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551 - 580 P'cards, Stamps, Coins etc

Lot 553 Lot number 553
Three collectors edition laser disc set including Alien, Aliens and Terminator 2 (T2). (3)
Lot 554 Lot number 554
Two carry cases containing a quantity of 33.3 rpm vinyl records to include musicals, classical and similar and a small quantity of 45 rpm re...
Lot 555 Lot number 555
A quantity of CDs and DVDs to include classical music, Christmas CDs, David Attenborough Wildlife Collection and similar
Lot 556 Lot number 556
A miniature leather briefcase with key containing a quantity of UK and worldwide coins to include a quantity of pre-decimal coins and a vint...
Lot 557 Lot number 557
A good mixed lot of coins and commemorative medals, enamelled pin badges, medal plate and similar
Lot 558 Lot number 558
A mixed lot of various ephemera to include postcards, Cunard menus, Coronation commemorative items, Bomber Command book and similar
Lot 559 Lot number 559
A Victoria Diamond Jubilee medallion and chain
Lot 560 Lot number 560
A collection of motor sport related pictures and prints to include Graham Bosworth framed print, photographs of Eddie Irvine and his Jaguar ...
Lot 561 Lot number 561
A large quantity of predominantly Liverpool Football Club related items and ephemera, also includes some England items
Lot 562 Lot number 562
Sporting - a collection of the framed pictures and photographs, related to Liverpool Football Club varying sizes [5].
Lot 563 Lot number 563
A small quantity of 45 rpm vinyl records to include Buddy Holy, Beatles, The Everly Brothers and similar.
Lot 564 Lot number 564
Philataly - a woven box containing a quantity of UK and Worldwide sorted postage stamps
Lot 565 Lot number 565
A wooden case containing a quantity of predominantly UK coinage, to include silver content half crowns, florins, six pence and three pence p...
Lot 566 Lot number 566
Deltiology - in excess of 500 early - modern UK postcards featuring subjects also includes a few Foreign
Lot 567 Lot number 567
Deltiology - in excess of 500 largely UK topographical and subjects postcards with some Foreign
Lot 568 Lot number 568
Cartography - a quantity of ordinance survey maps, four large maps, depicting Merseyside, North West and similar.
Lot 569 Lot number 569
Seven silver guild RAOB, Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes medallions all Birmingham assay varying dates.
Lot 570 Lot number 570
Deltiology - in excess of 500 early - modern UK postcards featuring subjects also includes a few Foreign
Lot 571 Lot number 571
Deltiology - over 500 early period postcards including UK and Foreign subjects
Lot 572 Lot number 572
Football - a quantity of predominantly Everton Football Club programmes ranging from 1949 to circa 1970s, also included in the lot is a No...
Lot 573 Lot number 573
A quantity of predominantly UK pre-decimalisation coinage to include silver content examples, two Coinage of Great Britain sets and similar
Lot 574 Lot number 574
A quantity of predominantly pre- decimalisation UK coinage to include silver content examples florins, crown, shillings and similar, commemo...
Lot 575 Lot number 575
Deltiology - a box of mixed postcards to include Royal themes, religious themes, humour and similar
Lot 576 Lot number 576
Deltiology - over 400 UK postcards mainly topographical with a few subjects to include greetings
Lot 577 Lot number 577
Deltiology - a good mix of UK and Foreign postcards, mainly early period with interest in India lot also includes over 30 railway photos
Lot 578 Lot number 578
A quantity of Royal Commemorative items to include tins, books, ephemera, Courage Silver Jubilee Ale and similar
Lot 579 Lot number 579
Deltiology - a quantity of postcards to include Royal related, humour, transport, topographical, religious themes and similar
Lot 580 Lot number 580
Deltiology - a quantity of postcards to include military related, religious, topographical, Disney and similar
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