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145 - 199 Jade & Stoneware

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 146 Lot number 146
A 19th century Chinese cloisonné enamel snuff bottle of waisted form, decorated to one side with bamboo, peony and butterfly and hibiscus an...
Lot 147 Lot number 147
A 19th century Chinese cloisonné enamel 'bogu' snuff bottle, incised Qianlong four character mark to the base, each side brightly enamelled ...
Lot 148 Lot number 148
A Chinese 19th century cinnabar lacquer snuff bottle of heart shaped form, carved to one side with Immortals riding on a donkey and ox, the ...
Lot 149 Lot number 149
A Chinese cinnabar lacquer trinket box, probably 19th century, with turquoise enamel interior and base, decorated with three scholars in a g...
Lot 150 Lot number 150
A set of five Chinese, red coral, carved Buddhas, largest approximately 12 cm (h)
Lot 151 Lot number 151
A Chinese soapstone carving of a mountainous landscape scene, approximately 16 cm (h)
Lot 152 Lot number 152
A Chinese soapstone carving of a landscape scene with a seated gentleman to the centre, approximately 23 cm (h)
Lot 153 Lot number 153
A large Chinese white and yellow jade / stone carving of a Lingzhi Ruyi Sceptre, approximately 36.5 cm (l)
Lot 154 Lot number 154
An unusual Chinese soapstone carving depicting a man holding a fan, leaning against a rock, approximately 8 cm (h)
Lot 155 Lot number 155
A 19th century Chinese soapstone carved tablet decorated with two gentlemen in a landscape scene, inscribed verso 'Li Bai, A message to Meng...
Lot 156 Lot number 156
A Chinese soapstone carving depicting a lady standing, holding a fan with floral decoration, approximately 26 cm (h)
Lot 157 Lot number 157
A Chinese green stone carving depicting a fisherman carrying a carp, approximately 24 cm (h)
Lot 158 Lot number 158
A pair of Chinese, black soapstone carvings depicting Imperial Guardian or Buddhist Lions. Approximately 8.5 cm (h). [2]
Lot 159 Lot number 159
A small Chinese soapstone carving depicting a recumbent pig atop a plinth, incised decoration to each side and character marks to the front,...
Lot 160 Lot number 160
A pair of small, Chinese, soapstone seals each with differing mark, approximately 6.5 cm (h)
Lot 161 Lot number 161
A pair of Chinese grey soapstone carvings depicting Imperial Temple Lions, character marks to the base of one and the front of the other ins...
Lot 162 Lot number 162
A Chinese soapstone seal with depiction of Shou Lau, holding staff and peach with an attendant. Approximately 10 cm (h)
Lot 163 Lot number 163
A rare Chinese soapstone seal from Sun Yat-Sen, 1925 reading 'Revolution is not successful yet, comrades still have to work hard', inscribed...
Lot 164 Lot number 164
A 19th Chinese soapstone carving depicting Guanyin dressed in flowing robes and holding a scroll, in a seated position next to a lion, appro...
Lot 165 Lot number 165
A Chinese soapstone carving depicting Guanyin in standing pose atop a lotus dais, wearing flowing robes and holding a scroll, with wooden ba...
Lot 166 Lot number 166
A Chinese, lapis lazuli figural group depicting a boy seated atop a buffalo, the buffalo in a reclining position, in mottled blue and grey w...
Lot 167 Lot number 167
A set of twelve carved celadon jade (dragon is white jade) Chinese zodiac figures, boxed.
Lot 168 Lot number 168
A 19th century, Chinese rose quartz incense burner and cover on wooden stand, the pierced domed cover with reclining lion dog finial, the bo...
Lot 169 Lot number 169
A small Chinese Tibetan russet jade carving depicting a seated Buddha with twin carved phoenix verso, approximately 5 cm (d)
Lot 170 Lot number 170
A 19th century black lacquered box containing 38 jade stones.
Lot 171 Lot number 171
A Chinese necklace comprising three carved celadon jade stones depicting a Buddha with four character marks to the front, and two attendants...
Lot 172 Lot number 172
A Chinese russet jade carving of an elephant with five pointed star symbol to the head, approximately 12 cm (l)
Lot 173 Lot number 173
A small Chinese jade carving depicting a pig, approximately 3.5 cm (l)
Lot 174 Lot number 174
A 19th century Chinese mottled green, jade carving depicting a Pixiu, approximately 14 cm (l)
Lot 175 Lot number 175
A small Chinese jade pendant or ornament of circular form depicting three boys. Approximately 5.5 cm (d)
Lot 176 Lot number 176
A small Chinese rectangular jade plaque depicting a central figure surrounded by mythical creatures, approximately 7 cm x 4 cm.
Lot 177 Lot number 177
A large, good quality, Chinese mottled grey jade carving of a buffalo, approximately 15.5 cm (h)
Lot 178 Lot number 178
A Chinese green jade carving of a recumbent horse, approximately 16 cm (l)
Lot 179 Lot number 179
An unusual Chinese jade carving whistle pendant in the form of a carp, approximately 6 cm (l).
Lot 180 Lot number 180
A Chinese mottled grey-green jade carving depicting a recumbent dog, approximately 5.5 cm (l)
Lot 181 Lot number 181
A Chinese grey-green jade carving of a recumbent goat, with russet inclusions, approximately 5 cm (l)
Lot 182 Lot number 182
A Chinese, celadon jade carving of a bird, possibly swan or goose, approximately 8 cm (l)
Lot 183 Lot number 183
A Chinese fine celadon jade carving, possibly Shan Cai Tong Zi, the boy of wealth, with incised star mark to the base, approximately 6.5 cm ...
Lot 184 Lot number 184
A Chinese white jade or hardstone carving depicting two monkeys and a peach, leaf design to base, approximately 7 cm (l)
Lot 185 Lot number 185
A very rare 18th century Chinese jade or hardstone carving of Guanyin holding a Ruyi sceptre or lotus bud, traces of fine carved detailing t...
Lot 186 Lot number 186
A very rare Chinese 18th / 19th century heavy alabaster carving depicting Guanyin seated atop a snow lion or mythical beast, approximately 5...
Lot 187 Lot number 187
Eight carats of Emerald 'jobbing' gem stones of South Columbian origin
Lot 188 Lot number 188
Four celadon hardstone carvings, a small pair in the form of pigs and a further pair depicting Immortals or sages 9.5 cm (h). [4]
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