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346 - 410 Clocks & Watches

Lot 346 Lot number 346
An Art Deco mantel clock by Eustance & Co Warrington, Arabic numerals to the dial, with pendulum.
Lot 347 Lot number 347
A carved oak mantel clock by Lenzkirch, the hour and half gong striking movement having the Lenzkirch stamp, square brass dial with applied ...
Lot 348 Lot number 348
A fitness tracker watch with DP Test, Heart rate, Step Management, Message Reminder, Sleep Monitor, Music Control, Call Alert and WeChat wit...
Lot 349 Lot number 349
A mahogany cased wall clock, Arabic numerals to the dial, with pendulum.
Lot 350 Lot number 350
A West German mantel clock set in a ceramic display depicting two pigeons by Jema Holland.
Lot 351 Lot number 351
A novelty clock in the form of an alloy wheel, 27 cm (d)
Lot 352 Lot number 352
A Granddaughter clock, Arabic numerals to the dial, approximately 139 cm (h)
Lot 353 Lot number 353
An Acctim wall clock with pendulum, key and weights.
Lot 354 Lot number 354
A Gucci wristwatch in presentation case. This lot must be paid for and removed no later than close of business on Tuesday
Lot 355 Lot number 355
A mid-19th century mahogany longcase clock, 14 inch circular dial with Roman numerals, signed for maker JJ Speard of Dukinfield, the two-tra...
Lot 356 Lot number 356
A decorative Quartz wall clock approximately 55 cm (d) This lot must be paid for and collected (or despatched) no later than close of busine...
Lot 357 Lot number 357
A quartz wall clock, the dial scribed 'Spectrum' mounted on an oak frame, 28 cm (diameter) This lot must be paid for and collected (or despa...
Lot 358 Lot number 358
Three quartz clocks comprising two wall clocks and a mantel clock. [3]
Lot 359 Lot number 359
A good early 18th century 8-day longcase clock, 12 x 16 inch arched brass dial, wheatear engraving to outer perimeter, applied, silvered cha...
Lot 360 Lot number 360
A mahogany cased mantel clock, Arabic numerals to the dial, with key and pendulum.
Lot 361 Lot number 361
A bakelite cased Enfield mantel clock with key and pendulum and an Art Deco Smiths barometer. [2]
Lot 362 Lot number 362
An early 20th century French brass cased carriage clock with key, a Metamec quartz clock and a Swiza travel alarm clock. [3]
Lot 363 Lot number 363
A Buren gentleman's 17 jewel wristwatch, Arabic numerals to the dial, contained in original box.
Lot 364 Lot number 364
A retro style wall clock with quartz movement, red case, unused, approx 29 cm (diameter)
Lot 365 Lot number 365
A Vienna styled wall clock, the stained beech case having glazed, opening door flanked by turned decorative columns, surmounted by a stepped...
Lot 366 Lot number 366
A Barometer / Thermometer on oak base with white metal plaque scribed 'presented to George Dickson from his workmates at the Daily Mail, 195...
Lot 367 Lot number 367
Fourteen wrist watches various designs to include Rotary, model number 10871, Accurist, Seiko, Napier, Kered and similar.
Lot 368 Lot number 368
A Lady's 9 carat gold Rotary Swiss made 21 jewel wrist watch with 9 carat gold strap, stamped 375, also included in the lot is a 9 carat ros...
Lot 369 Lot number 369
A Victorian carved aneroid barometer, approx 35 cm (high)
Lot 370 Lot number 370
A banjo barometer (a/f), approx 80 cm (high)
Lot 371 Lot number 371
A Splendex mantel clock and one other. [2]
Lot 372 Lot number 372
A contemporary mahogany cased, wall clock with mechanical movement, with pendulum and weights, approx 55 cm (high)
Lot 373 Lot number 373
An Elliott mantel clock in a walnut veneer case with brass carrying handle, bronze finish square dial with applied, slim chapter ring, cheru...
Lot 374 Lot number 374
A small desk or mantel clock in a polished mahogany case with Rococo-style brass mounts, decorative gilded dial with applied cartouches, Rom...
Lot 375 Lot number 375
A German Black Forest wooden cased mantel clock with turned finials and applied brass decoration, celluloid dial with Arabic numerals behind...
Lot 376 Lot number 376
A late 19th century French black marble and gilded spelter mantel clock raised on four lions paw supports, the marble having incised geometr...
Lot 377 Lot number 377
A mantel clock in the form of a grandfather clock with chalet-roof top, applied dyed decoration, celluloid dial flank by turned semi-columns...
Lot 378 Lot number 378
A large mantel or boardroom clock in an impressive mahogany case styled with influences of classical architecture, flanked by reeded Corinth...
Lot 379 Lot number 379
A large mantel clock in a stained beech or mahogany case, arched top surmounted by turned finials, arched brass dial with applied silvered c...
Lot 380 Lot number 380
A French brass and glass carriage clock, Arabic numerals to the dial, with key.
Lot 381 Lot number 381
A small brass Smiths lantern style mantel clock with key.
Lot 382 Lot number 382
A Paico clock under glass dome with pendulum.
Lot 383 Lot number 383
A French wall clock, Arabic numerals, with key and pendulum.
Lot 384 Lot number 384
A quantity of clock keys, pendulums and similar.
Lot 385 Lot number 385
Railwayana - a white metal Railway Time Keeper's pocket watch, white dial marked Railway Timekeeper's Shock Proof Especially Examined, made ...
Lot 386 Lot number 386
A Lady's silver hallmarked pocket watch with ceramic dial, Roman numerals with a floral decoration and gilded highlights #28699 with a watch...
Lot 387 Lot number 387
A Lady's silver pocket watch with ceramic dial with Roman numerals gilded highlights, stamped 925, maker's mark A.G.R #434721 5
Lot 388 Lot number 388
A gentleman's 9 carat gold hallmarked pocket watch by J.W.Benson of London with ceramic subsidiary dial with Arabic numeral, Swiss made, sta...
Lot 389 Lot number 389
A white metal pocket watch with a Roman numerals, subsidiary dial, with a snake skin pattern verso to the white metal, with a protective clo...
Lot 390 Lot number 390
Casio - A gents Casio Edifice wristwatch with black leather strap, contained in original box with paperwork.
Lot 391 Lot number 391
A Waltham gold plated, full hunter pocket watch, movement numbered 24226305
Lot 392 Lot number 392
A gents Omega Constellation Quartz wristwatch, octagonal case with day and date aperture and expanding strap.
Lot 393 Lot number 393
Two vintage gold plated Rotary Avenger 17 jewel wristwatches with leather straps.
Lot 394 Lot number 394
Two gents wristwatches comprising a Tissot PR50 and a Seiko Actus.
Lot 395 Lot number 395
A lot to include a Cortebert 21 jewel wristwatch, a Roamer Super - Shock Antimagnetic 17 jewel wristwatch and a Lorus Chronograph.
Lot 396 Lot number 396
A leather case suitable for holding six watches
Lot 397 Lot number 397
Two gentleman's wristwatches
Lot 398 Lot number 398
Two gentleman's wristwatches,
Lot 399 Lot number 399
Two gentleman's wristwatches,
Lot 400 Lot number 400
Two gentleman's wristwatches,
Lot 401 Lot number 401
A gentleman's white metal pocket watch and chain
Lot 402 Lot number 402
Omega - A lady's 9ct cased Omega wristwatch in original case.
Lot 403 Lot number 403
A gentleman's retro wristwatch, Accurist
Lot 404 Lot number 404
A gentleman's wristwatch, Sekonda
Lot 405 Lot number 405
A gentleman's wristwatch, Gino Milano
Lot 406 Lot number 406
A gentleman's vintage wristwatch, Newmark, six jewelled movement
Lot 407 Lot number 407
Five pocket watch chain fobs
Lot 408 Lot number 408
A promotional wall clock, 33 cm (diameter), unused and in working order
Lot 409 Lot number 409
Gucci - a lady's designer Gucci Swiss made wristwatch with leather strap black Gucci face with yellow metal hands, verso marked with makers ...
Lot 410 Lot number 410
Five mantel clocks, a miniature wall clock and three alarm clocks to include St Michaels, Smiths and similar
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