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461 - 510 Ceramics

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 461 Lot number 461
Lladro - A boxed figurine entitled Spring Dance, # 5663, approximately 23 cm (h)...
Lot 462 Lot number 462
Lladro - A boxed figurine entitled Summer Serenade, # 6193, approximately 32 cm (h)
Lot 463 Lot number 463
Lladro - A boxed figural group entitled Hurry Now, # 5503, depicting a young girl driving geese, approximately 18 cm (h)
Lot 464 Lot number 464
Lladro - A boxed figural group entitled Ten And Growing, # 7635, depicting a young boy and girl on a bench, approximately 18 cm (h).
Lot 465 Lot number 465
Lladro - Two boxed figurines comprising Just Like New # 6799 (one end of box damaged) and Bundled Bather # 6800, depicting young children at...
Lot 466 Lot number 466
Nao - A large, boxed figurine entitled Grace, # 1265, depicting a reclining lady, approximately 20 cm (h) Condition Report: Appears in very ...
Lot 467 Lot number 467
Nao - Three boxed figurines comprising To Light The Way # 1155, Dashing Lady # 0292 and Two Ducks # 0368, largest approximately 32 cm (h)...
Lot 468 Lot number 468
Nao - Two boxed figurines of ballet dancers comprising A Dancer's Pose # 1423 and Ballet Exercise # 1208, largest approximately 22 cm (h)...
Lot 469 Lot number 469
Nao - Two boxed Nao figurines to include My Daddy's Coat # 1316 and Just Like Dad #1319, largest approximately 25 cm (h). [2]
Lot 470 Lot number 470
Nao - Two boxed figurines comprising Listening To Bird Song #1042 and Playing With The Wind # 1343, largest approximately 27 cm (h). [2]
Lot 471 Lot number 471
Nao - Three boxed figurines comprising Dance Class # 1283, My Recital # 1151 and Puppy's Birthday # 1045, largest approximately 18 cm (h)...
Lot 472 Lot number 472
Nao - Three boxed figurines to include So Shy # 1109, Too Cute # 1121 one other in incorrect box, largest approximately 24 cm (h). [3]
Lot 473 Lot number 473
Nao - Three boxed figurines of ducks, two unboxed and a Portmeirion Parian jug. [6]
Lot 474 Lot number 474
Nao - A boxed figurine King Balthasar With Jug, # 0414, approximately 28.5 cm (h).
Lot 475 Lot number 475
Nao - Two boxed figurines comprising Faithful Friend # 1650 and one of a Milk Maid # 0494, largest approximately 17 cm (h)...
Lot 476 Lot number 476
Nao - Three boxed figurines comprising Warm Handed Lady # 0470, Girl Yawning # 0230 and Flared Nightgown # 1110, largest approximately 29 cm...
Lot 477 Lot number 477
Lladro - A large figurine The Dancer # 2267 with gres finish, approximately 31 cm, with circular wooden stand. [2]
Lot 478 Lot number 478
Two Lladro figurines comprising # 6230 Oriental Dance and # 6150 Playing The Flute (flute not present), both unboxed and a boxed Nao figurin...
Lot 480 Lot number 480
A Wedgewood Escape John Skeaping figurine depicting a Tiger and Buck, approx 20cm (h) x 34cm (w)
Lot 481 Lot number 481
Anita Harris - A globular vase with abstract design, decorated by Samantha Johnson, approximately 14 cm (h).
Lot 482 Lot number 482
Royal Doulton - A small flambe rabbit, recumbent, approximately 7 cm (h)
Lot 483 Lot number 483
Beswick - Two boxed animal figurines comprising Black Faced Ram and Nigerian Pot Bellied Goat, largest approximately 13 cm (h) and an unboxe...
Lot 484 Lot number 484
Beswick - Five unboxed animal figurines comprising Koala, fox, Airdale Terrier, Chow Chow and similar, largest approximately 9 cm.
Lot 485 Lot number 485
Lot to include a Dance Of The Celestial Dragon vase, Murano glass faceted block vase, Chinese ginger jar and cover and similar.
Lot 486 Lot number 486
A collection of glassware to include art glass vase, cut to clear glassware, Murano glass sweets, paperweight, dressing table powder bowl wi...
Lot 487 Lot number 487
A collection of glass paperweights to include Mdina and similar.
Lot 488 Lot number 488
A collection of paperweights to include Mdina and similar.
Lot 489 Lot number 489
A small lot of mixed tea wares to include six Royal Albert 'Moss Rose' trios, Royal Doulton plates decorated with exotic birds and similar.
Lot 490 Lot number 490
A small mixed lot of ceramics to include Wedgwood Jasperware, Royal Doulton 'Snowman', Oriental, Poole Delphis dish decorated by Valerie Pul...
Lot 491 Lot number 491
A small early 20th century Royal Worcester blush ivory bowl with floral decoration, 3.5 cm (h) and a Royal Dux elephant figurine, 10 cm (h)....
Lot 492 Lot number 492
Mixed glassware including vintage Babycham glasses, Venetian glass, pair of glass candlesticks, scent bottles and similar.
Lot 493 Lot number 493
A collection of glassware to include scent bottles, Venetian glass, dressing table items and similar.
Lot 494 Lot number 494
A Paula Humphries Polperro studio pottery figurine depciting a bull, approx 16cm (h) x 31cm (w)
Lot 495 Lot number 495
A matched pair of hand painted porcelain figures depicting Peacocks, likely Meissen, with blue crossed swords stamp to the base, approx 5.8c...
Lot 496 Lot number 496
Royal Doulton - A limited edition figurine, Grace Darling # HN3089, numbered 619, approximately 22 cm (h).
Lot 497 Lot number 497
Royal Worcester - A figurine of a boy carrying a basket, shape # 1388, impressed James Hadley signature, date mark for 1892, approximately 2...
Lot 498 Lot number 498
Four limited edition figurines by Wedgwood for Compton & Woodhouse The Dancing Hours, comprising the first, third, fifth and sixth in th...
Lot 499 Lot number 499
Three Royal Doulton figurines comprising Meditation HN2330, Paisley Shawl HN1988 and Nina HN2347, two Coalport lady figurines and one other,...
Lot 500 Lot number 500
KARLS ENS, VOLKSTEDT, PORZELLANFIGUR - A figurine depicting two birds on a branch, marked to the base 7456, approx 22cm (h)
Lot 501 Lot number 501
A Cranberry Glass vase 21 cm and an ornate lidded pot 12 cm
Lot 502 Lot number 502
A Coalport Revelry tea service comprising six cups and saucers, six side plates, sugar bowl, milk jug and cake plate, 21 pieces...
Lot 503 Lot number 503
Two Tim Hurn (Dorset) pottery vases, approx 36cm and 30cm (h)
Lot 504 Lot number 504
Royal Albert - A Winsome pattern tea service comprising six cups, six saucers, six side plates, milk jug and sugar bowl, twenty pieces...
Lot 505 Lot number 505
A Chinese ginger jar with ornithological decoration approx 7.5cm (h) and a blue and white bowl, 9.5ccm (h) x 20.5cm (diam) (2)
Lot 506 Lot number 506
A large quantity of Portmeirion tableware decorated in the Botanic Garden pattern (qty) Condition Report: An examination of 10 random pieces...
Lot 507 Lot number 507
An Art Deco tea service by Bell China, of conical form, decorated with floral sprays comprising six cups and saucers, six tea plates, milk j...
Lot 508 Lot number 508
Royal Doulton - A quantity of dinner and tea wares in the Winthrop pattern, approximately 60 pieces.
Lot 509 Lot number 509
A collection of tea wares comprising Wedgwood and Colclough.
Lot 509A Lot number 509A
Blue and White table ware - a mixed lot of ceramics to include a meat plate, Ringtons anniversary jug and Ginger Jar, a Burslem Tureen, cera...
Lot 510 Lot number 510
A Crown Staffordshire tea service with floral decoration comprising teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl, six cups, six saucers, six side plates,...
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