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We've started work on the catalogue and now you can check out the first few lots. We shall be adding more lots daily right up to the date of the auction. Please do not make enquiries, request condition reports or place bids before Monday 19th November.

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1 - 50 Collectables

Lot 2 Lot number 2
lot description to follow
Lot 5 Lot number 5
lot description to follow
Lot 6 Lot number 6
lot description to follow
Lot 7 Lot number 7
Snuff Mull - a shell with a white metal mount and single hinged lid Est 20 - 40
Lot 8 Lot number 8
A large colour map of Europe - Europa, Bodenverh'a'ltnisse, Westermann Schulwandkarten, 26.Auflarg 183 cm x 198 cm - Est 220 - 260
Lot 9 Lot number 9
A vintage Lucas Ranger 5LR spot light and a Lucas Fog Ranger 5FT Est 25 - 50
Lot 10 Lot number 10
After Isador Jules Bonheur (French, 1827-1901) - two bronze equestrian groups, 'Jumping the Fence', 26 cm (high), both scribed Bonheur to th...
Lot 11 Lot number 11
An animal skin 130cms x 145cms
Lot 12 Lot number 12
A good collection of plated ware to include two coffee pots, napkin rings, claret jug, decanter and more (qty)
Lot 13 Lot number 13
HMV (His Master's Voice) - an early table top gramophone in good clean condition with two needle tins, appeaqrs to be in good working order ...
Lot 14 Lot number 14
Thirteen fruit and pen knives to include some silver hallmarked, mother of pearl, ivory and tortoiseshell Est 80 - 120
Lot 15 Lot number 15
A Stanley combination plane No 13-050 in original box (nominal use)
Lot 16 Lot number 16
Engineering instruments - a selection of instruments to include a cased adjustable micrometer by Moore & Wright, others by Draper and mo...
Lot 17 Lot number 17
A lot to include two Bush Antique Radios one with certificate of authenticity stating it is an updated replica, circular dial to the front s...
Lot 18 Lot number 18
A vintage Pye radio marked Cambridge England in wood veneered case and attached electric cable, two front switches for tuning and volume wit...
Lot 19 Lot number 19
A radio by Steepletone, model number NR 880 / NR 881C in veneered case with circular inset showing radio bands metal surround stamped 1934 a...
Lot 20 Lot number 20
A good collection of vintage radios including Hacker Mini Herald, model RP17A in red leather case, Roberts RP3, 3 band portable with battery...
Lot 21 Lot number 21
A vintage EAP microphone model #VR64
Lot 22 Lot number 22
A small quantity of vintage microphones to include a Sony Dynamic microphone model #F96 in original case, a Grundig vintage microphone model...
Lot 23 Lot number 23
A white metal Vesta with black Bakelite shell in the form of a turtle
Lot 24 Lot number 24
Two boxes containing a mixed lot of fishing reels and accessories to include fishing hooks, floats, disgorger, penknife, a floating fish kni...
Lot 25 Lot number 25
A small mixed lot to include a Wedgwood black stoneware flared vase, 18.5 cm (h), a cut glass sugar shaker with hallmarked silver mount, a t...
Lot 26 Lot number 26
Vietnam / American war interest - a Zippo lighter inscribed Vietnam Chu Lai 68-69, we came we saw we conquered, Pleiku pleasure Rang Phu Swa...
Lot 27 Lot number 27
Vietnam / American war interest - a Zippo lighter inscribed Vietnam Phu Bai 66 - 67, verso you are the man that has made my wonderful life p...
Lot 28 Lot number 28
Vietnam / American war interest - a Zippo lighter inscribed no mission too difficult no sacrifice too great duty first and verso Vietnam 68 ...
Lot 29 Lot number 29
Vietnam / American war interest - a Zippo lighter inscribed Vietnam Cu Chi 67 - 68 inscribed verso we came because we believe we leave becau...
Lot 30 Lot number 30
A good mixed lot of collectables to include four clay pipes, four pipe tampers / cleaning accessories, vintage enamel lapel badges (Everton,...
Lot 31 Lot number 31
A good selection of plated ware to include a coffee set, a tazza, sauce containers, bowls, wine bottle holder, two sets of coffee spoons wit...
Lot 32 Lot number 32
A papier mache snuff box, the hinged lid decorated with a water mill also included in the lot are two further wooden hinge lidded snuff boxe...
Lot 33 Lot number 33
Three powder compacts one marked Deauville, Richard Hudnut,
Lot 34 Lot number 34
A mahogany cased canteen of fish knives and forks and a selection of period plated flatware (2)
Lot 35 Lot number 35
lot description to follow
Lot 36 Lot number 36
Three snuff boxes comprising a brass example, a copper and brass enamel lidded example and one advertising Yates's Castle Brewery Ltd Birken...
Lot 37 Lot number 37
A pair of plaster busts depicting a young lady, approximately 53 cm (h) (2)
Lot 38 Lot number 38
A large floor lamp depicting a lady holding aloft the bulb, approximately 136 cm (h) (without shade) and three busts depicting ladies, large...
Lot 39 Lot number 39
lot description to follow
Lot 40 Lot number 40
lot description to follow
Lot 41 Lot number 41
lot description to follow
Lot 42 Lot number 42
lot description to follow
Lot 43 Lot number 43
lot description to follow
Lot 44 Lot number 44
lot description to follow
Lot 45 Lot number 45
lot description to follow
Lot 46 Lot number 46
lot description to follow
Lot 47 Lot number 47
lot description to follow
Lot 48 Lot number 48
lot description to follow
Lot 49 Lot number 49
An Asian metal plaque with pierced figural and scrolled decoration, 22 cm (diameter)
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