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101 - 145 Bronze & other Metalware

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 101 Lot number 101
A collection of Chinese wooden and pewter stands along with a large metal bowl with chased decoration, approximately 16 cm (h) and 27 cm (d)
Lot 102 Lot number 102
A carved and lacquered monastery bell (mokugyo) and beater, the handle formed by two confronting dragon heads, their manes trailing over the...
Lot 103 Lot number 103
A cased pair of Boading balls decorated with ying yang symbols on a green ground.
Lot 104 Lot number 104
A limited edition Beijing Opera stamp set, numbered 504 of 1000, containing 8 silvered stamps with certificate of authenticity.
Lot 105 Lot number 105
A small gilt bronze Buddha mask, approximately 4.5 cm.
Lot 106 Lot number 106
Three small Indian figurines depicting Ganesha, two bronzed base metal examples with seated figures and one standing bronze example, largest...
Lot 107 Lot number 107
Buddha - A probable 19th century Chinese or Indian copper bronze model depicting a Buddhist deity, approximately 9 cm (h)
Lot 108 Lot number 108
Buddha - A Chinese Tibetan 19th century gilt bronze Buddhist figure depicting Tara, in seated pose, approximately 7.5 cm (h)
Lot 109 Lot number 109
Buddha - A Chinese Tibetan bronze Buddhist figure depicting Avalokiteshvara, approximately 8.5 cm (h)
Lot 110 Lot number 110
Buddha - A Chinese Tibetan 19th century, small bronze Buddhist figure in seated pose, approximately 6 cm (h)
Lot 111 Lot number 111
A Chinese gilt bronze censer raised on four supports with twin phoenix handles, approximately 12 cm (h)
Lot 112 Lot number 112
Buddha - A small gilt bronze Buddhist figurine, Bodhisattva Maitreya, Thailand Rattanakosin period, approximately 9.5 cm (h)
Lot 113 Lot number 113
A Chinese Tibetan bronze ceremonial bell, with a gilt vajra shaped handle, cast with the image of bodhisattva's head, relief decoration to t...
Lot 114 Lot number 114
A 19th century bronze model depicting Saraswati playing a Veena, approximately 20.5 cm (h)
Lot 115 Lot number 115
Buddha - A 19th century, Chinese Tibetan, gilt bronze depicting Usnisavijaya in seated pose, approximately 17 cm (h)
Lot 116 Lot number 116
A Chinese Tibetan 18th century, five Buddha, bronze altar ornament, approximately 21 cm (h)
Lot 117 Lot number 117
A 19th century Chinese Tibetan bronze seated Shakyamuni depicting Buddha at the moment of enlightenment, seated in bhurmisparsa mudra, dress...
Lot 118 Lot number 118
Buddha - An 18th / 19th century Chinese Tibetan gilt bronze Buddhist figure depicting Jambhala (preserver of wealth), seated on a snow lion ...
Lot 119 Lot number 119
A 19th century Chinese Tibetan silver Avalokiteshvara altar ornament with engraved flower mark to the base, approximately 12 cm (h)
Lot 120 Lot number 120
A Thai bronze Buddha head, likely pre-18th century, on wooden stand, approximately 18 cm (h)
Lot 121 Lot number 121
Buddha - A 19th century bronze figure depicting Nataraja Shiva in Urdhva Tandava yoga pose, approximately 23 cm (h)
Lot 122 Lot number 122
Buddha - An 18th century Chinese / Tibetan Usnisavijaya Buddhist eight arm god of war, still retains slight traces of coloured pigment...
Lot 123 Lot number 123
A rare Chinese Tibetan Ming dynasty gilt bronze Buddha Vairocana or Guanyin, approximately 17 cm (h)
Lot 124 Lot number 124
A 19th century gilt bronze figure depicting Manjushri / Shiva seated on a lion, approximately 21 cm (h)
Lot 125 Lot number 125
Buddha - A large Chinese Tibetan Buddhist, three piece bronze shrine depicting Tara in seated pose upon a raised dias, probably 19th century...
Lot 126 Lot number 126
Buddha - A 19th century Chinese Tibetan gilt bronze depicting Guanyin, dressed in flowing robes and holding a scroll seated on a rock, appro...
Lot 127 Lot number 127
A 19th century gilt bronze, Chinese or Japanese square form censer, raised on four supports, with nine character mark to the base, approxima...
Lot 128 Lot number 128
A good quality 19th century gilt bronze depicting Parvati in standing pose holding flower, approximately 21.5 cm (h)
Lot 129 Lot number 129
A large Chinese gilt bronze laughing Buddha with five children holding Ruyi sceptre, approximately 33 cm (h)
Lot 130 Lot number 130
A Chinese / Japanese patinated, twin handled green bronze vase with relief decoration, character marks to the base, approximately 22 cm (h)
Lot 131 Lot number 131
A rare 19th century, Chinese bronze, catfish table bell, approximately 32.5 cm (h)
Lot 132 Lot number 132
A rare, Chinese Tibetan large gilt bronze depicting Ananda, standing on a lotus base, holding in his hand a flaming pearl, sealed base and c...
Lot 133 Lot number 133
A Chinese 19th century bronze, archaistic style baluster vase, decorated with an applied chilong from dragon to the shoulder and cloud scrol...
Lot 134 Lot number 134
A Meiji period cast iron tetsubin, the body raised on three supports, with cover and handle with floral hinges...
Lot 135 Lot number 135
A Japanese bronze vase with elongated trumpet neck, the globular body decorated with birds and flowering trees, character marks to the base,...
Lot 136 Lot number 136
A pair of twin handled bronze vases, probably Japanese, with bird and turtle decoration, white metal inlay, approximately 12 cm (h)
Lot 137 Lot number 137
A small bronze teapot decorated with birds and stylised flowers, with cover, approximately 7.5 cm (h)
Lot 138 Lot number 138
A diminutive bronze centerpiece / vase and cover with twin insect handles, the cover with squirrel finial and the base having stylised flora...
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