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381 - 420 Collectables

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 381 Lot number 381
An oak cased canteen of cutlery.
Lot 382 Lot number 382
Photography - A quantity of cameras and photographic equipment to include Canon, Praktica, Minolta and similar.
Lot 383 Lot number 383
Lot to include costume jewellery, enamelled badges (one silver), boxed Christofle cigar cutter and similar.
Lot 384 Lot number 384
Lot to include a Japanese jewellery box, sewing box, trinket box, ICI Christmas Puzzle box 1986 and similar. [5]
Lot 385 Lot number 385
A canteen of Viners Mosaic cutlery, a set of fish knives and forks with silver mounts and similar. [4]
Lot 386 Lot number 386
Lot to include a Smiths Enfield oak cased mantel clock, with key, a quantity of reel to reel magnetic tape reels and a 'Victorian Keepsake' ...
Lot 387 Lot number 387
Lot to include vintage match boxes, match box covers, 'Golly' band figurines, a small quantity of postcards and two framed sets of Coronatio...
Lot 388 Lot number 388
A cold cast bronze figurine depicting a racehorse and jockey clearing a fence, approximately 26 cm (h).
Lot 389 Lot number 389
A framed poster for the 22nd Australian Grand Prix 1957, Caversham, approximately 58 cm x 47 cm. Condition Report: Poster is a reproduction.
Lot 390 Lot number 390
A collection of silk and similar scarves.
Lot 391 Lot number 391
A collection of Masonic regalia and similar and a cased set of Anker technical drawing instruments.
Lot 392 Lot number 392
A large white metal charger with five chased panels decorated with scenes of village life set against scrolling foliate ground, approximatel...
Lot 393 Lot number 393
Two large metal chargers with chased decoration, each approximately 72 cm (d). [2]
Lot 394 Lot number 394
Quad Electroacoustics LTD - Vintage stereo equipment comprising a Quad 303 Power Amplifier serial number 13071, a Quad FM 3 Tuner serial num...
Lot 395 Lot number 395
Photography - Lot to include a Praktica IV F, a Bencini Koroll and similar. Lot descriptions reflect the cataloguer's opinion only and do no...
Lot 396 Lot number 396
A mixed lot to include treen, boxed Pelham Puppet 'Bimbo', golf ball letter rack and similar...
Lot 397 Lot number 397
Lot to include a 'Silver War Badge', two enamelled medals for the Liverpool Small Bore Rifle Association, Kodak camera, two watches Conditio...
Lot 398 Lot number 398
A mixed lot of collectables to include a Parker pen set, hip flasks, hourglass, coins and similar...
Lot 399 Lot number 399
Three cold cast bronze figurines, two by Heredities Ltd and a large wood effect owl with weighted base, likely for garden use, 38 cm (h)...
Lot 400 Lot number 400
Mobile Phones - Two boxed Apple iPhone 3G S models, an iPhone 4 (unboxed) and similar...
Lot 401 Lot number 401
A collection of antique glass and stoneware ginger beer and similar bottles to include Brownson's Ginger Beer, Robert Ryder, E. W...
Lot 402 Lot number 402
A collection of antique and later bottles including poison, Bovril, hair restorer and similar, also includes a small quantity of pewter and ...
Lot 403 Lot number 403
A quantity of treen, tribal carvings and similar.
Lot 404 Lot number 404
A quantity of cameras, binoculars and opera glasses. Lot descriptions reflect the cataloguer's opinion only and do not constitute a guarante...
Lot 405 Lot number 405
A collection of cigarette lighters and hip flasks. Lot descriptions reflect the cataloguer's opinion only and do not constitute a guarantee....
Lot 406 Lot number 406
A collection of antique and later glass bottles, a vintage bottle of Christmas Ale and a 'Brew Yourself 35 Pints Of Ginger Beer' bottle, wit...
Lot 407 Lot number 407
A collection of stoneware bottles and vessels, Sylvac 'Seahorse' shaving mug and similar...
Lot 408 Lot number 408
Two vintage Kaye's oil cans and a two litre Castrol oil can. [3] Lot descriptions reflect the cataloguer's opinion only and do not constitut...
Lot 409 Lot number 409
A collection of antique and later stoneware jars, cream, Virol and similar. Lot descriptions reflect the cataloguer's opinion only and do no...
Lot 410 Lot number 410
A mixed lot of collectables to include horns, Native American themed items, ear defenders, trinket box, decorative items and similar...
Lot 411 Lot number 411
Pitmans Swiss Typewriter with Hellioue typewriting course book. Vintage. Case is 33cm wide.
Lot 412 Lot number 412
British National Opera. 10'' Vinyl record set. Pagliacci. Eugene Goossens Conductor. Vinyl good condition, torn spine.
Lot 413 Lot number 413
Heavy Guillotine. Metal Vintage. Metal tube handle is 51.5cm long.
Lot 414 Lot number 414
Motor for Pultra. 10mm Lathe with clutch mechanism. 22cm high.
Lot 415 Lot number 415
Hand cranked pillar Drill. Vintage. 49cm high.
Lot 416 Lot number 416
A collection of metalware, plated, brass and copper. Lot descriptions reflect the cataloguer's opinion only and do not constitute a guarante...
Lot 417 Lot number 417
A mixed lot to include vintage signs, horses hoof, opera glasses, piece of the original Jodrell Bank radio telescope bowl and similar...
Lot 418 Lot number 418
Lot to include photographs, military badges, map of the Falklands first aid tin, soldier's service and pay book and similar...
Lot 419 Lot number 419
A mixed lot of collectables to include bowls, glassware, hip flask, playing cards, chess pieces and similar...
Lot 420 Lot number 420
A mixed lot to include a Guinness bar mat, Japanese dashboard clock, coins, costume jewellery, pin badges and similar...
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