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471 - 550 Ceramics

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 471 Lot number 471
Goebel, Claude Monet, Fleurs De Pavot - a large Goebel Artis Orbis Collection rectangular dish, decorated in pattern Fleurs De Pavot by Clau...
Lot 472 Lot number 472
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey 1/1 Cat Bowler figure approximate height 11 cm.
Lot 473 Lot number 473
A large figure, depicting a cat, approximate height 23 cm x 36 cm, appears in very good condition.
Lot 474 Lot number 474
Royal Worcester - A Royal Worcester trumpet vase decorated with blackberries and leaves, signed by Kitty Blake, shape number G923, approxima...
Lot 475 Lot number 475
Anita Harris - Anita Harris ceramic Pig figure, signed in gold.
Lot 476 Lot number 476
Anita Harris - Anita Harris ceramic Harmony vase, signed in gold, approximate height 18 cm.
Lot 477 Lot number 477
Moorcroft - a Moorcroft Confetti vase signed by E. Bosson's to the base, approximately 17 cm height.
Lot 478 Lot number 478
Moorcroft - a Moorcroft Blue Bell Harmony vase, approximately 20 cm height.
Lot 479 Lot number 479
Lorna Bailey - A Lorna Bailey figurine Naptime The Cat limited edition 15 out of 75 with the Certificate of Authenticity.
Lot 480 Lot number 480
A large figurine depicting a horse with a salt glaze finish, approximate height 59 cm Condition: 1 mm x 1 mm fine slice chip to ear, 1 mm x ...
Lot 481 Lot number 481
Anita Harris - Anita Harris Crocus vase, signed in gold, approximate height 13 cm.
Lot 482 Lot number 482
A Royal Doulton Lambeth ware jug, maker's impress mark to the base, approximate height 20 cm and an unusual dome wooden wall plaque with hig...
Lot 483 Lot number 483
Moorcroft - a Moorcroft Snowsong vase, approximately 14 cm height.
Lot 484 Lot number 484
Lorna Bailey - A Lorna Bailey Cat with Bee figure, approximate height 12 cm.
Lot 485 Lot number 485
A figurine depicting an eagle on a wooden plinth from the Juliana collection, four Bossons wall plaques, a further Bosson wall plaque depict...
Lot 486 Lot number 486
Royal Doulton - a Royal Doulton figurine Gude Grey Mare and Foal HN 2532 approximately 12 cm height.
Lot 488 Lot number 488
Lorna Bailey - A Lorna Bailey ceramic figure entitled Cat Bathtime.
Lot 489 Lot number 489
Beswick - a Beswick Bird The Pigeon figure No. 1383 Grey & Black gloss finish.
Lot 490 Lot number 490
Royal Doulton - six character jugs to include Royal Doulton Sairey Gamp D5528, Beefeater D6206, Mad Hatter D6598, Auld Mac D5823 and similar...
Lot 491 Lot number 491
Royal Doulton - a Royal Doulton character jug entitled The Falconer D6533 and a further Royal Character jug entitled Long John Silver D6335 ...
Lot 492 Lot number 492
Three small Oriental vases, largest approximately 13 cm [h]. Condition: The vase without the cover has two chips around the rim approximatel...
Lot 493 Lot number 493
A pair of Oriental plates decorated with warriors at sea, approximately 24 cm [d] [2]...
Lot 494 Lot number 494
Wade - four figures comprising Mr Plod, Noddy, Tessie Bear and Big Ears
Lot 495 Lot number 495
Moorcroft - a Moorcroft Harvest Poppy jug
Lot 497 Lot number 497
Moorcroft - a Moorcroft Anna Lily vase, approximate height 20 cm
Lot 498 Lot number 498
Two Oriental vases on hardwood stands, largest approximately 31 cm [h] without the stand [2]...
Lot 499 Lot number 499
Royal Doulton - An advertising piece 'The World's Bed Warmer and Airer' proprietors Morton & Co Manchester, printed marks to the base...
Lot 500 Lot number 500
A hand painted Oriental shallow bowl with scalloped edge, decorated with landscape scene, approximately 23 cm [d]...
Lot 501 Lot number 501
Lorna Bailey - A Lorna Bailey two hande vase in Pyramid's pattern, approximate height 23 cm.
Lot 502 Lot number 502
Royal Doulton - Royal Doulton figurine Empress Dowager Figurine HN 2391 limited edition, approximate height 21 cm...
Lot 503 Lot number 503
Laurel Keeley - A stoneware dish with incised and painted fish decoration, signed to the base, approximately 43 cm wide.
Lot 504 Lot number 504
A good collection of ceramic tableware to include Portmeirion decorated in the Botanic Garden pattern, Royal Doulton tableware decorated in ...
Lot 505 Lot number 505
Lorna Bailey - A Lorna Bailey fan vase in Somerville pattern, approximate height 21 cm.
Lot 506 Lot number 506
A hand painted plate with floral decoration approximately 23 cm [d], star shaped hairline crack to the top and base.
Lot 507 Lot number 507
A mixed lot of ceramics to include Carlton ware jug, vase, lidded pot, art deco vase and similar (6)
Lot 508 Lot number 508
A Royal Dux figural group depicting a man with two horses riding one bareback and leading the other on reigns, mounted on a a naturalistic b...
Lot 509 Lot number 509
Doulton Lambeth - a 19th century large stoneware twin-handled vase decorated with swags, swirls and foliage, impressed marks to the base, 28...
Lot 510 Lot number 510
A hand painted glass vase with floral decoration, approximately 37 cm [h]. Condition: appears in excellent condition, no chips or cracks, so...
Lot 511 Lot number 511
A large blue and white charger with landscape decoration, approximately 45 cm [d].
Lot 512 Lot number 512
Studio Pottery - A studio pottery model depicting a chicken, approximately 29.5 cm (h)
Lot 513 Lot number 513
Three Oriental plates with scalloped edges and floral decoration, approximately 22 cm [d].
Lot 514 Lot number 514
Art Glass - Two pieces of art glass to include Adrian Sankey, largest piece approximately 30 cm. (2)
Lot 515 Lot number 515
A quantity of Wedgwood Jasperware and a Moorcroft Pottery pin dish decorated with hibiscus on a green ground
Lot 516 Lot number 516
A pair of decorative glass centrepieces with applied snake decoration to the stem, approximately 26 cm (h) (2)
Lot 517 Lot number 517
Doulton - three stoneware foot warmers, one by Doulton Lambeth Potteries, entitled Doulton's Improved Foot Warmer Lambeth Pottery London [3]...
Lot 518 Lot number 518
Glassware - Swarovski crystal - a good mixed lot of crystal to include Swarovski, Royal Doulton, Edinburgh Crystal and similar, included in ...
Lot 519 Lot number 519
A pair of Poole Pottery table lamps, floral decoration with shades, height including shades approximately 28 cm (2)
Lot 520 Lot number 520
A Poole Pottery floral decoration plate pattern BN and one similar and two pieces of Wedgwood Jasperware, impressed marks Wedgwood England (...
Lot 521 Lot number 521
A quantity of glassware to include Caithness, Stewart Crystal, Royal Doulton, Sark Glass, Teign Valley Glass and similar
Lot 522 Lot number 522
A set of two old hand painted Coalport plates, approximate diameter 23 cm.
Lot 523 Lot number 523
Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey Fred Dibnah figure approximate height 26 cm.
Lot 524 Lot number 524
Shelley - six Shelley soup dishes in the Blue Iris pattern (Queen Anne shape), a Shelley Harmony jug, Shelly Mabel Lucie Attwell cup and sau...
Lot 525 Lot number 525
A collection of Carlton ware to include serving dishes, cruets, toast rack and similar and two pieces of Crown Ducal Sunburst pattern 2649
Lot 526 Lot number 526
A mixed lot to include glassware, Mason's ironstone, Whitefriars style bark vase, Staffordshire Chef ware, large mortar and pestle and simil...
Lot 527 Lot number 527
A pair of large Chinese vases, depicting ladies in a garden setting, Ruyi border to the neck, seal mark to the base, approximately 60 cm [h]...
Lot 528 Lot number 528
Pekin, B&H - a four piece ceramic Oriental wash set with brand marks to the base Pekin B&H [4]
Lot 529 Lot number 529
A collection of studio pottery to include Willie Carter Top Farm pottery, Llanath Pottery Wales and similar.
Lot 530 Lot number 530
A collection of studio pottery to include Willie Carter Top Farm pottery, Llanath Pottery Wales and similar...
Lot 531 Lot number 531
A large studio pottery shallow bowl decorated with fish, signed to the base Niel and two similar ceramic stands [3]...
Lot 532 Lot number 532
Two large Chinese vases decorated with various figures, bats, Ruyi border and floral decoration to the neck, seal mark to the base, approxim...
Lot 533 Lot number 533
A good mixed lot to include a Sylvac lidded vase decorated in the Misty Morn pattern with a matching plate, a Wade Royal Victoria decanter m...
Lot 534 Lot number 534
Three shelves containing a quantity of ceramics to include teapots, jelly moulds, a pair of European vases, a trinket dish with matching tra...
Lot 535 Lot number 535
A very large Gres De Flandres stoneware ewer approximately 85 cm [h] with wooden stand and plague inscribed Gres De Flandres Ewer presented ...
Lot 536 Lot number 536
Royal Crown Ducal - approximately 60 pieces of Royal Crown Ducal Bristol pattern dinnerware and tea ware to include cups, plates, saucers, s...
Lot 537 Lot number 537
Shelley - in excess of 50 pieces of Shelly ceramic tea ware to include Harmony, Melody, Rock Garden, Maytime patterns and similar
Lot 538 Lot number 538
Masons - 21 pieces of Masons ceramic dinner ware and tea ware in the Sampler pattern.
Lot 539 Lot number 539
Bradford Exchange England bracelet.
Lot 540 Lot number 540
Two Minton's washbowls with a matching jug and an Oriental tea service with a dragon decoration.
Lot 541 Lot number 541
A lot to include nine Wade Nat West pigs and a small quantity of Chodziez china.
Lot 542 Lot number 542
Noritake - 21 pieces of Noritake ceramic tableware, hand painted with a floral decoration [qty]
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