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This is a Trade Auction and The Consumer Rights Act 2015 does NOT apply. All lots are sold without any form of warranty or guarantee and all sales are final. If in doubt, intending bidders should seek a condition report prior to auction.

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2 - 50 Collectables

Lot 4 Lot number 4
A good quality, dome top writing slope with mother of pearl and abalone inlay, fitted interior with one glass inkwell, approximately 13 cm x...
Lot 5 Lot number 5
John Letts - A limited edition bronze sculpture entitled 'Cherie', numbered 14 of 60, approximately 10 cm (h) and 24 cm (l), with certificat...
Lot 6 Lot number 6
Kelvin & Hughes Ltd 'Star Globe Epoch 1975' printed by George Philip & Son Ltd, case is lacking the lid.
Lot 9 Lot number 9
A World War Two (WWII / WW2) period vase carved from stone taken from the Houses of Parliament after it was bombed during the war, the vase ...
Lot 10 Lot number 10
A pair of Indian twin handled vases with intricate, chased decoration, the handles in the form of cobras, approximately 27 cm (h) and one fu...
Lot 11 Lot number 11
A World War Two (WW2 / WWII) hand bell, marked A.S. 1942 and with broad arrow / crows foot, approximately 25 cm (h).
Lot 12 Lot number 12
The Protector Lamp & Lighting Co Ltd, Type 6 safety lamp, approximately 23 cm (h).
Lot 13 Lot number 13
A large, good quality, brass bound writing slope, with fitted interior, secret compartment that opens to reveal three hidden drawers, approx...
Lot 14 Lot number 14
A large bronze vase with relief decoration of birds and flowers, twin dragon handles to the neck, approximately 35 cm (h)
Lot 15 Lot number 15
A collection of pens and pencil comprising a Parker ballpoint, Parker propelling pencil, two Parker fountain pens (one a Slimfold with 14k n...
Lot 16 Lot number 16
A Parker 75 Sterling Silver Executive Soft Tip pen set contained in original box.
Lot 17 Lot number 17
A vintage, replica Nostromo crew cap from the film Alien as worn by Brett (Harry Dean Stanton), believed to be signed by Harry Dean Stanton ...
Lot 18 Lot number 18
A good quality writing slope with fitted interior, 'secret' compartment that opens to reveal two drawers, approximately 15 cm x 35 cm x 23 c...
Lot 19 Lot number 19
A Disney, Mickey Mouse 'Through The Ages' table lamp, approximately 47 cm (h). [2]
Lot 20 Lot number 20
A vintage Sofnol 'Chelsea' soil testing kit, with instructions.
Lot 21 Lot number 21
Automobilia - Two vintage fuel or petrol cans, each with brass cap, each approximately 32 cm (h). [2]
Lot 22 Lot number 22
A pair of Victorian cast iron plaques or fireplace inserts by Carron Company, decorated in the classical style, approximately 52 cm x 14 cm....
Lot 23 Lot number 23
Two Disney musical snow globes comprising 'A Bug's Life' and Winnie The Pooh, largest approximately 21 cm (h). [2]
Lot 24 Lot number 24
A Disney musical snow globe, 'Fantasia', approximately 25 cm (h).
Lot 25 Lot number 25
A Disney musical snow globe, Winnie The Pooh, approximately 21 cm (h).
Lot 26 Lot number 26
A large Disney 'Beauty And The Beast' snow globe, approximately 33 cm (h)
Lot 27 Lot number 27
A brass fireman's helmet.
Lot 30 Lot number 30
A good quality brass pedestal stand with pierced decoration, approximately 25 cm (h).
Lot 31 Lot number 31
A collection of brass ornaments, a Vogue Vanities powder compact, silver plated trowel and similar.
Lot 32 Lot number 32
A mixed lot to include a desk tidy with two glass inkwells, Kodak Brownie 8mm Movie Camera II, barometer, carved wooden lion and similar.
Lot 33 Lot number 33
A collection of stainless steel wares, plated and similar to include Lundtofte tray, Old Hall tea wares and similar.
Lot 34 Lot number 34
Mixed lot to include a wooden jewellery box, small artist's lay figure, Digsmed candle holder of circular form and similar.
Lot 35 Lot number 35
A canteen of plated cutlery by Thomas Turner & Co, Sheffield.
Lot 36 Lot number 36
A collection of treen, wooden bowls, trinket boxes and similar.
Lot 37 Lot number 37
A vintage pond yacht, approximately 90 cm (l).
Lot 38 Lot number 38
Lot to include a Hockley Lamp & Limelight Company safety lamp, vintage fire hose nozzle, other brass ware and similar.
Lot 39 Lot number 39
A collection of modern metal and enamelled wall signs. [11]
Lot 40 Lot number 40
A small collection of Robertsons 'Golly' badges, hand painted band figures and similar.
Lot 41 Lot number 41
Photography - A collection of cameras to include Polaroid, Kodak, Chinon and other.
Lot 42 Lot number 42
A small mixed lot of collectables to include vintage cigarette lighters, rolled gold Parker pen, white metal vesta case / match safe in the ...
Lot 43 Lot number 43
A small vintage briefcase or attache case.
Lot 44 Lot number 44
A small collection of vintage calculators to include Casio, Texas Instruments and Sharp.
Lot 45 Lot number 45
Chess Set - A metal chess set, king approximately 10 cm (h)
Lot 46 Lot number 46
Lot to include a Zippo 'Full House' cigarette lighter, Acme 'Boy Scout' whistle, Belgian civil long service decorations and similar.
Lot 47 Lot number 47
A German bisque head doll with sleeping eyes, open mouth, composition body, marked to the back of the head B6 (A/F)
Lot 48 Lot number 48
Photography - Lot comprising cameras and binoculars to include Olympus 35RC, Zeiss Ikon Ikonta and similar.
Lot 49 Lot number 49
A plaster panel depicting knights at battle, reproduction halberd (107 cm length) and similar. [3]
Lot 50 Lot number 50
A collection of treen, carved wooden vase, walking stick and similar.
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