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451 - 500 Silver

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 451 Lot number 451
A pair of William Tonks & Sons silver plated column candlesticks, approximately 16 cm (h). [2]
Lot 452 Lot number 452
A large silver plated wine ewer with chased decoration of fruiting vine, approximately 34 cm (h)
Lot 453 Lot number 453
An Art Nouveau silver and leather, easel back photograph frame, the silver front with stylised bamboo border surrounding the glass, pierced ...
Lot 454 Lot number 454
A collection of silver and white metal items to include three silver thimbles, silver sugar spoon, silver handled button hook and similar.
Lot 455 Lot number 455
A Victorian hallmarked silver tankard with embossed foliate and floral decoration, London assay 1851, 197 gm, 10 cm (h) - Est 80 - 120
Lot 456 Lot number 456
A sterling silver string box of globular form, pierced and with embossed floral decoration raised on three supports, approx 91 gm, 8.5 cm (h...
Lot 457 Lot number 457
A hallmarked silver salver raised on three supports, marks rubbed but probably Perth assay, 573 gm, 25.5 cm (diameter)
Lot 458 Lot number 458
A silver pedestal bowl with pierced decoration and swing handle, Mappin, standing 11.5 cm (h), approx 218 cm (h)
Lot 459 Lot number 459
A Victorian electroplated spirit kettle, with ivory swing handle and hinged cover with finial, the body adorned with floral and foliate pane...
Lot 460 Lot number 460
An Edward VII hallmarked silver cigarette box, Chester assay 1908, approx 4.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 13 cm
Lot 461 Lot number 461
A good lot of plated ware and two pewter tankards (qty)
Lot 462 Lot number 462
A silver twin-handled bowl raised on four scrolled supports, impressed import marks to the base, approx 10 cm (h), 244 gm
Lot 463 Lot number 463
A collection of hallmarked silver items to include Georgian spoons and tongs, sponsors mark for Stephen Adams, a Victorian spoon, London ass...
Lot 464 Lot number 464
A silver salver 29.7 cm (diameter), Dutch marks impressed to the base, approx 626 gm
Lot 465 Lot number 465
A William IV hallmarked silver card case with engraved decoration throughout, Birmingham assay 1835, 9 cm (h)
Lot 466 Lot number 466
A collection of Swedish plated dressing table items and one silver backed dressing table brush, Birmingham assay 1910.
Lot 468 Lot number 468
Three pairs of white metal knife rests in the form of animals comprising a fox pair (both stamped silver), a dachshund pair and a goose pair...
Lot 469 Lot number 469
An Edward VII pair of silver and ivory knife rests formed as a pair of horns on a square base, Birmingham assay 1902, sponsors mark for Hill...
Lot 470 Lot number 470
Five pairs of white metal and silver plated knife rests of varying form. Est 30 - 40
Lot 471 Lot number 471
A large collection of knife rests, predominantly pairs, comprising cut glass examples including Waterford crystal, onyx and silver and simil...
Lot 472 Lot number 472
A pair of George V hallmarked silver and bone knife rests in the form of wings on splayed bases, Sheffield assay 1910, sponsors mark for Jam...
Lot 473 Lot number 473
Ten pairs of knife rests to include cut glass examples, hallmarked silver, white metal and other. Est 30 - 50
Lot 474 Lot number 474
Benjamin Rabier - A set of twelve chromium plated knife rests designed by Benjamin Rabier, c.1920's, each depicting a scene based on the fab...
Lot 475 Lot number 475
A cased pair of Edward VII silver and cut glass knife rests, Birmingham assay 1902, a boxed set of six Orwal Decor glass and white metal kni...
Lot 476 Lot number 476
Eleven pairs of knife rests to include cut glass and white metal examples. Est 30 - 50
Lot 477 Lot number 477
Twelve pairs of knife rests to include silver plated, cut glass, blue and white ceramic examples. Est 30 - 40
Lot 478 Lot number 478
Twelve pairs of knife rests comprising glass examples including a Val St Lambert pair in the form of fluted columns, white metal and similar...
Lot 479 Lot number 479
Two pairs of hallmarked silver knife rests comprising a Victorian pair, London assay 1848 and a George V pair, Sheffield assay 1920, sponsor...
Lot 480 Lot number 480
A pair of George V, hallmarked silver knife rests, the terminals in the form of swastikas / sauwastikas, Sheffield assay 1913, sponsors mark...
Lot 481 Lot number 481
A good collection of white metal and glass knife rests. Est 30 - 50
Lot 482 Lot number 482
A good selection of sixteen pairs of knife rests to include cut glass, plated, white metal and similar. Est 30 - 50
Lot 483 Lot number 483
A collection of knife rests to include a boxed set of twelve glass examples, a set of six treen examples, various ceramic examples and a pai...
Lot 484 Lot number 484
A varied collection of knife rests to include twelve carved tribal examples, ceramic, white metal examples, a boxed hallmarked silver piece ...
Lot 485 Lot number 485
A large quantity of knife rests to include ceramic, plated, pewter, cut glass and similar. Est 40 - 60
Lot 486 Lot number 486
A lot to include a white metal cigarette case, a Ronson faux tortoiseshell cigarette case, white metal walking stick handle, lacquered trink...
Lot 491 Lot number 491
Georgian silver - a mixed collection of predominantly George II and later hallmarked silver flatware (the lot includes some plated ware) Est...
Lot 492 Lot number 492
Georgian Silver - two hallmarked silver serving spoons with embossed depictions of fruits to the bowl, London assay 1774, and a further tabl...
Lot 493 Lot number 493
Eleven pairs of knife rests including glass examples, white metal and plated. Est 30 - 50
Lot 494 Lot number 494
A Victorian shoe horn and button hook set, the Mother of Pearl grips with hallmarked silver mounts, Birmingham assay 1887, cased, and a set ...
Lot 495 Lot number 495
A set of six hallmarked silver teaspoons, Birmingham assay 1929, cased, approx 99 gm
Lot 496 Lot number 496
A job lot of George III, William and Victorian hallmarked silver spoons, various assay marks, total of 14 spoons, also included in the lot i...
Lot 497 Lot number 497
A hallmarked silver condiment set, salt pepper and serving spoons, Sheffield assay 1972, Mappin & Webb, cased
Lot 498 Lot number 498
Irish silver - A sterling silver tankard, Dublin assay 1968, import marks for Sheffield 1968, 13 cm (h), approx 344 gm - Est 60 - 100 Cond...
Lot 499 Lot number 499
A silver charm bracelet with 14 charms Est 25 - 40
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