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411 - 460 Ceramics & Glass

Lot 411 Lot number 411
Four art glass vases, approximate height of largest vase 19 cm (h)
Lot 412 Lot number 412
Two shelves containing a quantity of predominantly drinking glasses in sets, a centrepiece, an ice bucket and other (over two shelves)
Lot 413 Lot number 413
Moorcroft - A limited edition Moorcroft Pottery footed bowl, decorated with magnolia on a blue ground, numbered 144 of 200 and dated 1982 wi...
Lot 414 Lot number 414
Moorcroft - two Moorcroft Pottery framed plaques decorated in the Pure Innocence pattern on a blue ground, designed by Rachel Bishop, approx...
Lot 415 Lot number 415
Moorcroft - A Moorcroft Pottery vase of ovoid form with flared rim, decorated with hibiscus on a blue ground, c...
Lot 416 Lot number 416
Moorcroft - Two Moorcroft Pottery Au Lait coffee trios, designed by Emma Bossons, contained in original boxes...
Lot 417 Lot number 417
Wemyss Ware - two Wemyss preserve pots with covers 'Strawberry', signed 'Wemyss' to the base, approximately 12 cm (h) with cover and a Wemys...
Lot 418 Lot number 418
Wemyss Ware - A Wemyss teapot, sucrier and creamer, decorated in the Cabbage Rose pattern, impressed and signed 'Wemyss' to the base and a p...
Lot 419 Lot number 419
Royal Doulton - a figurine entitled Sweet Dreams, HN2380, 13 cm (high) (condition good throughout with no damage or restoration) - also incl...
Lot 420 Lot number 420
An Art Deco pink glass perfume bottle with fan top and dipper within, approx 10 cm (h) and a Carnival Glass bowl, approx 6.5cm x 22 cm (diam...
Lot 421 Lot number 421
A matched pair of ornamental glass goblets impressed with gold leaf, ( possibly Czechoslovakian Morll) one marked to the base 17, approximat...
Lot 422 Lot number 422
Four ceramic tiles, two by Minton - Hollins & Co.
Lot 423 Lot number 423
A 1940's bedroom dressing table set, a matched pair of French ashtrays, further glassware and similar.
Lot 424 Lot number 424
Morlee - a 1920's Czechoslovakian Morlee glass perfume bottle with glass stopper displaying lady with pierced decoration, approximate height...
Lot 425 Lot number 425
A Staffordshire flatback ceramic marked Yardley
Lot 426 Lot number 426
Anita Harris - a hand painted ceramic depiction of a VW campervan, approx 19.5 cm (high) signed by Anita Harris to the base
Lot 427 Lot number 427
Anita Harris - a hand painted ceramic depiction of a VW Beetle car, approx 13 cm (high) signed by Anita Harris to the base
Lot 429 Lot number 429
A Royal Crown Derby paperweight in the style of a quail, approx 11 cm (length)
Lot 430 Lot number 430
A Wedgwood - Clarice Cliff yo-yo vase, approx 23 cm (high)
Lot 431 Lot number 431
Moorcroft Pottery - a tall cylindrical vase decorated with depictions of flamingos, approx 31 cm (high)
Lot 432 Lot number 432
A Royal Crown Derby paperweight in the style of a pheasant, approx 18 cm (length)
Lot 433 Lot number 433
Moorcroft Pottery - a tall vase decorated with depictions of frogs and dragonfly, signed to the base by Kerry Goodwion, approx 24 cm (high)
Lot 434 Lot number 434
A Royal Crown Derby paperweight in the style of a mouse, approx 6.7 cm (h)
Lot 436 Lot number 436
Moorcroft Pottery - a large squat vase decorated with depictions of pink magnolia on an ivorine ground, approx 10 cm (high)
Lot 437 Lot number 437
A Royal Doulton figurine depicting a rough haired terrier (dog), approx 19.5 cm (h)
Lot 438 Lot number 438
Lorna Bailey - a figurine depicting a cat entitled 'Ali Cat'
Lot 439 Lot number 439
Lorna Bailey - a vase decorated in the Lakeside pattern, signed, approx 21 cm (h)
Lot 440 Lot number 440
Royal Doulton - a figurine depicting a Chelsea Pensioner, HN689, approx 15 cm (h)
Lot 441 Lot number 441
Lorna Bailey - a figurine depicting a cat with butterfly to the head, signed, approx 12 cm (h)
Lot 442 Lot number 442
A shelf containing a quantity of miscellaneous glass and crystal to include a crystal animal, miniature blown glass animals, an Illumination...
Lot 443 Lot number 443
Moorcroft Pottery - a small vase decorated with depictions of Westie dogs, approx 8 cm (high)
Lot 444 Lot number 444
Lorna Bailey - a collectable teapot in the style of a submarine, signed, approx 15 cm (h)
Lot 445 Lot number 445
Anita Harris - a hand painted figure depicting a Puffin, approx 11 cm (high) signed by Anita Harris to the base
Lot 446 Lot number 446
Nao - Six Nao figurines, predominantly depicting children, the largest approximately 23.5 cm (h). [6]
Lot 447 Lot number 447
Lilliput Lane Britain's Heritage - four Lilliput Lane ornaments from the Britain's Heritage Collection to include Tower Bridge L2213, Big Be...
Lot 450 Lot number 450
A quantity of Oriental ceramics to include vases ginger jars and similar. [5]
Lot 451 Lot number 451
A collection of character jugs, Toby jugs and similar to include Beswick, Sylvac and others.
Lot 452 Lot number 452
A quantity of glassware comprising decanters, Edinburgh Crystal, Bohemia Crystal wine goblets, cut to clear glasses and similar.
Lot 453 Lot number 453
A lot to include a Wedgwood majolica plate. Jasperware biscuit barrel, Minton 'Delft' soup plates, Caithness glass bowl and similar.
Lot 454 Lot number 454
A Goebel lady figurine, two Carlton Ware 'Rouge Royale' candle holders (one A/F), a Wedgwood biscuit barrel and similar.
Lot 455 Lot number 455
A good mixed lot to include Murano, Wedgwood Jasperware black, Poole Pottery, Asian teapot with impress marks to the base, stoneware and sim...
Lot 456 Lot number 456
Royal Doulton - five Royal Doulton ceramic lady figurines to include Deborah HN3644, Lucy HN3653, July Ruby 20647, March Aquamarine 20643 an...
Lot 457 Lot number 457
Royal Doulton - five Royal Doulton ceramic lady figurines to include Heather HN2956, Amanda HN2996, Helen HN3601, Sentiments, Thankyou HN339...
Lot 458 Lot number 458
Royal Doulton - six Royal Doulton ceramic lady figurines to include Jennifer HN3447, Gillian HN3742, Winter HN5314, Spring HN5321, September...
Lot 459 Lot number 459
Royal Doulton - Royal Worcester - five ceramic lady figurines to include Royal Doulton Sweet Sixteen HN3648, June Pearl HN4975, Olivia HN333...
Lot 460 Lot number 460
A quantity of glassware, comprising decanters, wine glasses, branded glasses and similar.
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