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Valuation Day at Wigan Postponed (3rd September 2020)
The Valuation and Acceptance Day scheduled for Tuesday 8th September at Wigan has been postponed for reasons beyond our control. Please check back later for more info.

August 2020

Opening times this weekend
Valuation Day at St Helens
The Auction Centre on TV

July 2020

Our regional valuation centres are re-opening
Auction date brought forward
Timed Auction On-Line

June 2020

Specialist Music Sale coming soon
More specialist auctions coming soon

May 2020

Another auction added in June
We are open for Business
Timed Auction now on-line

April 2020

Current Trading
Client Services
Two Auctions This Week
Timed Auction Now On-Line

March 2020

Business Arrangements during Covid-19
Regional Valuation Days
Change of date for Asian auction
More specialist auctions coming soon

February 2020

Five auctions in March
Asian Fine Arts auction coming soon
Valuation Day at Frodsham

January 2020

The Auction Centre on TV
More Specialist Sales coming soon
Timed Auction ending soon

December 2019

Arrangements over Christmas

November 2019

An opportunity arises
The Auction Centre on TV

October 2019

The Auction Centre on the Beeb
The World's Greatest Collection of Wombles
Valuation Day at Frodsham

September 2019

Now Recruiting Additional Staff
Huge Clock collection in September sale

August 2019

Specialist Militaria Sale coming soon