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226 - 240 Music & Musical Instrument

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 227 Lot number 227
A Pearl Professional snare drum and percussion accessories. [4]
Lot 228 Lot number 228
Four cymbals comprising a Magic 12'' splash, a Paiste 16'' fast crash a Meinl Raker 20'' ride and a Sabian 20'' ride. [5]
Lot 229 Lot number 229
A Famos, six string acoustic guitar in carry case.
Lot 230 Lot number 230
A Roland PC-200 Mk II.
Lot 231 Lot number 231
A Pearl 'World Series' drum kit comprising bass drum, floor tom, 2 x rack tom and thin snare.
Lot 232 Lot number 232
A Garrard 5200 turntable and speakers and a quantity of vinyl records (78's and 33's), CD's and similar. [4]
Lot 233 Lot number 233
Two framed commemorative discs for album sales comprising Kaiser Chiefs 'Yours Truly, Angry Mob' for over 300,000 sales and M People 'Bizarr...
Lot 234 Lot number 234
Violin - A late 19th / early 20th century violin, two piece back, interior of body with paper label scribed 'Giovan Paolo Maggini' brescia 1...
Lot 234A Lot number 234A
Violin - A kit built modern violin, panel back (with crack), interior of body with paper label scribed 'Wood chosen and work done by Harry R...
Lot 234B Lot number 234B
Violin - An early 20th century violin, two piece back, interior of body with paper label scribed 'Unnamed maker early C20, rebuilt Roy Hordl...
Lot 235 Lot number 235
Dave Clark Five - Dave Clark autograph, on headed paper dated 21/06/72, reads 'Dear Dave...
Lot 236 Lot number 236
A signed copy of According To The Rolling Stones, signed to the dust jacket and an internal page, with certificate of authenticity and conce...
Lot 237 Lot number 237
A cased Hohner 64 Chromonica Professional Model.
Lot 238 Lot number 238
An Ozark 5 string banjo in case.
Lot 239 Lot number 239
A Spur six string acoustic guitar in case.
Lot 240 Lot number 240
Two vintage radios comprising a Bush VHF91 and a Roberts Model R200. [2]
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