Star, 1939-1945 Star, all with ribbons - Est 30 - 50
Lot 107 Lot number 107
A small collection of campaign medals comprising WW1 Victory medal inscribed 605S.D R P Wallace DH RNR, tag inscribed D Wallace STD RC T 124...
Lot 108 Lot number 108
Two Royal Corps Of Signals cap badges. Est 20 - 40
Lot 109 Lot number 109
A collection of World War One (WW1) military items relating to 2nd Lieutenant Clarence Bristoll of the Army Cyclists Corps to include three ...
Lot 110 Lot number 110
A World War One (WW1) medal pair comprising War Medal and Victory Medal for Pte L M Evans of the Royal Worcestershire Regiment, military pho...
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