Bidding Form

531 - 555 Silver

Lot 531 Lot number 531
A collection of silver plated items to include candelabra, dwarf candlesticks, goblets, napkin rings and similar.
Lot 532 Lot number 532
A quantity of plated ware, cased / boxed flatware and similar.
Lot 533 Lot number 533
A quantity of plated ware, pewter and similar.
Lot 534 Lot number 534
A quantity of plated and stainless flatware, other plated ware, a City of Dortmund white metal dish and similar.
Lot 535 Lot number 535
A quantity of silver hallmarked items to include a S Morden & Co propelling pencil, open salt in the form of a shell, Apostle spoon and ...
Lot 536 Lot number 536
A pair of George V glass and silver mounted open salts, London assay 1921, white metal mounted condiment pots and a green glass double ended...
Lot 537 Lot number 537
Three silver mounted scent bottles, assay marks unclear, the largest approximately 11 cm (h)
Lot 538 Lot number 538
A silver hallmarked trumpet vase, Birmingham assay, date mark unclear, small hallmarked spoon and one similar (unmarked) and two vintage cig...
Lot 539 Lot number 539
A silver hallmarked vesta case Birmingham assay 1924 with a scrolled design, also included in the lot are two pairs of earring and similar.
Lot 540 Lot number 540
A modern silver hallmarked 'Armada Dish', Sheffield assay (55 grams), along with a reproduction Victoria Cross.
Lot 541 Lot number 541
Two lady's silver necklaces
Lot 542 Lot number 542
Two lady's silver necklaces
Lot 543 Lot number 543
A small silver pin cushion in nthe form of a lady's shoe
Lot 544 Lot number 544
Six Edward VII silver hallmarked spoons, Birmingham assay 1905, makers mark for Elkington & Co Ltd, approximately 434 grams.
Lot 545 Lot number 545
An Edward VII silver and mother of pearl handled campaign knife and fork set, Sheffield assay 1901.
Lot 546 Lot number 546
A collection of silver hallmarked items to include an Edward VII prayer book with silver front cover (detached), Birmingham assay 1904 with ...
Lot 547 Lot number 547
A lot to include a silver hallmarked vesta case, napkin ring and enamelled spoon stamped .925, also included in the lot is a white metal ves...
Lot 548 Lot number 548
A lot to include three silver hallmarked items comprising dressing table brush, Chester assay 1924, hand mirror, Birmingham assay, date uncl...
Lot 549 Lot number 549
A quantity of plated ware, pewter, white metal and similar.
Lot 550 Lot number 550
A lot to include a George V silver hallmarked caddy spoon, Birmingham assay 1920, filigree bracelet stamped .800, silver crucifix and chain ...
Lot 551 Lot number 551
Two lady's silver necklaces
Lot 552 Lot number 552
A silver crucifix and chain and a promotional BMW pin badge
Lot 553 Lot number 553
A wooden box containing a selection of brooches
Lot 554 Lot number 554
A silver necklace chain 56 cm with fob depicting a nude figure
Lot 555 Lot number 555
A silver bracelet
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