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451 - 500 Collectables

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 455 Lot number 455
A chrome depiction of a Jaguar mounted on a wooden plinth
Lot 460 Lot number 460
A cast metal sign in the style of a Guinness Toucan
Lot 486 Lot number 486
A mixed collection of walking sticks and umbrellas containing 2 silver topped walking sticks.
Lot 487 Lot number 487
A James Robertson & Sons 1940 Brooch Collection, 1985 release special edition comprising six sporting related Golden Shred badges contai...
Lot 488 Lot number 488
Photographic Equipment - A Praktica MTL3 with attached Domiplan 2.8/50 lens with additional lens Carl Zeiss Jena DDR MC S 1:3.5 f=135, furth...
Lot 489 Lot number 489
A collection of pens to include Sheaffer, Parker 45, Papermate and similar.
Lot 490 Lot number 490
Photographic Equipment - A quantity of cameras and similar to include Canon, Olympus, Kodak, Fujica and similar.
Lot 491 Lot number 491
Photographic Equipment - A hard case containing photographic equipment including lenses by Prakticar, Hoya, Photax Super Paragon, a boxed Ya...
Lot 492 Lot number 492
Photographic Equipment - A Yashica FX2 camera, other photographic equipment, lens cases, an Aico four elements optics rotating video convert...
Lot 493 Lot number 493
Photographic equipment - a mixed lot to include a vintage Vitomatic 1 with protective case, Jsolette camera, a Polaroid One Step Flash (boxe...
Lot 494 Lot number 494
A cast sign marked Asylum
Lot 495 Lot number 495
Photography - A collection of cameras to include a Kershaw eight-20 Penguin, Pentax K1000, a Bell & Howell 624EE Autoset and other.
Lot 496 Lot number 496
Photography - A quantity of photographic equipment to include a Cosina CT4 camera, Agfa Isolette, Minolta 505si Super, Kestrel and Makinon l...
Lot 497 Lot number 497
A small collection of match strikers and Bryant & May matchbox covers.
Lot 498 Lot number 498
A vintage cast iron mechanical money bank in the style of a black man, approximately 16 cm (h) and eight commemorative crowns...
Lot 499 Lot number 499
A mixed lot to include ceramics comprising Wedgwood Atlas card box (boxed), Mason's Ironstone, Spode Kells Plate, Oriental embroidery and si...
Lot 500 Lot number 500
A cased set of Avery Ltd weights, a boxed Dalvey pocket compass and a set of opera glasses.
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