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101 - 120 Hand Tools and Bench Tools

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 101 Lot number 101
A large quantity of woodworking tools to include Robert Sorby and similar, Est 200 - 300
Lot 101A Lot number 101A
A quantity of watchmaker's tools and accessories.
Lot 102 Lot number 102
A quantity of hand tools include planes, saws and similar.
Lot 102A Lot number 102A
A collection of vintage tools, including three saws and a scythe [4].
Lot 103 Lot number 103
A boxed plunge router and a SKIL OCTO sander in original case [2].
Lot 103A Lot number 103A
A part pallet of kiln dried logs for fire pit or log burner - this lot must be collected by appointment from an address at Appleton, South W...
Lot 104 Lot number 104
A boxed three blade electric planer and a boxed variable speed jigsaw [2].
Lot 105 Lot number 105
A vintage Stanley mitre box number 346 and a Stanley bench grinder type BG6 model A [2], 50 - 80.
Lot 106 Lot number 106
A lot to include a Bosch cordless drill in original case, a set Bosch drill bits and a toll box, containing a quantity of hand tools [3].
Lot 107 Lot number 107
A Stanley combination plane #45, contained in original box and a RECORD improved combination plane #50 in original box [2], Est 50 - 80.
Lot 108 Lot number 108
A tool box and a quantity of various hand tools [2].
Lot 109 Lot number 109
A small quantity of power tools to include Bosch drill and similar.
Lot 110 Lot number 110
A quantity of cycling related accessories, including tires, chains, inner tubes, lights and similar [2].
Lot 111 Lot number 111
A quantity of hand tools and similar.
Lot 112 Lot number 112
Various tools to include a boxed Arcoy rabbiter, Devilbliss aerograph airbrush kit in original box, spring clamps and similar.
Lot 113 Lot number 113
A quantity of wood turning chisels, including Henry Taylor and J Tirnt examples, contained in a wooden box in excess of 25, Est 150 - 200.
Lot 114 Lot number 114
A watchmaker's 6 mm lathe with associated accessories, contained in wooden case, Est 80 - 120.
Lot 115 Lot number 115
Two boxed electric propagators and an Earlex steam wallpaper stripper, contained in original box [3].
Lot 116 Lot number 116
Four wooden cases, containing a quantity of watchmaker's tools.
Lot 117 Lot number 117
A quantity of power tools, including Bosch POF 500A router, a Powerdevil router, a Bosch PSE180E scraper and a Performance 140W rotary tool ...
Lot 118 Lot number 118
A quantity of tools to include Robert Sorby wood turning tools, files, saws and similar, Est 60 - 100.
Lot 119 Lot number 119
A mixed lot to include hand tools, doweling jig, boxed micro meter, band saw blades, speed reducer attachment and similar.
Lot 120 Lot number 120
A selection of hand tools.
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