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501 - 550

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 501 Lot number 501
Football Programmes. FA Cup Finals 1959, 1960, 1962 x 2, 1963 x 2, 1965, 1966, 1968 and 1969 (10) Fair-Good
Lot 502 Lot number 502
Baseball Programmes. Two copies of the US Army v Canadian Forces 1943 at Wembley stadium Wales's v England 1958 in Cardiff (3) Fair to Good
Lot 503 Lot number 503
Everton and Army Football Items. A small collection of items that belonged to Jimmy Tansey...
Lot 504 Lot number 504
World Cup Football Item. A press issue handbag / satchel for the 1986 World Cup held in Mexico with shoulder strap, official competition spo...
Lot 505 Lot number 505
Manchester United - A collection of Manchester United related books, match programmes and similar.
Lot 506 Lot number 506
Rugby League - a large Silver twin handled Trophy with repousse decoration, engraved 'Warrington Rugby Football Club, N U, Works League Chal...
Lot 507 Lot number 507
A collection of Cricket scorecards, programmes and brochures to include 6 Test match and 17 Lancs programmes, 4 Test match and 43 Lancs scor...
Lot 508 Lot number 508
Liverpool F.C - Six Danbury Mint collector plates relating to Liverpool Football Club and a Hearts football shirt, size XL, in factory seale...
Lot 509 Lot number 509
A Slazenger V1200 Autograph cricket bat bearing signatures of the Indian and England Teams including Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and o...
Lot 510 Lot number 510
A commemorative pennant for the 1966 World Cup by Fey - Print International.
Lot 511 Lot number 511
A collection of sporting interest books and magazines covering cricket, Olympics, boxing and other.
Lot 512 Lot number 512
Dagenham Football Programmes. Typed sheets, single sheets, Reserves, special matches mainly early 1970s (19) Good
Lot 513 Lot number 513
A collection of sporting related books, predominantly football themed to include Stanley Matthews' Football Album, The Double and Before: Da...
Lot 514 Lot number 514
Boxing - A framed autograph montage of Brian London comprising black and white photograph signed by Brian London and programme cover from hi...
Lot 515 Lot number 515
A collection of sporting interest books predominantly relating to Rugby League.
Lot 516 Lot number 516
A collection of sporting interest books, predominantly cricket related to include Wisden Anthology 1963 - 1982, Cricket: Philip Brown & ...
Lot 517 Lot number 517
Football Tickets. Good selection of mainly Chester City home and away tickets 80s / 90s (50) Good
Lot 518 Lot number 518
A collection of sporting interest books predominantly relating to cricket.
Lot 519 Lot number 519
A collection of sporting interest books predominantly relating to Rugby League.
Lot 520 Lot number 520
Signed Motorcycling Book. Foggy The Championship Years, a celebration of every race won. Signed by Carl Fogarty (1) Very Good
Lot 521 Lot number 521
A collection of Rugby League Yearbooks from the 1970's to 2000's.
Lot 522 Lot number 522
A collection of books of cricket interest to include Lancashire Cricket Yearbooks, Memoirs of Fred Truman and similar.
Lot 523 Lot number 523
A collection of Rothmans Rugby League Yearbooks covering 1988-89 to 1997 inclusive.
Lot 524 Lot number 524
A collection of 24 various Football Annuals, 1950's and later.
Lot 525 Lot number 525
Two vintage, white metal, amateur rugby league trophies, The Noel Tatlock Trophy and the N.W.C.A.R.L Division One League Champions Trophy.
Lot 526 Lot number 526
A Harry Quinn vintage racing bicycle, 53 cm frame, quick release wheels, 0821
Lot 527 Lot number 527
A Harry Quinn vintage racing bicycle, large 58 cm frame, quick release wheels and saddle, Shimano gears, M7 E29793
Lot 528 Lot number 528
A collection of Manchester United match day programmes, predominantly from the 1990's and a quantity of newspaper articles. [2]
Lot 530 Lot number 530
Manchester United Football Programmes. Good selection from the 1960s of mainly home and away European competition matches (9) Good
Lot 531 Lot number 531
Football Programmes. 1940s football programmes to include Nottingham Forest v Barnsley 47/8, Plymouth v Cardiff 48/9, Sheffield United v Hud...
Lot 532 Lot number 532
England Football Programmes. Good selection of home Internationals 1954-1960s. Also includes 1966 and 1970 World Cup brochures (32) Fair-Goo...
Lot 533 Lot number 533
Welsh Cup Football Programmes. Good selection of mainly 1960s Welsh Cup matches, a variety of teams to include Wrexham, Chester, Lovells Ath...
Lot 536 Lot number 536
Rugby League - Lancashire County Challenge Cup Final, 25 programmes comprising 1952, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 64, 65, 2 x 67, 67 (replay), 68, 69...
Lot 537 Lot number 537
Rugby League - a collection of 18 match programmes Lancs v Yorks and Lancs v Cumbria, various dates from 1957 to 1987 also Lancs v Papua New...
Lot 538 Lot number 538
Rugby League - a collection of match programmes comprising 3 x BBC2 Floodlit Comp, League Championship Final 15 x Northern Region various 19...
Lot 539 Lot number 539
Rugby League - Fartown Rugby League Year Book 1957 published by Huddersfield C & A.C...
Lot 540 Lot number 540
British Amateur Rugby League Association (B.A.R.L.A.) - approximately 30+ Lancs and Lancs/Cumbria Cup Final programmes, ca 1970s and later
Lot 541 Lot number 541
British Amateur Rugby League Association (B.A.R.L.A.) - approximately 25 National Cup Final programmes, ca 1977 - 2005, also 14 R.L...
Lot 542 Lot number 542
Rugby League Challenge Cup Competition - two early Final Tie match programmes, Leeds v Bradford Northern 1947 (cover with adhered cellotape ...
Lot 543 Lot number 543
Rugby League Challenge Cup Competition - Fnal Tie match programmes, 1954 to 1984 inclusive with some duplicates, 1964 includes London Midlan...
Lot 544 Lot number 544
Rugby League Challenge Cup Competition - Official Wembley Programme of Arrangements, 1976, 77, 80, 81, 84, 88, also Semi Final programmes 19...
Lot 545 Lot number 545
Speedway - Wigan Speedway programme, Poolstock Stadium ca 1940s with two loose leaf pages with images of Don Houghton, Percy Brine, Ron Hart...
Lot 546 Lot number 546
Testimonial match programmes - Colin Bell 1978, Emlyn Hughes 1979, Ray Clemence 1980; other programmes in the lot comprise Sunderland v Birm...
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