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291 - 320 Collectables & General

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 291 Lot number 291
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, silver topped sugar caster, plated ware, rolled gold cufflinks and tie clips, powder compacts an...
Lot 291A Lot number 291A
A quantity of treen, animal carvings, religious carvings and similar.
Lot 292 Lot number 292
A Sony Micro HiFi Component System and speakers, model CMT-CP11 and a Bush turntable.
Lot 293 Lot number 293
A mixed lot of ceramics to include Coalport, Wedgwood, Poole Pottery, Aynsley, Paragon and similar, two boxes. [2]
Lot 294 Lot number 294
Lot to include vintage dominoes, playing cards, cribbage boards, chess pieces.
Lot 295 Lot number 295
An Admira Clasico acoustic guitar and bag.
Lot 296 Lot number 296
Photography - A large quantity of cameras, lenses and accessories.
Lot 297 Lot number 297
Six bottles of alcoholic drink comprising two 1 litre bottles of Grand Marnier, Two Cointreau (one 500 ml, one 700 ml), one Drambuie 50 cl a...
Lot 298 Lot number 298
A collection of gentleman's neckties, silk and other and a silk and wool scarf.
Lot 299 Lot number 299
A collection of treen, trinket boxes, Japanese puzzle box and similar.
Lot 300 Lot number 300
A six setting canteen of plated cutlery (appears unused)
Lot 301 Lot number 301
A quantity of glassware to include decanters, vases and similar.
Lot 302 Lot number 302
Treen to include bowls, tribal carvings, lidded box and similar.
Lot 303 Lot number 303
A mixed lot of collectables to include penknives, vintage cigarette lighters, Mauchline ware egg etui and similar.
Lot 304 Lot number 304
A collection of metalware, plated, brass, pewter.
Lot 305 Lot number 305
A mixed lot to include vintage hand tools, boxed security light, portable typewriter, Sanyo word processor and similar.
Lot 306 Lot number 306
Lot to include a leather waistcoat, size XXXL, Oriental robe, two horse riding helmets, a cycling / skateboard helmet, briefcase and similar...
Lot 307 Lot number 307
A collection of stone carvings, onyx, etc.
Lot 308 Lot number 308
A collection of treen, tribal carvings, inlaid box and similar.
Lot 309 Lot number 309
A collection of pens, predominantly by Parker.
Lot 310 Lot number 310
A quantity of metalware, predominantly brass.
Lot 311 Lot number 311
Lot to include a pair of ivory and gilt brass opera glasses marked Bautain Brevete Paris, a small hand bell, Lovells Almond Rex tin in the f...
Lot 312 Lot number 312
Two boxes of mixed ceramics, predominantly plates. [2]
Lot 313 Lot number 313
Two boxes of mixed ceramics to include Royal Worcester, Royal Albert, Beswick and similar. [2]
Lot 314 Lot number 314
Two boxes of mixed ceramics. [2]
Lot 315 Lot number 315
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, plated ware, two boxes. [2]
Lot 316 Lot number 316
A large quantity of ceramics and glassware to include Spode, Portmerion and similar (3)
Lot 317 Lot number 317
A mixed lot of predominantly ceramics to include Royal Doulton, Minton, Wedgwood and similar, a small quantity of glassware, two boxes.
Lot 318 Lot number 318
Six framed prints, after Finch Mason, depicting hunting scenes and a box of miscellaneous framed paintings and prints (7)
Lot 319 Lot number 319
A Yamaha EX-200 keyboard
Lot 320 Lot number 320
A brass standard lamp, three brass table lamps and one other (5)
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