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201 - 270 General Lots & Tools

Lot 201 Lot number 201
A mixed lot to include ceramics comprising Shelley, Spode, Royal Albert and similar, metal models of horses, carved wooden napkin rings, car...
Lot 202 Lot number 202
A lot to include a decorative table lamp depicting a lady carrying a parasol, six animals prints by Mads Stage mounted and framed under glas...
Lot 203 Lot number 203
A cut glass decanter, paperweights including glass, dome, Intaglio and a small dolls pram approx 47cm (h)
Lot 204 Lot number 204
A wall mounted cast iron bell depicting a motorcycle and rider Est 15 - 25
Lot 205 Lot number 205
A good mixed lot to include part tea service Winterling Marktleuthen ceramic model of a bowl of fruits and ten umbrellas [2].
Lot 206 Lot number 206
A good lot to include Portuguese ceramic jardiniere, Italian ceramic model of a Samurai, brass ware and Oriental centerpiece in the form of ...
Lot 207 Lot number 207
A good mixed lot to include a brass pot, plated flatware, glass jug, mixed ceramics to include Royal Worcester, Royal Doulton, Spode and an ...
Lot 208 Lot number 208
A decorative wall hanging sword approximately 105 cm (L).
Lot 209 Lot number 209
A cast iron sign advertising Goodyear Tyres, 18cm x 39cm Est 15 - 25
Lot 210 Lot number 210
Thomas Turner and Co six plates canteen of cutlery set Est 20 - 40.
Lot 211 Lot number 211
A box containing a good collection of collectables to include Metropolitan Police decanter, Wade sandwich plate, EPNS teapot and creamer, ce...
Lot 212 Lot number 212
A large cast iron door stop depicting the Titanic, approx 26cm x 32cm x 9cm, Est 15 - 25
Lot 213 Lot number 213
A collection of quality collectables to include Royal Doulton Bunnykins bowl, chamber pot, elephant doorstop, Poole ceramic, silver plated p...
Lot 214 Lot number 214
A good mixed lot glassware and ceramics to include figurines, bookends, and similar [qty].
Lot 215 Lot number 215
Three cast iron novelty money banks Est 35 - 50
Lot 216 Lot number 216
A good mixed lot to include a quantity of Carnival glass, blue and white ceramic tableware, Royal Vale collector plates, a framed sampler an...
Lot 217 Lot number 217
A quantity of ceramic tableware and three large Oriental vases
Lot 218 Lot number 218
Photography - a Pentax P30 contained in a faux leather travel case by Corniche together with a small quantity of accessories and manuals to ...
Lot 219 Lot number 219
A good mixed lot to include an unused Lavazza A Modo Mio Cappuccino Art Set, a Philips cassette recorder AQ6455, a Lord Nelson Ware ceramic ...
Lot 220 Lot number 220
A cast iron sign advertising Shell, approx 20cm x 50cm Est 20 - 30
Lot 221 Lot number 221
A modern good quality chrome five arm chandelier with glass detailing Est 20 - 40
Lot 222 Lot number 222
A large good quality glass nine armed chandelier with full glass droplet detailing Est 50 - 80
Lot 223 Lot number 223
A child's pink six string acoustic guitar by Nevade model no.W-309 and a four string Ukulele by Redwood model no...
Lot 224 Lot number 224
Two boxes containing a quantity of nursery room decor to include bedding, pictures, ceiling lights, baby monitors by Motorola and Protectrix...
Lot 225 Lot number 225
A novelty mechanical cast iron money bank in the form of an organ Est 20 - 30
Lot 226 Lot number 226
A good mixed lot to include a quantity of brass and copper ware, a stone ware jardiniere and other
Lot 227 Lot number 227
A good mixed lot to include a hostess cordless hot tray / food warmer, a table lamp in the form of a Buddha, a modern set of cruets and an u...
Lot 228 Lot number 228
A Soyntec laptop lifestyle music multi-media system, a Peach twin cutter PC 100 - 14 guillotine, a Daewoo RDS EON cassette radio and a Morph...
Lot 229 Lot number 229
A good mixed lot to include a wooden highchair, two safety cycling helmets, a Petite Starlight typewriter, a quantity of Builder Bear shoes ...
Lot 230 Lot number 230
A Prolectrix sound system with record and compact disc player and radio model no.RBSB513774/DIR serial no.511009438
Lot 231 Lot number 231
A good mixed lot to include a steam mop, a pack of twelve Rat Pack set, The Best of British Steam DVD collection, a Logitech Harmony remote,...
Lot 232 Lot number 232
Two cast iron wall key holders Est 15 - 25
Lot 233 Lot number 233
Unused Surplus Retail Stock - six Wuzi hardener heavy duty padlocks each with three keys Est 15 - 25
Lot 234 Lot number 234
Three core cutters with two fitted extensions Est 20 - 30
Lot 235 Lot number 235
Twenty four pairs of heavy duty gloves (surplus retail stock) Est 20 - 30
Lot 236 Lot number 236
A motorcycle chain splitter / breaker and link rivet set Est 15 - 25
Lot 237 Lot number 237
Rolson - a Rolson 45 piece screwdriver and bit set and a Rolson electrical repair toolkit (sealed in blister packs) Est 15 - 25
Lot 238 Lot number 238
A wooden cased set of deluxe seven piece chisel set Est 20 - 30
Lot 239 Lot number 239
Two oversized handbags, both fully lined, one brown the other black (2)
Lot 240 Lot number 240
A quantity of pictures and paintings to include an oil on board depicting a landscape scene signed by the artist lower right M Steele, an oi...
Lot 241 Lot number 241
Angling - a rod bag containing a telescopic landing net, two rod rests, a bait catapult, a Mitchell Adventure Spin 242 fishing rod, a 2XL 12...
Lot 242 Lot number 242
Angling - a Maber MX250 fishing box with cushioned seat containing a pair of Ron Thomson fishing gloves, a Hi-Gear aluminium drink bottle, a...
Lot 243 Lot number 243
Photographic Equipment - a quantity of vintage cameras and photographic equipment to include a Kodak Instamatic M14 movie camera, a Minolta ...
Lot 244 Lot number 244
Photographic Equipment - a good mixed lot of cameras and photographic equipment to include a Polaroid One Step with auto focus, Kodak Instan...
Lot 245 Lot number 245
Photographic Equipment - a Chinon 505XL camera, cable and mic in protective hard carry case, a 3D Viemaster in carry case contained with a V...
Lot 246 Lot number 246
Photographic Equipment - A Prinz Magnon LV super 8 zoom projector, a Gnome slide projector set in travel case, a Kodak slide carrier, a Phil...
Lot 247 Lot number 247
A mixed lot to include Royal Albert Old Country Roses cake stand, vintage cameras, metalware, electric clock, gaming pieces and similar Est ...
Lot 248 Lot number 248
A good lot to include a Viners canteen of cutlery, further flatware, plated ware and similar
Lot 249 Lot number 249
An outdoor round charcoal barbecue, boxed (unused)
Lot 250 Lot number 250
Vintage dolls - a composition doll with sleeping eyes, open mouth, jointed limbs (head loose), an Athena doll with sleeping eyes, marked to ...
Lot 251 Lot number 251
A Little Yell O Steam Cleaner with manual and attachments, minimal use
Lot 252 Lot number 252
A mixed lot of ceramics to include dinner ware, Khedive Coronation ware, Dickens series ware and similar (2)
Lot 253 Lot number 253
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, carved wooden figures, magnifying glasses and seven folders containing magazines relating to The...
Lot 254 Lot number 254
A mixed lot to include a quantity of metal ware, fishing rods and accessories and similar (5)
Lot 255 Lot number 255
Five framed pictures of varying sizes
Lot 256 Lot number 256
A box containing a large quantity of doll stands of varying sizes and a wooden weaver's loom (2)
Lot 257 Lot number 257
A box containing 25 metal and wood working tools (files, hammer, chip hammer and other) some of them with hand made handles, some bearing em...
Lot 258 Lot number 258
A mixed lot to include a vintage cash box with internal compartments, a Delsey flight case and a small quantity of plated flatware
Lot 259 Lot number 259
An electric blower 2600watt, serial number FPBV2600
Lot 260 Lot number 260
A decorative vintage Singer sewing machine in wood case and a Toyota Sewing machine (2)
Lot 261 Lot number 261
A good mixed lot of new and used tools to include a Bosch CSB682E, a 13amp portable RCD, spanner, brick hammers, measuring tapes and similar
Lot 262 Lot number 262
A good mixed lot of hand tools also included in the lot is a vintage mechanics creeper trolley
Lot 263 Lot number 263
A mixed lot to include ceramics comprising Royal Worcester, Aynsley and similar, a Tiffany style lamp shade, glassware, plated ware, Murano ...
Lot 264 Lot number 264
A mixed lot to include plated ware, ceramics, Eddison Phonograph cylinder and similar (2)
Lot 265 Lot number 265
A Viners Cookware five piece barbecue set in travel case (unused)
Lot 266 Lot number 266
Two boxes containing a mixed lot of predominantly kitchen items to include a Prestige Symmetry pestle and mortar, a Royal Worcester crystal ...
Lot 267 Lot number 267
A mixed lot to include ceramics comprising Port Meirion, Aynsley and similar, glassware, metalware and similar (2) Est 20 - 40
Lot 268 Lot number 268
A mixed lot to include ceramics, comprising Wedgwood, Royal Worcester, Nao, Aynsley and similar, plated ware and similar [2] Est 20 - 40.
Lot 269 Lot number 269
A good mixed lot to include a quantity of United Cutlery of Sheffield plated flatware, Minton ceramic set, travel clock and other.
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