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141 - 210 Furniture

Lot 141 Lot number 141
A lot to include two hostess trolleys, a small quantity of pictures and a mirror [qty]
Lot 142 Lot number 142
A good quality Asian lacquered glass topped vintage table with gilded highlights, approximate height 42 cm x 122 cm x 52 cm.
Lot 143 Lot number 143
A pine flip top breakfast table with two pine chairs, approximate height of the table 77 cm x 94 cm diameter.
Lot 144 Lot number 144
A two seater red upholstered sofa set on casters, approximate height 90 cm x 170 cm x 90 cm.
Lot 145 Lot number 145
A three seater brown leather sofa, approximate height 78 cm x 200 cm x 102 cm
Lot 146 Lot number 146
Two modern single bed frames (please note there is a matching lot 172 to these items).
Lot 147 Lot number 147
A modern single bed frame.
Lot 148 Lot number 148
An oak drop-leaf table with four 'Liverpool' fan / shell back dining chairs, 75 cm x 105 cm x 54 cm extending to 155 cm
Lot 149 Lot number 149
A lot comprising of black leather footstool with built in valet hanger by Vallet, England and a boxed vintage hair dryer branded Lady Shick ...
Lot 150 Lot number 150
Goodmans - A 32 '' HD ready digital LCD television with remote, model number LD-3266D
Lot 151 Lot number 151
Two children's pine rocking chairs [2]
Lot 152 Lot number 152
A good quality wall mirror, decorative frame with gilded detailing, approximately 62.5 cm x 77.5 cm
Lot 153 Lot number 153
Dyson - an upright Dyson vaccuum cleaner model No. DC07 with a related user guide
Lot 154 Lot number 154
A good quality wardrobe with bevelled mirror front and single lower drawer, approximately 201 cm x 129 cm x 50 cm
Lot 155 Lot number 155
A His Master's Voice cabinet gramophone, approximately 113 cm x 62 cm x 56 cm CONDITION quite extensive scratching to the front, sides and t...
Lot 156 Lot number 156
A large oak chest, approximately 84 cm x 133 cm x 75 cm
Lot 157 Lot number 157
A cast iron garden patio set comprising a table and two armchairs, table approx height 67cm (h) x 60cm (diam)
Lot 158 Lot number 158
A six drawer pine tallboy, approx 124cm x 47cm x 71cm (matching lots 159 & 160)
Lot 159 Lot number 159
Two pine bedside tables (matching lots 158 & 160)
Lot 160 Lot number 160
A nine drawer pine dressing table with mirror, approx 150cm x 456cm x 128cm (matching lots 158 & 159)
Lot 161 Lot number 161
A highly carved tilt top table, approximately 77 cm (h) x 105 cm (d)
Lot 162 Lot number 162
Two upholstered chairs, one with inlaid decoration and the other with cane back (2)
Lot 163 Lot number 163
A nest of three glass topped tables with carved decoration, largest approximately 59 cm x 60 cm x 43 cm
Lot 164 Lot number 164
Four upholstered dining chairs with carved decoration (4)
Lot 165 Lot number 165
A good quality bevel edged wood framed wall mirror with carved decoration
Lot 166 Lot number 166
A two door six drawer sideboard, approx 88cm x 46cm x 151cm
Lot 167 Lot number 167
An Oriental carved linen box, approx 49cm x 44cm x 93cm
Lot 168 Lot number 168
A Technika 21.6'' LCD television with remote.
Lot 169 Lot number 169
A decorative round storage unit with floral decoration also included in the lot is a mahogany commode
Lot 170 Lot number 170
A 42inch Toshiba TV model no. CT90307 with SRS
Lot 171 Lot number 171
A large ceramic hand-painted table lamp set on a wooden plinth with a neutral coloured shade approximate height 86 cm and a gilded plant sta...
Lot 172 Lot number 172
A modern bedroom suite comprising wardrobe, a chest of five draws and a dressing table with three draws, approximate height of the wardrobe ...
Lot 172A Lot number 172A
Two modern bedside cabinets. [2]
Lot 173 Lot number 173
A chest of three drawers approximately 73 cm x 73 cm x 47 cm
Lot 174 Lot number 174
A drop leaf bookcase / bureau, approx 107cm x 59 cm x 27 cm
Lot 175 Lot number 175
A two over two drawer dressing table with mirror, approx 156cm x 50cm x 106cm
Lot 176 Lot number 176
An Egyptian style camel stool
Lot 177 Lot number 177
A six drawer chest with registration number 394641 (lacking mirror), approx 95cm x 56cm x 123cm
Lot 178 Lot number 178
A pair of folding display shelving units, approximately 95 cm x 69 cm x 29 cm (2)
Lot 179 Lot number 179
A good quality oak chest of draws two over three with brass handles set on castors, approximate height 125 cm x 115 cm x 50 cm.
Lot 180 Lot number 180
Bergere furniture - a set of four Bergere dining chairs with upholstered seats (please note these items are a match to Lot 181 suite).
Lot 181 Lot number 181
Bergere furniture - a two seater Bergere settee and a pair of matching Bergere carvers with upholstered seats (please note this item is a ma...
Lot 182 Lot number 182
Large glazed display cabinet over two draws, approximately 172 cm x 96 cm x 36 cm.
Lot 183 Lot number 183
Four wall mirrors in various designs and shapes to include a vintage bone circular mirror 41 cm (d) (4)
Lot 184 Lot number 184
A highly carved Asian chest with brass clasp, approximate height 60 cm x 104 cm x 50 cm.
Lot 185 Lot number 185
A wooden and metal travel trunk with two fold away chairs.
Lot 186 Lot number 186
A stair climbing sack truck / trolley
Lot 187 Lot number 187
Laura Ashley - two modern good quality Laura Ashley brush chrome table lamps #3437235 with bubble glass design, approximate height 36 cm.
Lot 188 Lot number 188
A brass and glass oil lamp with glass shade and funnel and a pillar standard lamp with neutral coloured shade.[2]
Lot 189 Lot number 189
Two highly carved oak arm chairs with leather removable cushions.[2]
Lot 190 Lot number 190
Good quality wicker standard lamp approximately 156 cm [h], including shade.
Lot 191 Lot number 191
Unused Retail Stock Fordham by Astrocast kitchen sink and a plumbsure gold effect bath filler, contained in original box.
Lot 192 Lot number 192
A lot to include a lamp approximately 140 cm [h], a vintage Toyota knitting machine and a Sharp XG-NV7XE Note Vision 7 projector [3].
Lot 193 Lot number 193
A lot to include decoratively mirror, a framed and glazed picture and two plaster corbels [3]
Lot 194 Lot number 194
Three various sized table lamps set on hard stone columns and a glass centrepiece [4].
Lot 195 Lot number 195
A wooden storage chest approximately 52 cm x 80 cm x 37 cm.
Lot 196 Lot number 196
A tall pine display cabinet two shelves over one cupboard, approximately 186 cm x 61 cm x 37 cm.
Lot 198 Lot number 198
Logak - a 27 inch Logak HD Ready LCD television, model number LS26DIGB21 with remote control, SCART lead and aerial cable.
Lot 199 Lot number 199
A wall mirror with two draws storage, highly carved, approximate height 66 cm x 46 cm
Lot 200 Lot number 200
A large ceramic jardiniere with matching stand, a copper bed warmer and a Spanish ceramic table lamp with foliate decoration [4]
Lot 201 Lot number 201
An intricately carved nest of four glass topped tables, largest approximately 67 cm x 51 cm x 35 cm.
Lot 202 Lot number 202
Contemporary dining table and six chairs, approximately 74 cm x 90 cm x 220 cm
Lot 203 Lot number 203
An oval occasional table with hand painted banding
Lot 204 Lot number 204
An oak rocking chair with upholstered seat
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