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526 - 560 Jewellery

Lot 526 Lot number 526
A 9ct gold stone set, flowerhead pendant on fine chain, approximately 2.76 grams all in and a rolled gold heart shaped locket pendant.
Lot 527 Lot number 527
Scrap gold - A 9ct gold necklace (A/F) approximately 3.56 grams all in, and a stone set ring stamped 18ct (shank snapped), approximately 1.8...
Lot 528 Lot number 528
A small collection of silver and other jewellery to include a Pandora style bracelet, bracelet set with eight threepence pieces, rings and o...
Lot 529 Lot number 529
A white metal trinket box, the cover decorated with depiction of Pegasus, containing a quantity of costume jewellery some stamped 'Sterling'...
Lot 530 Lot number 530
A collection of predominantly modern costume jewellery including bangles, beaded necklaces and similar.
Lot 531 Lot number 531
A hallmarked 9ct gold crucifix pendant on chain approximate length 60cm, stamped 375, approximately 11.2 grams all in, contained in a Clogau...
Lot 532 Lot number 532
A pair of 9ct Clogau Gold 'Daffodil head' earrings, contained in original presentation box, approximately 4 grams all in.
Lot 533 Lot number 533
A charm bracelet with a quantity of silver and white metal charms.
Lot 534 Lot number 534
A 9ct yellow gold cameo ring, size R, head of ring measures approximately 2.6 cm x 2.1 cm, approximately 5.7 grams all in.
Lot 535 Lot number 535
A hallmarked 9ct yellow gold wedding band, size S, approximately 6.3 grams all in.
Lot 536 Lot number 536
A platinum wedding band, size O, no fineness mark, hallmarked with orb in pentagon, London assay, approximately 8.2 grams all in.
Lot 537 Lot number 537
A 9ct gold and tigers eye ring having large cabochon tigers eye (approximately 2.5 cm length), size O, with a matching pendant approximately...
Lot 538 Lot number 538
A 9ct yellow gold ring set with large blue cabochon (approximately 2.5 cm length), size R, with a matching pendant and earrings, approximate...
Lot 539 Lot number 539
A 9ct Clogau Gold 'Daffodil Head' ring, size Q, approximately 4.17 grams all in
Lot 540 Lot number 540
A 9ct gold stone set pendant with matching earrings (one is lacking the butterfly), approximately 11.65 grams all in.
Lot 541 Lot number 541
A 9ct gold, stone set pendant, approximately 3.5 cm x 2 cm including bail, with a similar set of earrings (lacking butterflies), approximate...
Lot 542 Lot number 542
A silver, stone set ring, stamped 925, size J, also included in the lot is a small Chinese cloisonne vase decorated with chrysanthemum, blue...
Lot 543 Lot number 543
A 9ct Clogau gold 'daffodil' pendant on 9ct chain (chain A/F), approximately 5.35 grams all in.
Lot 544 Lot number 544
A mixed lot of costume jewellery, cufflinks, pendant and chain stamped 925 and similar.
Lot 545 Lot number 545
A 9ct yellow gold shell cameo ring, size N+, approximately 2.95 grams all in.
Lot 546 Lot number 546
An 18ct yellow gold bracelet (A/F), 19 cm (l), approximately 10.4 grams all in.
Lot 547 Lot number 547
A silver bangle stamped 925.
Lot 548 Lot number 548
An 18ct yellow gold expanding bangle, stamped 750, approximately 33.7 grams all in.
Lot 549 Lot number 549
Costume Jewellery - A sealed sack containing approximately 26 Kg of unsorted costume jewellery.
Lot 550 Lot number 550
Costume Jewellery - A sealed sack containing approximately 26 Kg of unsorted costume jewellery.
Lot 551 Lot number 551
18 ct Gold - a pair of 18ct gold hoop earrings, stamped 750, approximate weight 4.70g
Lot 552 Lot number 552
9 ct Gold - two pairs of 9ct gold earrings, both stamped 375 (2)
Lot 553 Lot number 553
9 ct Gold - a 9ct gold fine twist rope necklace with a 9ct gold pendant set with Opal, stamped 375, approx weight 2.56g
Lot 554 Lot number 554
9 ct Gold - a 9 ct gold ring set with diamonds, stamped 375 DIA, size L, approx 3.86g, boxed
Lot 555 Lot number 555
9 ct Gold - a 9ct gold necklace with a 9ct gold cluster pendant, stamped 375, approx weight 2.55g
Lot 556 Lot number 556
9 ct Gold - a 9ct gold necklace with a 9ct gold cluster pendant, stamped 375, approx 5.75g
Lot 557 Lot number 557
9 ct Gold - a 9ct gold necklace with a 9ct gold stone set pendant, stamped 375, approx 3.42g, boxed
Lot 558 Lot number 558
9 ct Gold - a 9ct gold stone set ring, stamped 9ct, size O, approx 3.32g
Lot 559 Lot number 559
Silver - a hallmarked silver watch chain with white metal locket and a Silver 925 triple stranded necklace
Lot 560 Lot number 560
Two RH stone set brooches, boxed and a pair of yellow metal (unmarked) stone set earrings, boxed
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