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We've started work on the catalogue and now you can check out the first few lots. We shall be adding more lots daily right up to the date of the auction. Please do not ask for condition reports or place absentee bids prior to Monday 25th November

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1 - 50 Collectables

Lot 2 Lot number 2
A large Globe Collection terrestrial globe, 43 cm diameter with horizontal and vertical rotation on chrome stand
Lot 3 Lot number 3
A cast iron and metal post box approx 59cm x 35cm x 27cm (with two keys) [WRMGR]
Lot 4 Lot number 4
A German bisque headed Heubach Koppelsdorf doll marked to the back of the head '321 11/0', 'Germany', with open mouth, sleeping blue glass e...
Lot 5 Lot number 5
Taxidermy - a taxidermy weasel sat on a branch, approximate height 42 cm and a handmade decorative bird display covered with a protective gl...
Lot 6 Lot number 6
Two cast figurines depicting Retriever and Greyhound set on the plinth, approximate height 18 cm [2] (XD2)
Lot 8 Lot number 8
A brass bell (vendor states this was rescued from a building in Liverpool)
Lot 9 Lot number 9
A carved wooden figure depicting a cowboy, measuring approximately 89 cm [H].
Lot 10 Lot number 10
Door Furniture - a large cast door knocker in the form of a lions head (xdnok)
Lot 11 Lot number 11
An Elkington & Co canteen of twelve fruit knives and forks, a pair of cloisonne vases (A/F), approximately 18 cm (h) and two plated spoo...
Lot 12 Lot number 12
An advertising can, displaying Shell fuel, approximate height 34 cm [VCSSQ].
Lot 13 Lot number 13
Fire Bell - A rotary fire hand bell, sound 60 dB, can be heard up to 35 metres, made from Diecast aluminium, approximately 27 cm including m...
Lot 14 Lot number 14
A cast iron weather vane depicting a Blacksmith [XWBBW]
Lot 16 Lot number 16
A pair of cast figures depicting greyhounds, approximate height 28 cm [XGHBD]
Lot 17 Lot number 17
A Chinese hardstone puzzle ball with depiction of dragon and phoenix, approximately 13 cm (d)
Lot 20 Lot number 20
A jacket bearing Red Cross shoulder insignia, cloth Mobile V.A.D badge, Royal Naval Hospital cloth badge and similar.
Lot 21 Lot number 21
A cast iron wall mounted cow head approx 30cm (h)
Lot 22 Lot number 22
A bronze French Bulldog
Lot 23 Lot number 23
A metal model depicting a Knight in suit of armour, measuring approximately 77 cm [H].
Lot 24 Lot number 24
An Optima for John Lewis wicker picnic basket with contents.
Lot 25 Lot number 25
A six setting canteen of cutlery by Atkin Brothers Shefield.
Lot 26 Lot number 26
Two pairs of candlesticks and a decorative Oriental table lamp with shade, the largest candlestick measures approximately 37 cm [H] [5].
Lot 27 Lot number 27
A cast iron wall hanging boot holder with a brush [XHBHO]
Lot 28 Lot number 28
A vintage blue glass bottle with bead work bottle cover in a geometric pattern approx 16cm (h) including stopper
Lot 29 Lot number 29
A cast iron novelty cup / coat rack
Lot 40 Lot number 40
A cast iron door stop in the form of Marilyn Monroe [XDSMM]
Lot 41 Lot number 41
A wooden drinks barrel with attached tap, approximately 26 cm x 35 cm.
Lot 42 Lot number 42
A quantity of lighting systems to include KAM, Lloytron, a Citronic Pro 1 USB Mini Mixer and similar.
Lot 43 Lot number 43
Lot to include a Eumig 607D dual 8 silent projector, a Eumig Mini 3 Camera, 8mm film reels and similar.
Lot 44 Lot number 44
Two wooden jointed hands and two artist manikins (4)
Lot 45 Lot number 45
A lot to include hardstone carvings, carved wooden elephants, ceramic cats and similar.
Lot 46 Lot number 46
A Carlton Ware Guinness toucan lamp with shade, approximately 39 cm (h) including shade.
Lot 47 Lot number 47
A circular Castrol fuel can [VCCRO]
Lot 48 Lot number 48
A large wooden shelf rabbit
Lot 49 Lot number 49
A five string banjo, no makers mark.
Lot 50 Lot number 50
Lot to comprise a quantity of metalware, brass, copper, plated and similar. [2]
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