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101 - 140 General lots

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 101 Lot number 101
A mixed lot to include treen, cufflinks, mixed collectables, briefcase and similar. [2]
Lot 102 Lot number 102
Mixed lot to include Victorian tea wares possibly Bowers, Tunstall, a hat box containing two lady's hats and two albums of Christmas / greet...
Lot 103 Lot number 103
A vintage Novum Deluxe Mark X electric sewing machine in carry case and an Adler Gabriele 25 typewriter. [2]
Lot 104 Lot number 104
A 32'' HD Ready LCD television.
Lot 105 Lot number 105
A collection of dinner and tea wares with stylised floral decoration.
Lot 106 Lot number 106
A box of fur coats and similar.
Lot 107 Lot number 107
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, horse brasses, handbags and similar, two boxes. [2]
Lot 108 Lot number 108
A mixed lot to include camera equipment, set of 'Double 12' dominoes, print, clocks, barometer and similar.
Lot 109 Lot number 109
Unused Retail Stock - Granite and slate photograph frames, pens, coasters and similar.
Lot 110 Lot number 110
Lot to include a Micromark two camera CCTV System, household lighting and similar, two boxes. [2]
Lot 111 Lot number 111
Lot to include hand tools, a Sears Craftsman router crafter (boxed), lighting and similar. [4]
Lot 112 Lot number 112
A mixed lot to include plated ware, boxed Lilliput Lane models and ephemera, prints, handbags, vintage Imperial typewriter, boxed Antec PC c...
Lot 113 Lot number 113
Lot to include a quantity of collector plates, calendar plates and similar, three boxes. [3]
Lot 114 Lot number 114
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, treen and similar, two boxes. [2]
Lot 115 Lot number 115
A mixed lot of glassware to include an art glass bowl, cranberry cut to clear bowl, glass globe with depiction of a tree to the interior, th...
Lot 116 Lot number 116
A mixed lot to include ceramics, metalware comprising, plated ware, horse brasses, boxed Viners Splayds and similar cutlery and other, three...
Lot 117 Lot number 117
Two drawers containing a quantity of vintage linen and similar. [2]
Lot 118 Lot number 118
A collection of lady's vintage clothing, fur coat, silk scarves and similar.
Lot 119 Lot number 119
Six bottles of alcohol comprising sherry, wine, limoncello.
Lot 120 Lot number 120
Lot to include dressing table items, cosmetic and toiletries gift sets, purses, costume jewellery and similar.
Lot 121 Lot number 121
A collection of sewing and crafting related items and a small quantity of cloth badges to include scouting related, souvenir and similar.
Lot 122 Lot number 122
A mixed lot comprising ceramics to include Carlton Ware, Royal Doulton Bunnykins, Poole Twintone and similar, a technical drawing set, Parke...
Lot 123 Lot number 123
A vintage suitcase containing a quantity of vintage linen.
Lot 124 Lot number 124
A quantity of vintage kitchenalia to include marmalade cutter, knife cleaner, pans and similar.
Lot 125 Lot number 125
Three copper kettles and a brass spirit kettle and stand.
Lot 126 Lot number 126
A vintage suitcase containing a quantity of furs, lady's gloves and similar.
Lot 127 Lot number 127
A collection of metalware to include a Benares brass top folding table. [3]
Lot 128 Lot number 128
A mixed lot to include novelty telephone in the form of a Routemaster bus, lighting, Border Fine Arts models, brass door furniture, hats, ti...
Lot 129 Lot number 129
A mixed lot to include paperweights, Old Boltonians cufflinks, a pair of earring in the form of horse heads (stamped 925), maps, small vinta...
Lot 130 Lot number 130
Vintage Sporting Equipment - Lot to include a vintage lacrosse stick, tennis and squash rackets, bamboo fishing rod and other.
Lot 131 Lot number 131
A collection of uranium glass and Japanese ceramics comprising vases and plates.
Lot 132 Lot number 132
A collection of various prints including 'The Farmer's Stable' after George Morland and a mirror, varying image sizes.
Lot 133 Lot number 133
A mixed lot of ceramics to include Wade, Royal Doulton, Japanese and similar, two boxes. [2]
Lot 134 Lot number 134
A mixed lot comprising ceramics to include Mintons, Royal Worcester, Noritake, a small quantity of treen and other, three boxes. [3]
Lot 135 Lot number 135
A collection of cameras, vintage mobile phones and chargers.
Lot 136 Lot number 136
A mixed lot to include DVD's and CD's, boxed set of pool balls, glassware, a Jamo Centre 50 speaker and similar, two boxes. [2]
Lot 137 Lot number 137
A mixed lot comprising plated ware, glassware to include Echt Bleikristall, branded ashtrays, various ceramics, vintage tobacco tins and oth...
Lot 138 Lot number 138
Three boxes of Royal Commemorative ceramic tableware
Lot 139 Lot number 139
A mixed lot to include Doulton Lambeth stoneware and other ceramics, an Abafil coin case, Minkus All American supplement sheets for 1980 and...
Lot 140 Lot number 140
Two pieces of travel luggage. [2]
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