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51 - 100 Collectables

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 51 Lot number 51
A brass oil lamp with ceramic reservoir and milk glass shade, approximately 54 cm (h) including chimney.
Lot 52 Lot number 52
A brass desktop oil lamp (converted) with red and white glass shade with gilt highlights, approximately 52 cm (h).
Lot 53 Lot number 53
An oil lamp with black ceramic base and brass support below a mottled glass reservoir and floral decorated shade, approximately 56 cm (h).
Lot 54 Lot number 54
A brass column oil lamp with white shade, approximately 71 cm (h) including chimney and a Tiffany style ceiling light. [2]
Lot 55 Lot number 55
An inlaid musical sewing table with Lador Swiss movement which plays the theme from Love Story when opened (working), key wind and original ...
Lot 56 Lot number 56
A collection of oil lamps, candle stands, chambersticks, largest approximately 28 cm (h).
Lot 57 Lot number 57
A converted oil lamp, brass with ceramic reservoir and milk glass shade, approximately 48 cm (h).
Lot 83 Lot number 83
Mixed ceramics and glassware to include Sylvac, West German vases, Noritake, Crown Staffordshire and similar.
Lot 84 Lot number 84
Four boxed Legends, Myths & Fables pewter fairy figurines with enamel decoration. [4]
Lot 85 Lot number 85
Two boxes of mixed ceramics to include Carlton Ware, Sylvac, motto ware and similar. [2]
Lot 86 Lot number 86
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, plated ware, oil lamp and similar, two boxes. [2]
Lot 87 Lot number 87
A mixed lot comprising ceramics to include Minton, Wedgwood, Limoges, Chinese, also includes a pair of cloisonne vases, two boxes. [2]
Lot 88 Lot number 88
Mixed lot of ceramics to include blue and white, Chinese, Royal Doulton, Arthur Wood and similar, two boxes. [2]
Lot 89 Lot number 89
Two boxes of mixed ceramics to include blue and white, Chinese, Japanese and other. [2]
Lot 90 Lot number 90
Two boxes of mixed ceramics to include Haviland & Co Limoges, Tuscan China and similar. [2]
Lot 91 Lot number 91
A quantity of vintage linen.
Lot 92 Lot number 92
A collection of plated ware to include flatware (with some stainless), napkin rings and other and a small quantity of brassware, two boxes...
Lot 93 Lot number 93
Two boxes of mixed ceramics, predominantly dinner and tea wares. [2]
Lot 94 Lot number 94
A mixed lot of Oriental ceramics to include vases, tea wares, plates and similar.
Lot 95 Lot number 95
Soapstone group to include a pair of Guardian Lions, landscape carving, small sea and a lidded pot.
Lot 96 Lot number 96
A collection of various tea wares, predominantly Oriental, two boxes. [2]
Lot 97 Lot number 97
A quantity of mixed ceramics to include Carltonware Rouge Royale, Japanese, blue and white, Delft and similar, two boxes. [2]
Lot 98 Lot number 98
Two boxes of mixed tea wares to include Ridgway, Royal Grafton, Paragon and similar. [2]
Lot 99 Lot number 99
Lot to include factory sealed jigsaw puzzles, a boxed Spears chess set, a Berrick te and set of chess pieces with 9.5 cm King. [5]
Lot 100R Lot number 100R
Christmas Decorations - A Christmas tree and a large Clear Snowflake Rope Light Silhouette. [3]
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