Lot Number 82

Eff an Bee Dolls - a collection of four dolls to include a Eff an Bee boy baby doll with jointed arms, legs and head, painted textured hair, sleeping hazel eyes, open feeding mouth wearing knitted clothing and boots, marked to the rear Eff an Bee, approx 27 cm tall, a British National girl baby doll with jointed arms, legs and head, sleeping blue eyes, closed mouth, marked to the rear B.N.D wearing pink dress and bootees, approx 30 cm tall, a girl doll with plaited hair, jointed head arms and body, sleeping blue eyes, closed mouth wearing dress and shoes, approx 26 cm tall and a composition girl doll with wig, blue sleeping eyes, fixed mouth jointed head and legs, wearing period blue dress with flowers and painted black shoes and white socks (4)

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