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561 - 600 Jewellery

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 561 Lot number 561
A Jeweller's Loupe, 30 x magnification with LED illumination, cased - unused surplus retail stock
Lot 562 Lot number 562
9 ct Gold - a pair of 9ct gold earrings and a small quantity of 9ct scrap gold, stamped 375, approx weight 2.46g, also included in the lot i...
Lot 563 Lot number 563
A mixed lot of costume jewellery to include double stranded Lotus pearl necklace, Rotary 17 jewel wristwatch, further pearl necklaces, earri...
Lot 565 Lot number 565
Costume Jewellery - A sealed sack containing approximately 24 Kg of unsorted costume jewellery.
Lot 566 Lot number 566
Costume Jewellery - A sealed sack containing approximately 27 Kg of unsorted costume jewellery.
Lot 567 Lot number 567
Swarovski Crystals Memories - a hallmarked silver pendant and chain, the pendant set with five coloured crystals, chain length approx 46 cm,...
Lot 568 Lot number 568
Fashion Jewellery - a unusual triple stranded necklace and belt made from predominantly natural stone (2)
Lot 569 Lot number 569
Fashion Jewellery - three unusual evening necklaces, a further similar style necklace with silver clasp and detailing stamped 925, made pred...
Lot 570 Lot number 570
Silver Jewellery - four silver torque bangles (stamped) and one rolled gold bangle
Lot 571 Lot number 571
A Victorian 15ct gold mourning locket, Chester assay, approximately 4.6 grams all in.
Lot 572 Lot number 572
A 9ct gold, amethyst and pearl pendant on a 9ct gold paper link chain (44 cm length), approximately 6 grams all in.
Lot 573 Lot number 573
Two hallmarked silver bangles with safety chains and an Italian silver necklace (39 cm length) with import marks for London.
Lot 574 Lot number 574
Costume Jewellery - a quantity of vintage costume jewellery to include Stratton powder compact, enamelled Kenchester Horseman brooch/pendant...
Lot 575 Lot number 575
Silver - a quantity of silver jewellery to include a ring, brooches, necklace and pendants and earrings and further fashion costume jeweller...
Lot 576 Lot number 576
Costume Jewellery - a mixed lot of costume jewellery to include silver 925 brooch, bracelets, necklaces and other
Lot 577 Lot number 577
Silver - a good quality lot of costume jewellery to include Mackintosh bracelet, Paua Shell earrings and brooch set, silver 925 jewellery an...
Lot 578 Lot number 578
A boxed set of silver necklace and silver bracelet
Lot 579 Lot number 579
Twelve assorted brooches
Lot 580 Lot number 580
A silver charm bracelet containing seven charms
Lot 581 Lot number 581
A Bradford Exchange England bracelet
Lot 582 Lot number 582
A 9 carat gold ring set with amethyst and diamonds, size M and a half
Lot 583 Lot number 583
A 9 carat gold ring set with sapphire and cz, size S and a half
Lot 584 Lot number 584
A 9 carat gold dress ring, stone set with cz, size M and a half
Lot 585 Lot number 585
A mixed lot of costume jewellery to include necklaces, brooches earrings and similar, approx weight 3.2 kg
Lot 586 Lot number 586
Two pairs of silver earrings plus 2 single silver earrings all marked 925, total weight approx 7.6g
Lot 587 Lot number 587
A lady's Victorian dress watch with expanding wrist strap, stamped 375 to the watch case.
Lot 588 Lot number 588
Four delicate necklaces, two with the letter L, one with a bar plus one other stamped 375 all in 2.1g
Lot 589 Lot number 589
An Eastern European, possibly Turkish, Bass travelling ink and pen holder, with detailed cravings.
Lot 590 Lot number 590
A heart shaped 18 necklace stamped 375, approx weight 1.7g
Lot 591 Lot number 591
A pair of Egyptian combs decorated with hieroglyphics and other marks, stamped, possibly Egyptian silver, approx weight 101.9 grams
Lot 592 Lot number 592
A modern silver lady's bracelet with safety catch stamped 925 approx weight 29.1 grams
Lot 593 Lot number 593
A mixed lot of costume jewellery to include five sets of various pearl necklaces, brooch and similar. (3)
Lot 594 Lot number 594
A quantity of costume jewellery including a silver and Baltic amber ring stamped 925.
Lot 595 Lot number 595
A pair of 9ct gold twisted rope earrings, stamped 9kt to the butterfly back and a 9ct gold bracelet, stamped 375, approx weight 2.6g (all in...
Lot 596 Lot number 596
A mixed lot of costume jewellery to include watches, bracelets, badges, paired earrings and similar, approx weight 3.5 kg including containe...
Lot 597 Lot number 597
A silver dress ring set with Amber, size O and a half, stamped 925
Lot 598 Lot number 598
A graduated Malachite green hard stone necklace separated by small glass beads, 67 cm (l)
Lot 599 Lot number 599
An Egyptian graduated black crystal necklace 46 cm (l)