Lot Number 90

A Scottish Dirk, Sporran, silver regimental Cap Badge, Liverpool Scottish Cameron and associated ephemera - the Dirk hilt with Celtic decorated mount and a faceted citrine set pommel, the leather scabbard with white metal mounts marked 'A&JS ABD' and subsidiary knife and fork, a matching skean dhu, the dirk 41.5 cm overall, the skean dhu 21.5 cm overall, the Sporran with white metal cantle engraved with thistles scrolls and applied regimental badge Liverpool Scottish Cameron, the horse hair body with two black tassels, a hallmarked silver regimental cap badge, Liverpool Scottish Cameron, Birmingham assay 1937, the entire lot the property of Captain Charles Richard Cooper, b 1893 (see image) - the lot includes historical information about Capt Cooper including service in WW1 and later, provided by Liverpool Scottish Regimental Museum Trust - Est 2000 - 4000