Hammer prices for auction 294

Lot Catalogue Description Price
2 A cold cast bronze vase with relief equestrian decoration, approx 25.5 cm (high), approx weight 6.4 kgm Est 80 - 120 65
3 A cold painted bronze study of an unbridled standing horse, height 18.5 cm x 10 cm (l), approximate weight 310 grams 80
4 A copper and brass fire extinguisher with embossed brass plate marked Nuswift Baxendale & Co Ltd, Miller Street Manchester, pat No. 277282, also marked with operating instructions, 39cms (h) Est 40 - 60 25
5 Enamel sign - an original enamelled sign entitled Patent Eloersa Water Closet Paper Dispenser by Dodo Designs (MFRS) Ltd., approximately 15 cm x 12 cm. Estimate 40 - 60 40
6 A Gowlland Ophthalmoscope diagnostic set in a lined presentation case also included in the lot is a thermometer in white metal case 10
7 A pair of art deco style Widdop Bingham table lamps - [2] 18
8 A good quality heavy wall mounted brass bell and a pair of brass wall mounted lion heads inscribed inside 1766 2434, approx 12 cm (high) 30
9 A three panel stained glass screen approximately 71 cm x 104 cm 140
10 An original Huntley cast iron red post box / pillar box, with operational lock and two keys, 112 cm (high) 160
11 A good quality Victorian cast iron bird bath approx 90cm (h) x 50cm (diam) 70
12 A good quality brass wall plaque with relief decoration of The Last Supper, inscribed Amen Dico Vobis Quia Unus Vestrum Traditurus Est, approx 36cm x 65cm 30
13 An oak smokers cabinet with plaque dated 1941, the cabinet containing lidded mixing bowl, smokers pipes and other accessories with key, approx 30.5cm (h) 45
14 A tea caddy, 21cm x 31cm x 15.5cm and a further tea caddy, 18cm x 31cm x 16cm - [2] 50
15 A 1940s bakelite telephone with wheel dial and sliding drawer, converted for modern use - included in the lot is a further modern handset in the style of a duck - [2] 75
16 Shackleton Bomber - a propeller blade marked 'BA6, DP5232150 P, Shackleton, METROLOGY MASTER, HY34873, gross weight 40 lb 5 oz, NETT - 46-10', approx 192 cm (h) x 28 cm (w) - Est 200 - 300 160
17 An original miner's safety lamp, Protector Lamp & Lighting Co Ltd 20
18 A set of early 20th century postal scales with complete set of weights Est 20 - 40 30
18A An early to mid period Merchant Navy lead lined chest marked 'Sells 40', 36 cm x 92 cm x 54 cm 25
18B An early to mid period Merchant Navy packing trunk with wood banding, 34 cm x 85 cm x 56 cm 15
18C An early to mid period Merchant Navy metal trunk, marked 'Mr W E Sells', 30 cm x 85 cm x 50 cm 12
18D An early to mid period Merchant Navy shipping case with banding marked 'Sells', 32 cm x 92 cm x 55 cm 10
19 A brass weighing balance and a cased set of graduated weights 30
20 An art deco dressing table mirror and a vintage Castrol Motor Oil can 65
21 Taxidermy - a mounted pair of bull's horns - Est 30 - 50 28
22 A scratch built model of a three masted galleon 52cm (h) x 60cm (l) 55
23 A large wall mounted brass bell approx 9.4kgs height of bell approx 29cm and a further brass handbell - [2] 35
24 A Georgian mahogany cutlery box with serpentine outline, the hinged lid opening to reveal a fitted interior with applied brass hardware, 34cm x 23cm x 27cm Est 80 - 120 130
25 A pair of fireside companion sets modelled as mediaeval knights, 65cm (h) (2) Est 50 - 80 60
26 A pair of black painted spelter Marley horse groups on wooden stands, 43cm (h) Est 20 - 40 25
27 A good quality compositor's type case (printing) containing a selection of collectables, the case secured with three glazed panels to the upper surface to enable wall display, 82 cm x 36.5 cm 15
28 A large quantity of good quality plated tableware (qty) 50
29 An early wooden double pulley block with hook, 50 cm 22
30 A white metal desktop set with pen and three inkwells 18
31 An original mechanical Money Bank in the style of a black man, 15.5 cm (high) 30
32 An Art Deco white metal pedestal bowl, 6 cm (h) x 23 cm (diameter) 22
33 Railwayana - a Peevy (log roller / sleeper roller) marked 'WARREN PA (?)', 130 cm 15
33A Two early farming implements comprising a pitch fork and a scythe (2) 10
34 Railwayana - an early 20th century sleeper bracket installation hammer, 'marked 10 lb, Oil Pin BR' 15
35 A pair of early period cast iron wall mounted hay or straw horse feeders, 50 cm (h) x 110 cm (w) - [2] - Est 30 - 50 20
36 A KJWORKS Mk 2 6 mm BB CO2 Pistol with a near full bag of 6 mm BB pellets, nominal use, boxed - Est 40 - 60 30
37 A SMK .22 (5.5mm) cal Break Barrel Air Rifle with black wooden stock and iron sights, with bagf 28
39 Sword and scabbard - a British Army Officer's dress sword marked to the hand guard GR with decoration to blade and inscribed 'Aldershot Stores, Aldershot' in leather covered steel scabbard, chagrin grip, length of blade 84 cm - Est 60 - 80 75
40 A zoom spotting scope marked Telesport 18-36x50mm mounted on a Miranda Titan TP30 telescopic tripod support 30
41 A 19th century French bayonet and steel scabbard, 66 cm (length in scabbard) the blade engraved M d'Avenue de Chatu 8 lire 1879, serial no 24839, the scabbard 59003 40
42 An 1874 pattern heavy cavalry sabre in metal sheath, blade length 81 cm, blade width 3 cm, length of scabbard 85 cm, the blade unmarked - Est 60 - 80 800
43 A French model 1842 yataghan sword bayonet with leather grip and leather scabbard with metal mounts - Est 40 - 60 35
44 A World War One (WW1) 1917 dated US Winchester Bayonet For P 14 Rifles and Scabbard. A U.S. Pattern 1913 bayonet made by Winchester in June 1917 for British .303'' P.14 rifles. These bayonets were later issued back to U.S. Forces. The P.14 rifles were adopted by UK Reserve Forces both in WW1 and Home Guard extensively in WW2. It has a clean blade and both grips are missing. The reverse has several inspection stamps . Winchester only produced 225,000 1913 pattern bayonets compared to the 1,243,000 produced by Remington making them quite scarce. It is complete with a steel mounted leather scabbard - Est 80 80
45 Two 18th century British Naval boarding short sabres with chagrin wired grip and brass hand guards, 74 cm (length) - Est 60 - 80 110
46 Two vintage ten litre Gerry cans 20
47 An early 20th century Imperial portable typewriter in hard case 10
48 A Horn Gramophone by His Master's Voice, Est 40 - 60 75
49 A Horn Gramophone by His Master's Voice 80
50 A Horace Lindrum Champion snooker cue by Raper & Sons, Manchester, approximately 144 cm (l) with metal case 20
51 A child's Penny Farthing style bicycle, black with brakes fitted to the rear wheel - 66 cm front wheel and 19 cm rear wheel - Est 60 - 100 150
52 A child's vintage black tricycle marked 'Sunbeam', solid rubber tyres - Est 50 - 80 30
53 A lady's Windermere Puch bike with Sturmey Archer gears, 24inch wheels 18
54 A Black Phantom Puch gentleman's racing bike with Corsaire 313 seat, 25inch wheels 50
55 Garden ornament - a stoneware statue depicting a Pan in a seating position approx height 72 cm 20
56 Garden ornament - a stoneware statue depicting a child, approx height 75 cm 30
57 A brass telescope on tripod support, a set on kitchen scales with graduated weights, a period gentleman's shaving set and other (qty) 55
59 A 4 wheel metal trolley. Estimate 25 - 40 35
60 Garden Stoneware - a garden bench 20
61 A good quality Victorian cast iron wall mounted water feature bearing a lion's head approximate height 63 cm x 30 cm 110
62 An oval metal planter. Estimate 20 - 30 22
63 A pair of stone planters approx 35cm (h) x 39cm (diam) (2) 30
64 Two round metal planters. Estimate 20 - 30 20
66 Four large vintage perspex globe shaped light shades. Estimate 40 - 80 10
67 A large stone planter 20
68 A good collection of garden ornaments to include a cast iron bird bath, a cast iron plant rack, a vintage watering can and similar (6) 40
69 A stone planter, a stone ornamental frog and a stone ornamental wall planter in the form of a cherub (3) 15
71 A good mixed lot to include three AA vintage car badges, an RAC vintage badge, a BMC diesel inscribed verso J. Fray Ltd, Birmingham and a Trojan diesel sign, also included in the lot is a miniature brass abacus and a cast iron novelty can opener in the form of a bull 35
71A A cast iron novelty money bank marked 'Save and Smile Money Box', 10.5 cm (high) 20
72 Hummel - a quantity of twenty ceramic Christmas tree decorations by Hummel in original case 65
73 Military - A white metal travel tin containing a field medic doctors kit issued to a doctor in the Royal Army Medical Corps and two wooden shields from the Royal Army Medical Corps and Eighth Army (3) 40
74 A large round tray advertising Coca-Cola. Estimate 20 - 30 20
75 A quantity of eleven vintage tins to include Marcovitch, Black & White Cigarettes, Capstan Navy Cut Cigarettes, Altoids and Wasp Air Rife Pellets containing a quantity of pellets 12
77 A bronze figure of a mother and child, approximate height 12 cm. Estimate 45 - 55 45
78 A stone garden ornament depicting a lady holding a bird, approximate height 80 cm 20
79 A pair of salt glazed chimney pots approximate height 66 cm x 31 cm x 31 cm (2) 30
80 Two pairs of antique stained glass panels, all papels, 50 cm (h), two panels 19.5 cm (w) and two panels 14 cm (w) - Estimate 20 - 40 40
82 A good quality antique opaque hand-painted light shade. Estimate 40 - 60 60
83 An antique super-quality brass and leather horse tack bearing stamped solid brass patent double cased No. 2. Estimate 50 - 70 50
84 A pair of gentleman's riding boots in boot stretchers 55
85 A good quality brass and glass ceiling light with opaque shade 10
86 Hugh Wallis - a good quality hammered copper pedestal bowl / centre-piece by Hugh Wallis, approximate height 14 cm x 26 cm (d) inscribed to the base with the maker's mark logo and a Hugh Wallis hammered copper wall clock depicting a ship, inscribed with maker's mark and logo and also Hugh Wallis paper label verso inscribed 70449, approximate height 8 cm x 48 cm (d) (2). Estimate 60 - 80 110
88 Hohner - a Chromatic Harmonica 'The Larry Adler Professional 12', Germany in case and a MC Dupont cigarette lighter in leather case - [2] 22
89 A substantial cloisonne bulbous vase with everted rim decorated in a floral design, 31 cm (high) 50
90 A Zeiss Ikon Perkeo 511 Projektor with wooden carry case 15
91 A gentleman's MBL Saint Malo mountain bike 10
92 A Vox Valvetronix amplifier model AD30VT serial no 071857 with mains lead and manual 20
93 A replica late Empire Gladius with engraved blade and wood effect scabbard, overall length in scabbard 78 cm 35
94 A full hand basket Scottish broad sword with wooden scabbard covered in a leather effect, overall length in scabbard approx 108 cm 45
95 An antique sampler by Elizabeth Allen McKenzie, Dunover, dated 8.12.1828, age 12 years Born in 1816), framed under glass, image size 41 cm x 33 cm. 55
96 An Asian Apprentice Piece fascia with intricate Oriental decoration throughout including carved ivory detail, the whole set in a wall mounted display case, the case measuring 55 cm x 95 cm 50
97 A Royal Navy pie hat, HMS Heron and a good collection of Cap Tallies 35
98 Three British Army helmets comprising World War Two (WW2) BMB 1941, D70 (probably ARP) and later 1952, and a gas mask - [4] 55
99 A very large twin handled terracotta urn with relief decoration depicting a pair of bearded dragons, 69 cm (h) x 54 cm (w) 40
99A A good mixed lot of collectables to include a mother-of-pearl inlaid trinket box, three leather belts, hallmarked silver hairbrush and clothes brush, badges and buckles, walnut cigarette dispenser and other 35
100 Ebano Bronze - an unusual bronze sculpture depicting a dog with crystals, set on a marble plinth by Casasola Ebono with certificate, approx 27 cm (h) x 49 cm (w) 30
100A An extremely large general lot contained in eight boxes to include a Shelley part tea service, glassware, ceramics, table lamps and other - (multi-lot) 35
101 Jack Coburn Witherop - two engravings by Jack Coburn Witherop, one depicting a farm scene in a limited edition of 13 of 30, image size 11 cm x 15 cm, signed in pencil by the artist lower right and the other depicting a woodland scene also signed in pencil lower right, image size 12 cm x 14 cm, both are mounted and framed under glass, also included in the lot is a print entitled Dickensian Inns Pickwick Papers The Bull in Rochester, mounted and framed under glass 15 cm x 9 cm (3) 10
104 An oil on board depicting a rural scene with a castle in the distance, signed lower right by the artist K.B.Hanock, gilt framed, image size 35 cm x 44 cm. 10
105 A heavy, oval ceramic framed picture with couples dressed in period clothing, mounted and framed, overall size of frame 63 cm x 70 cm. Overall size of ceramic oval 35 cm x 42 cm. 10
106 After M Chapman - 2 signed prints by M. Chapman depicting scenes with children, both with blind stamp lower left, signed in pencil to the margin, lower right, mounted and framed under glass, image size 30 cm x 23 cm (2) 10
107 After Riley - A limited edition colour print entitled ''Marbles'' 57 of 500, signed by the artist lower right, mounted and framed under glass, image size 30 cm x 29 cm 15
108 A good quality bevel edged wall mirror, approximate size 80 cm x 100 cm including frame 25
109 A large bevel edged mantle mirror in an ornate gold gilded frame, approximately 126 cm x 92 cm 10
110 A print entitled Summer Saturday by Chris Woods mounted and framed under glass, image size 40 cm x 60 cm and two unframed prints in a limited edition, signed in pencil by the artist John Austen, one entitled Western Storm No. 183 of 1000 and the other Dawlish Castle No. 13 of 350 image size for both unframed prints 37 cm x 56 cm and both have certificate of authenticity 15
125 An Indian wool rug in gold and brown tones, approximately 122 cm x 180 cm 15
126 A Flying Lady car mascot. Estimate 100 - 150 95
127 A good mixed lot of ornamental brassware to include a brass twin-handled centrepiece, a good quality door knocker, approx 23.5 cm (high) a nut cracker in the form of a crocodile and similar 40
128 An antique ceramic two-handled leech jar (missing lid) and an original perspex telephone sign. estimate 20 - 40 15
129 A collection of eight good quality perfume bottles of varying shapes, colours and sizes to include a heavy green glass bottle with dipper, one with atomiser with puff, one with decorative top and similar, included in the lot is a heavy glass paperweight with pink lily design 25
130 A quantity of bed warmers and similar 20
132 A good mixed lot to include a quantity of ceramic Robertson's promotional thimbles, miniature clocks, Snow White & Seven Dwarves bowl, mustard pot and a set of The Beatles thimbles and a quantity of various other thimbles to cloisonne, enamelled and similar. (over 2 shelves) 40
133 A brass compass by Kelvin and Hughes. Estimate 20 - 30 20
134 Two boxes containing a mixed lot to include ceramic tableware by Johnson Brothers decorated in the Indian Tree pattern, graduated Hummel water jugs, Staffordshire flatbacks, glassware, a large Spode pedestal bowl and other (2) 20
136 A quantity of vintage glass bottles, some advertising bottles and stoneware bottles, also included in the lot is a small quantity of brass wall plaques (qty) 10
137 A good mixed lot to include a digital Pentax camera, a Cannon EOS1000F camera, glassware, ceramics, plated ware and other 10
138 A good quality lamp in the form of a Lambretta scooter. Estimate 55 - 65 55
140 A brass telescope by Kelvin and Hughes in leather case. Estimate 25 - 35 25
141 A mahogany sideboard with mirror, approximately 175 cm (h) x 78 cm x 54 cm 20
142 A chest of drawers two over two with mirror, approximately 170 cm (h) x 112 cm x 49 cm 30
143 A chest of three drawers, approximately 82 cm (h) x 107 cm x 46 cm 12
143A A good quality leather topped pedestal desk approximate height 77 cm x 130 cm x 68 cm 150
144 Three stick back Ercol dining chairs (3) 30
144A A pair of bedside cabinets, 70 cm (h) x 46 cm (w) x 38 cm (d) - [2] 30
145 A wrought iron garden table with six matching chairs, 70cm x 180cm x 88cm 240
145A A good quality floor standing mirror on stand, 182 cm (h) x 52 cm (w) 10
146 A cast aluminium garden table with four chairs and a stool, 69cm x 94cm x 63cm 50
146A Stanley Furniture - a large good quality light wood, mirror backed glass display cabinet, 208 cm (h) x 108 cm (w) x 45 cm (d) 50
147 A cast aluminium garden table 69 cm (diam) with four chairs 80
147A Stanley Furniture - a good quality light wood hall table, 78 cm (h) x 153 cm (w) x 43 cm (d) 15
148 A pair of oak rocking chairs 50
148A Sony - a 26'' flat flat screen Sony BRAVIA television set, model no KDL-26S5500 with remote control 30
149 An oak octagonal occasional table, 79 cm (h) x 56 cm x 56 cm 15
149A Stanley Furniture - a good quality light wood drum shaped cabinet with marble top, 64 cm (h) x 57 cm (diam) 20
149B Stanley Furniture - a good quality light wood drum shaped cabinet with marble top, 64 cm (h) x 57 cm (diam) 20
150 A Victorian mahogany two door glazed display cabinet / bookcase Est 30 - 50 20
151A A heavily carved antique oak table 62 cm x 38 cm x 38 cm 20
152 A slope fronted bureau, approx 102cm x 53cm x 40cm 20
152A A mahogany dressing table mirror, 47 cm (h) 18
153 A pair of Victorian oval framed mirrors, the frames with floral and foliate borders, 39cm x 33cm (2) 70
154 A good quality mahogany display cabinet / bookcase with glazed twin doors and shelved interior, 112 cm (h) x 96 cm (w) x 25.5 cm (d) 15
155 A Jones treadle sewing machine, 79 cm (h) x 92 cm (w) x 46 cm (d) 50
156 Two painted wood framed rocking chairs - [2] 25
157 A good quality leather topped drum table, 60cm (h) x 50cm (diam) 12
158 A good quality mahogany plant stand, 75 cm (high) 15
159 An early 20th century French five-arm chandelier 18
164 A three seater Chesterfield sofa in olive green, approximately 70 cm x 190 cm x 96 cm 160
165 A three seater Chesterfield sofa in olive green, approximately 70 cm x 190 cm x 96 cm 180
166 A good quality oak chair 18
166A Retro - two tile topped occasional tables 10
168 A good quality terrarium approximate height 73 cm x 60 cm x 35 cm 18
168A Pioneer - a 50 inch flat screen television with remote control, model No. PDP - LX5090 50
169 A button back chair and a child's wooden chair marked to the back Kingfisher of West Bromwich (2) 15
169A A nest of three onyx topped tables on castors 15
170 Kensington Rocking Horse Company - a carved wooden rocking horse with dapple grey painted features inset with glass eyes and horse hair mane and tail, leather saddle and reins, marked Kensington to the wooden frame (slightly worn), approx 95cm (h) x 110cm (w) x 40cm (d) Est 300 - 500 200
170A An oak drop-leaf table 76 cm x 31 cm x 90 cm extending to 148 cm 10
172 A traditional Indian carved teakwood swing with antique look solid brass chains, for formal use or for family areas, 203 cm (h) x 210 cm (w) x 92 cm (d) 280
172A A modern display cabinet 163 cm x 40 cm x 34 cm 38
173 The Dulceola floor standing gramophone with winding arm, 80 cm x 69 cm x 48 cm 35
173A A good quality bedroom furniture set comprising three chests each with three drawers, 77 cm x 80 cm x 48 cm and a bedside cabinet, 54 cm x 40 cm x 48 cm 30
174 A good lot to include two painted pine wall shelving units, a milking stool and a Morco wooden sewing box containing a quantity of sewing accessories (4) 40
174A A good quality beech glass fronted cabinet, 106 cm x 65 cm x 47 cm 35
176 A good quality leather wing back armchair 130
176A A mahogany chest of seven drawers, 120 cm x 50 cm x 34 cm 18
177A Stanley - a good quality French style whitewashed pine sideboard by Stanley, 97 cm x 190 cm x 57 cm 75
178 A mid 18th century oak corner cupboard of bowed form with mahogany crossbanding, circa 1750, approximate height 114 cm x 50 cm x 74 cm 150
178A Stanley - a good quality French style whitewashed pine chest of eight drawers by Stanley, 108 cm x 170 cm x 54 cm 70
179 An upholstered balloon back chair and a side table 91 cm x 162 cm 15
179A A pine Welsh dresser, 83 cm x 136 cm x 43 cm 65
180 A matching pair of bedside cabinets 30
181 A modern dressing-table with stool and mirror 20
181A John Austin Furniture - two good quality chests of drawers - [2] 10
182 A good quality pine wine cupboard / rack, approximate height 77 cm x 83 cm x 39 cm 15
183 A late 19th century pine chest of drawers two over three with original bun handles, approximate height 105 cm x 104 cm x 46 cm 100
184 A good quality pine cupboard with two drawers, approximate height 84 cm x 91 cm x 46 cm 30
185 Four good quality circular floor rugs, the larger two by William Armes Ltd (approximate diameter 100 cm) and the smaller two from the Homemaker Rug Collection (approximate diameter 80 cm) (4) 10
185A A Hoover Generation Future Spirit, bagless vacuum cleaner in box. 10
187 A good quality floor rug by Mastercraft Rugs in red and cream, approximately 195 cm x 136 cm 18
188 A good quality floor rug decorated on a red ground, approximately 220 cm x 160 cm 60
189 A good quality floor rug decorated in tan and brown approximately 225 cm x 160 cm 65
192 Camelia - a lady's good quality grey handbag marked Camelia Roma with dust cover (unused) 15
194 A framed advertising mirror entitled Au Salon De L'Automobile, LA Ford Francaise, 60cm x 44cm 10
196 Four lady's coats, one light brown fur coat marked Leeds Boston, approximate length 60 cm , a brown coat with fur trimmed collar approximate length 105 cm, a white fur jacket approximate length 70 cm and a green coat approximate length 110 cm 50
197 Three lady's coats, a wool and camel hair coat marked Jaeger in light brown approximate length 105 cm, a retro 1960s style coat approximate length 100 cm and a brown fur coat approximate length 110 cm (3) 25
199 Three fur coats, one in black approximate length 115 cm, one in white approximate length 115 cm and a further coat with label marked Colman Sumberg, approximate length 85 cm (3) 35
200 A two-piece suit with label marked Armani Collezioni and a fur coat in white with label marked Andre Ciganer, Paris, approximate length 120 cm 170
201 A lot to include two fur coats, one in brown approximate length 85 cm and the other in black with label marked Barmink, approximate length 110 cm, a leather jacket marked Skin approximate length 70 cm and a further jacket in blue marked Hugo Boss approximate length 85 cm 10
202 Unused Retail Stock - two child's carved rocking sit-on dinosaurs (sealed in original flat pack boxes) 15
203 A good lot to include a Black and Decker Workmate 550 work bench, a Black and Decker power drill, circular saw attachment and sander attachment (3) 30
204 A vice and a hard case containing a Torq Laser Level tool kit, appears in excellent condition with instructions and carry case (2) 20
205 A quantity of approximately 200 unused souvenir tea towels, a ceramic table lamp, two medallions of Beethoven, a white metal whistle and similar 35
206A A stereo system to include Technics radio, cassette player, DC Amp, Phillips compact disc player and a turntable (qty) 25
207 A large quantity of good quality, clean flatware, approx weight 14 kgm 70
207A A mixed lot to include Murano glass vase, paper weights, pin badges and other (qty) 22
208 A good mixed lot of glassware and ceramics to include Fenton glass, a Royal Doulton character jug entitled The Poacher model #875201, meat plates and similar (qty) 10
209 A new keyboard stand, boxed and a Stentor violin with two bows in protective case (2) 55
210 Photographic Equipment - a quantity of photographic equipment to include a Logitec webcam, a Hitachi digital photo frame, cameras to include Selecta 14 and similar 10
211 A good lot to include a ceiling spotlight, 2 wall lights, a gym ball and similar, all boxed. 10
212 A good mixed lot to include a Stuart Crystal decanter in original box, a Beswick water jug, collector plates, paperweights, wooden vintage clogs and other 15
214 A good mixed lot to include a vintage hat, decorative glassware, fishing reels, wall plaques and other 10
216 A good mixed lot of ceramics to include a Sylvac coffee service inscribed to the base model No. 4039, a Carltonware cruet set, Poole pottery vase, a Sylvac dish model No.3014 and other 15
217 A good mixed lot to include ceramics, brass ware, ceramic rolling pin, a plated wine thermometer and other 10
218 A good mixed lot of glassware, ceramics, brass weighing scales, also included in the lot is a Fenton jug, a dressing table set and other 22
219 A good mixed lot to include SK Sport boxing gloves, Olympus Sport sparring pad, two comical figures entitled Wade Dooley the British Lions, England and a leather satchel with a Masonic apron marked to the wallet E,C. S. 10
220 A good mixed lot to include a framed watercolour, a tapestry, a quantity of 33.3 vinyl record albums, also included in the lot is a picnic basket containing a large quantity of crested spoons and other (2) 10
221 Photographic equipment - a a quantity of photographic equipment, cameras, lighting umbrellas, an HP Photosmart A618 and similar 15
222 A vintage suitcase containing vintage phones, fishing reels, collector plates, an Xplod Sony car radio, also included in the lot is a quantity of golf clubs 10
223 Two boxes and a picnic basket containing a mixed lot to include ceramics, plated ware, glassware, unused retail stock and other (3) 10
226 A good mixed lot of ceramics, also included in the lot are two boxes of costume jewellery (jewellery situated in fine art area) (3) 8
228 A good mixed lot to include a Medisana neck massage cushion, an LG camera, unused retail stock and other 10
229 A good lot of vintage metal ware to include bellows, commemorative pieces issued by the Chamber of Mines of South Africa Prevention of Accidents Committee, a copper horn and a Swiftsure vacuum clothes washer 12
230 Amby - an infant / baby hammock by Amby in a shoulder carry case 10
231 Ladies handbags - a quantity of good quality ladies handbags and clutch bags marked Prada, Mulberry, Radley, Henley, CK and similar 25
233 A good mixed lot to include a large twin handled Art Glass vase, a plated tankard and a quantity handbags marked Radley, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and similar 12
234 Approx 29 Doctor Who DVD's predominantly sealed in cellophane, a carved wooden walking cane, a walking stick and two mirrors (qty) 30
235 A waistcoat displaying in excess of 100 medals for cheer leading and similar, some are blank and some with logo's also included in the lot is a lady's modern oversized day bag marked Gucci (2) 28
236 A good lot to include a quantity of photographic equipment to include a Zeiss Ikon slide projector, boxed, a Canon digital video camcorder in case, a Canon Eos 300 camera in case, a pair of binoculars in case marked Mark Scheffel, a quantity of lantern slides and similar 28
237 A mixed lot to include three ceramic bread bins and a container for eggs 10
238 A good mixed lot to include an art glass vase, a glass dressing-table set, a set of Russian nesting dolls, a quantity of plated spoons, mixed ceramics, a lady's compact and similar 10
240 A good mixed lot to include a Fantasy and Legend white metal model of King Arthur, two vintage medicine bottles, a Royal Doulton model No. 1296 Siamese Kittens, a desk-top calendar, French puzzle cup, glass paperweights, lacquer ware with mother of pearl inlay, five 2 coins, one commemorating the tercentenary of the Bill of Rights, a 50p piece commemorating the Battle of Britain and similar 25
247 A good lot to include a vintage turntable by Garrard model Costa Brava in case and three vintage cameras to include a Pentina, a Minolta AL-F and an Ilford Sporti No. 4 (2) 10
248 A good lot of ceramics to include a Wedgwood fallow deer vase, jugs, plates, a quantity of glassware, a mantle clock, two pieces of D J glassware, entitled Tree of Life and Spring and Winter and a model of the Cutty Sark with plaque stating 'Collector's Edition this handcrafted model is mounted on a section of decking salvaged from the Cutty Sark during restoration' 10
249 A good lot to include a Japanese hand-painted ceramic tea caddy, a Nao figurine of a girl holding a doll, a soapstone carving of a musician riding a buffalo, a Leonardo model of Shrewey the Shrew and a wristwatch by Yess 10
250A A good mixed lot of glassware and ceramics to include, a quantity of Marks and Spencers ceramic tableware decorated in the ''Thai Fields'' pattern, Asian bowls and other. 10
251 A good mixed lot to include a quantity of vintage wooden hand tools, planes, spirit levels and other 10
253 A good quality fishing chair by T F Gear and a quantity of fishing accessories (2) 12
255 A cast iron money box in the form of a butcher's pig. Estimate 20 - 30 18
255A Two boxes containing a good mixed lot of ceramics to include Royal Doulton, Myott, Wade and other to include a cased portable compass - (2) 10
256 A good lot to include 20 33.3rpm vinyl records to include The Drifters, Abba, Neil Diamond and a vinyl copy of Harmony Street by Unity containing signatures, a quantity of music books and a copy of Liverpool Echo, Mersey Memories, Mersey Special souvenir binder 10
256A A cast German badge displaying the German eagle and swastika. Estimate 20 - 30 25
257A A good lot to include an antique cast iron pierced framed fire guard, a boxed Singer sewing machine and an oak framed wall mirror (3). Estimate 20 - 40 15
258A A quantity of mixed antique collectables to include, ceramics, glassware, brassware and an original Yardley English Lavender ceramic soap stand 10
259 Over 600 early-mid period postcards of Scotland with some Ireland with real photos and street scenes Est 50 - 70 80
259A A good lot to include 2 copper horns, 2 metal wall mountable candle sconces, a lacquered box, a pair of binoculars Tecnar by swift in case and similar. 10
260 A collection of in excess of 100 theatre programmes 20
260A A good mixed lot to include, a quantity of ceramics comprising Imari ware, a ceramic charger, jugs, bird figurines, a Hornsea figurine, 2 glass bowls and similar. (2) 10
261 Approximately 700 rugby league programmes featuring St Helens home and away games, ranging from 1980s to 2016, programmes are predominantly in excellent condition (5) 20
261A A good mixed lot to include a quantity of ceramics comprising, a Marshall's anti-tannic tea infuser teapot, Burleigh ware Japonica, a quantity of collectors plates, cups, plates, saucers, a figurine depicting Pegasus and a figurine depicting an owl. (2) 10
263 The Beatles - a retailer's promotional large board double-sided poster commemorating 30 years 1964-1994, Capitol Records, poster size 89 cm x 59.5 cm - Est 20 - 40 15
264 An old postcard album comprising subjects also including UK topographical featuring social history, beauties, greetings and similar Est 40 - 60 32
265 A Manchester United footbal shirt bearing signatures to include David Beckham, Alex Ferguson, Gary Pallister - included in the lot is a full season's programmes 1967, in addition to Liverpool FC and Manchester Utd 1991 and similar - [qty] 30
267 A good lot to include approximately 80 33.3 vinyl LP's to include, The Beatles, Please Please Me, With The Beatles, Help, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (including card cut out insert), Rubber Soul, Revolver, Abbey Road, Dire Straits, The Moody Blues, Olivia Newton-John and similar. Also included in the lot is a quantity of 45 rpm vinyl singles. (2) 200
268 A good Victorian photograph album dated 1887 with the monogram M.J.A. containing larger format photographs including Queen Victoria, Glamis Castle and a church Est 40 - 60 45
269 Philately - three albums containing a collection of mid 20th century and later UK and world postage stamps with a quantity of unsorted loose stamps to include Penny Red and other 20
270 A quantity of CD's and DVD's to include, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, The Stone Roses and similar. 35
271 A quantity of Beatles memorabilia to include, books, magazines and Mike McCartney's Liverpool Life book bearing signature. 20
272 A quantity of 33.3 rpm vinyl LP's to include, The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, The White Album, Rubber Soul, The Best of The Monkees, Kate Bush, Elvis and similar. 60
273 Approximately 30 45 rpm vinyl singles to include, Paul McCartney, Beatles and The Stones, The Beatles, John Lennon, Slade, Kate Bush and similar. 30
274 Philately - a collection of UK mint stamps with a face value in excess of 50, a further collection of first day covers and a shoebox containing a large quantity of unmounted UK and world postage stamps (qty) 40
281 Two cast iron novelty money banks marked Esso 20
282 Myth and Magic - a large Myth and Magic figure issued in a limited edition entitled The Beasts' Treasure, approx 31cm (h) 20
286 A matched pair of wall hangers in the style of axes and a Ronson cigarette lighter in original box with related ephemera 10
287 A good lot to include a vintage jigsaw puzzle of the Cunard Liner Aquitania, with a picture of the completed jigsaw with no missing pieces, a further vintage jigsaw by Victory, two crested ware pieces, three vintage tins to include Rowntree & Co,and Cadbury Bournville, an Orlik cigar cutter in original box, a 1937 Coronation souvenir dressing-table mirror and brush, a Doulton Lambeth pepper pot and similar 50
288 A mixed lot of collectables to include three cased sets of drawing instruments, an engineer's vice, a money bank (Yorkshire Bank), a miniature flat iron and a fire screen (qty) 18
289 A good mixed lot to include a lady's evening purse decorated with beads, two wristwatches one by Accurist and one by Camel, three small pairs of white metal scissors, a Pixie powder puff, boxed, a Hohner Echo Harp, boxed and similar 15
290 A good mixed lot to include a cast iron door stop, ceramic tableware to include Spode, Royal Albert, Wedgwood Jasperware, Hornsea and other 10
292 Three statues, one depicting Britannia approximately 32 cm (h) and two depicting female nudes one 31 cm (h) and 34 cm (h) 25
293 A good mixed lot to include an oil lamp, a Staffordshire flatback entitled Tom King and a pair of Royal Sidney ware vases marked W. Lowe (qty) 10
294 A walking stick in the form of a golf club. Estimate 20 - 30 22
295 A leather hippo in standing position, 16 cm (h) x 28 cm (l) - Estimate 20 - 30 22
298 Two ceramic phrenology heads. Estimate 20 - 30 30
300 A brass marine master box. Estimate 25 - 35 22
302 Moorcroft Pottery - a lidded rectangular dish decorated with pink coral hibiscus on a green ground 5cm x 12cm x 9cm 20
304 Royal Worcester - a large plate hand painted with depictions of peaches and grapes signed B Cox (Brian) 27cm (diam), perfect condition Est 80 - 120 150
306 Three Shelley plates decorated with designs by Mabel Lucie Attwell and one warming plate, also decorated by Mabel Lucie Attwell (4) 20
307 Carltonware - three pieces of Carltonware Rouge Royale to include a table lighter, a lidded dish and similar 15
309 A group of five Robertson's figures playing musical instruments, approximately 7 cm (h) 15
311 Three pieces of Chameleon Ware by Tunstall to include a bowl, two handled jug a two handled vase and a Wedgwood Jasper Ware vase in black (4) 20
312 George Jones - a George Jones Imperial Rouge bowl with a white metal rim decorated in a floral pattern on a mottled deep blue ground, approximate height 8 cm x 18.5 cm diameter 20
315 Wade - A collection of approximately 37 Wade Whimsies and Wade Whoppa ceramic figures (predominantly animals) all appear in mint condition. 55
316 Beswick pottery - five figurines comprising 'Arab Xayal' #1265, brown gloss, 'Sunlight' #2875, white matt on plinth, and three dogs (5) 30
318 Wade - A collection of 16 ceramic Wade Whimsies and Whoppas with certificates and boxes. 50
319 Crown Derby - a Crown Derby paperweight in the form of mother and child monkeys bearing it's gold stopper, 9 cm (h) in excellent condition 30
320 Wade - approx 29 ceramic Wade Whimsies, all appear in mint condition 55
321 Wade - a collection of approx 31 ceramic Wade Whimsies, to include nursery rhyme themes, animals and similar 85
322 Wade - a collection of approx 32 wade Whimsies and Wade Whoppers, all animals 65
323 Wade - approx 30 ceramic wade Whimsies and Wade Whoppers all appear mint 65
324 Wade - A quantity of approximately 35 Wade Whimsies, all animals, to include some metallic gold and silver coloured ones. 60
325 Crown Derby - a Crown Derby footed spill vase decorated in the Imari pattern 1128, 6.5 cm (h) (in excellent condition) 30
326 Wade pottery - six figurines comprising GM Green Man, Puck, Camping Bear 1998, Dennis the Menace 1999, and a pair of cruets Andy Capp 35
327 Crown Derby - a Crown Derby dish decorated in the Imari pattern 1128, 3 cm (h) x 17 cm (d) 30
328A A highly decorated, antique Imari bowl 7 cm (h) x 25 cm (d) and an antique ceramic Buddha 17 cm (h) (2) 18
329 A good mixed lot to include a Royal Doulton lady figurine entitled Autumn Breezes RD No. 835666, a Royal Doulton figurine entitled Going Home from the Images Collection, HN No. 3527, a Beswick figure depicting a Scottie dog, also included in the lot are German steins, Portmeirion, Wedgwood and similar (qty) 20
329A A pair of 19th century European ceramic figures of a lady and gent, approximate height 33 cm also included in the lot is a ceramic plate and vase by Belleek. (4) 10
330 Manor Limited Editions - 2 ceramic figurines, produced in a limited edition, from the ''Stars of the Black and White Movies'' series to include, Charlie Chaplin 14 cm (h) 135/250 and Laurel and Hardy 13 cm (h) 136/250 both modelled by Ray Nobel. 25
331 Manor Limited Editions - 2 ceramic figurines, produced in a limited edition, from the ''Stars of the Black and White Movies'' series to include, James Cagney, 13 cm (h) 65/250 and Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers 13 cm (h) 11/250 both modelled by Ray Nobel. 25
331A A late 19th century tall baluster vase with image depicting two black girls holding a white baby within a panel on a black ground with blue base and rim, 34 cm (high) 20
334 Waterford crystal - a Waterford crystal timepiece with certificate and two further crystal figurines depicting giraffes, approximate height 17 cm and a dolphin, approximate height 14 cm (3) 20
335 Five hand-painted Robertson band members and two Pratt ware ceramic wall plaques 15
336 A brass framed signed ceramic plaque. Estimate 25 - 35 22
337 Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey cat entitled Got-Ya. Estimate 15 - 25 22
338 Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey cat entitled Make-my-Day. Estimate 15 - 25 22
339 Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey Concord teapot in the Westport design. Estimate 30 - 40 28
340 Four pieces of Royal Albert Old Country Roses. Estimate 15 - 25 15
341 A good mixed lot to include Staffordshire pottery, Aynsley, Wedgwood, Mosa and similar 100
343 Wedgwood - eleven pieces of ornamental tableware decorated in the Clio pattern 55
344 A 19th century Chinese hand painted charger with painted character mark to the base, 36.4 cm (diameter) 15
345 Lorna Bailey - a Lorna Bailey tall thin jug entitled Dingle Cottage. Estimate 30 - 40 30
346 A good mixed lot of ceramics to include a Limoges hand painted casket with three clear glass perfume bottles within, 7 cm, a Paragon miniature jug, 9 cm, an early 20th century Royal Worcester pot pourri of footed, globular form with pierced, short cylindrical neck (lacking cover), painted in a nfloral design, shape 1039, 9.2 cm, a Wedgwood covered trinket box and other dressing table wares (qty) 15
347 Asian Arts - three 19th century Chinese bowls hand painted in shades of orange, blue, green and magenta - [3] 15
349 Crown Derby - a ceramic paperweight in the style of a cat decorated in the Imari pattern with gold stopper (condition excellent) 30
351 European ceramics - three early period hand painted figurines and mug with applied frog within - [4] 140
353 A Royal Doulton Art Nouveau style wash bowl in blue and white 40 cm (d) and 1 further wash bowl 41 cm (d) 10
354 Moorcroft - a Moorcroft trial piece vase in the Moon Shadows pattern 160
355 Hutschenreuther Kunstabteilung Selb - a German porcelain figurine depicting a nude female with fawn, 24 cm (h), a Price Kensington novelty teapot in the form of a Lion with coronet cover and a further ceramic figurine depicting a huntsman with hound - [3] - Est 80 - 120 65
359 A good quality antique, highly decorated Imari ceramic charger 5 cm (h) x 40 cm (d) 75
361 Shelley - thirty-six pieces of Shelley tableware in white with gilded edges to include plates, cups, saucers and a bowl 50
362 A lot to include 42 pieces of ceramic tableware in the Fresh Fruit pattern by Johnson Brothers and similar 55
365 A Royal Doulton tea service comprising approximately 85 pieces decorated in the Etude pattern H5003 (qty) 30
366 A Minton tea set comprising approximately 24 pieces decorated in the Jasmine pattern 10
367 Paragon by Royal Albert - a tea service decorated in the Imari pattern, twelve place setting comprising twelve plates, twelve saucers, eleven cups and eleven fruit / soup bowls, displayed over two shelves - condition: five saucers slight wear to gilding, one soup bowl stained to both sides of handles, two plates minimal loss to gilding No cracks, no chips, no hairlines, no paint loss and no restoration 480
368 Two Royal Albert part tea services Trellis pattern, Losol ware Pemona pattern and other 15
369 Royal Doulton - a collection of approximately 49 pieces of ceramic tableware by Royal Doulton decorated in the Nimbus pattern, ten pieces of ceramic tableware by Minton decorated in the Vineyard pattern, a small quantity of Denby, a lidded preserve pot by Minton decorated in the Vanessa pattern and other (qty) 20
369A Aynsley - a part tea service decorated with buttercup handles comprising eleven pieces and three Wedgwood cabinet cup and saucer pieces decorated in Clio, Hunting Scenes and Humming Birds 110
370 Royal Osborne - a quantity of tableware decorated in the Caprice pattern (unused in original boxed packaging) 15
371 A Vienna style spring driven wall clock, the stained beech case having turned and carved decoration along with Arts & Crafts style applied and coloured designs, opening glazed door, the dial having a white enamel chapter ring with Roman numerals and pressed decorative centre, grid-iron style pendulum with R& A to the centre, 8-day hour and half past gong-striking movement, with pendulum and key - Estimate 80 to 120 90
373 An art deco chrome metal framed clock and two piece silver plated smoker's set in original box circa 1920. Estimate 30 - 50 15
374 A good mahogany cased English grandmother clock, square silvered dial with applied chapter ring and engraved Arabic numerals marked for the retailer Armstrong, Manchester, the caddy-top hood flanked by round columns with brass capitals and sliding off to access the spring-driven three-train Westminster quarter chiming movement, which appears to be of English manufacture though is unsigned, the trunk has a full length opening door, stepped base and supported on a shaped plinth, the clock has an applied, silvered presentation plaque to Mr. W.H. Tonge on completion of 50 years service in 1923, with pendulum - Estimate 100 to 200 120
376 Two mantle clocks and a wall barometer 12
377 Two wall clocks 15
378 An oak cased mantle clock with pendulum and a further oak cased mantle clock with pendulum and key 18
381 A Bradford Exchange cuckoo clock entitled Nature's Timeless Mystery with certificate of authenticity, a wall barometer and a clock commemorating Elvis Presley entitled Entertainer of the Century (3) 20
383 A lady's gold cased pocket watch, the hallmarked 18 carat case having assay marks for JW, London, 1839 and serial number A6030, incised decoration to the edge and engine-turned decoration to the case rear, Swiss style key wound movement, white enamel dial with matched blued steel hands, slender Roman numerals, winding aperture at the one o'clock position, attached to an associated yellow metal chain, with key - Estimate 180 to 220 150
385 A mahogany cased Smiths Enfield mantle clock Roman numerals striking on the hour and half hour with pendulum and key 20
387 A Postman's Clock ca 1880 with pendulum and weights, Roman numerals on a white dial 21 cm (diameter) 45
388 An oak cased art deco mantle clock, Arabic numerals striking on the hour and half hour with pendulum and key and a further oak cased mantle clock with Garrard movement 15
390 An Anglo-American wall clock with mother of pearl inlay, Roman numerals on a white dial measuring 30 cm (d) striking on the hour circa 1880. Estimate 50 - 80 55
393 A Junghan Vienna style wall clock ca 1900, Roman numerals on a white dial 50
394 A Junghan Vienna style wall clock ca 1900, Roman numerals on a white dial 45
399 A 17th century style American stained beechwood bracket clock, the dial marked Howard Miller, having an eight-day movement, chiming gongs, 46.5 cm (high) - Est 150 - 200 80
400 A good Art Nouveau oak cased mantel clock, the case having incised and carved decoration, opening glazed bezel to access the white enamel dial, Roman numerals and matched blued steel hands, hour and half past gong striking movement by S.Marti et Cie, Paris - Estimate 50 to 80 50
401 A large quantity of UK pre-decimal coins, predominantly pennies and halfpennies, approx weight 4.8kgs 20
402 Numismatology - a collection of predominantly UK pre-decimal coins to include early 20th century silver coins, and four wallets, 'The Great British 1983 Coin Collection' 45
403 A World War Two (WW2) medal group comprising the War medal, 1939-1945 Star, Italy Star, Defence medal, Territorial Army with bar and Coronation medal, all with ribbons and clasp, and a matched set of miniatures - included in the lot is ''The Bell Medal' presented by the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs 75
404 Masonic - St Bartholomew Lodge No 6071 - a sterling silver medal with enamel decoration and ribbon with 'Founder' clasp, cased - included in the lot are enamel lapel badges comprising RAMC (on silver), RML Atlantis (on silver) and other similar 30
405 A Royal commemorative tin ca 1935 containing approximately 25 regimental cap badges and similar 50
406 World War Two (WW2) medal group comprising War medal, Defence medal, 1939-1945 Star, Italy Star, France and Germany Star, Africa Star with North Africa 1942-43 bar, all with original ribbons and OHMS box with official comp slip 40
407 Numismatology - six encapsulated brilliant uncirculated Silver Britannia coins Two Pounds (2), one ounce, 2013 - Est 150 - 180 130
408 Numismatology - five encapsulated brilliant uncirculated Silver Britannia coins Two Pounds (2), one ounce, 2012 - Est 150 - 180 130
416 A good quality Ashton - Drake galleries dressed doll, with box, a Lady's triple stranded graduated pearl necklace with white metal clasp, a miniature pewter clock by A.E. Williams with instruction leaflet and original box and a display stand containing 11 miniature Lilliput Lane cottages. (4) (pearl necklace in cabinet 5) 22
431 A hallmarked silver Armada dish, London assay, approx 159grams 40
432 An Edward VII hallmarked silver cigarette case, Chester assay 1904, approx 153grams 40
434 A hallmarked silver coffee pot with wooden handle, clear hallmarks, London assay 1966, no dings or bangs, few minimal surface scratches, approx height 22cms, approx weight 575 grams, 190
435 A George V hallmarked silver circular picture frame, Birmingham assay 1922, 11 cm (diameter) 15
436 Four silver butter knives, two knives Sheffield assay and two London assay 15
437 A white metal pin cushion in the form of an egg, approximately 5 cm (h) 22
439 A hallmarked silver nine-piece dressing table set with blue enamelled decoration to all pieces, Sheffield assay 1963 140
440 A pair of hallmarked silver knife rests modelled in the style of foxes, Birmingham assay 1989 55
441 An Edward VIII hallmarked silver mustard pot, Birmingham assay 1936 with silver serving spoon, a silver napkin ring and a silver Royal commemorative spoon - [3] 30
442 An Edward VIII silver cigarette case, Birmingham assay 1936 inscribed to the interior 'Lieutenant W Wood MM from the non-commissioned officers and men of No. 56 Platoon H Company 42nd County of Lancaster Battalion Home Guard 1/10/41', also included in the lot is a further yellow metal cigarette case 30
443 A George V hallmarked silver Vesta case, Birmingham assay 1925 25
444 A hallmarked silver photograph frame, approx. 15.5 cm x 15.5 cm - Est 20 - 30 22
445 A white metal Peter Rabbit bookmark stamped 925. Estimate 20 - 30 20
447 A white metal bookmark in the form of a petrol can funnel stamped 925. Estimate 15 - 25 15
448 A twin arm hallmarked silver candlestick on wooden plinth, Sheffield assay with engraved dedication dated 1959, approximately 15.5 cm (h) 65
451 Two hallmarked silver fobs one with a sterling silver chain 22
452 A hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold band, approximately 3.05 grams and a hallmarked silver band 30
453 A lady's ruby and diamond three stone presumed 18ct white gold, approx diamond weight 0.7 of a carat, 4.27grams, (all in) size R and half, Est 400 - 500 260
454 A lady's hallmarked 9ct gold and cz ring, approx weight 2.2grams, size L, boxed - Est 30 - 40 28
456 A mixed lot of predominantly costume jewellery to include a necklace and earring set, a ring, a brooch, a Wade collector's enamel badge, a silver bracelet with coloured stones, a Citizen watch, boxed, pearls and similar 20
457 A good mixed lot of predominantly costume jewellery to include paired earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, vintage powder compacts, pendants and other, also included in the lot is a small quantity of sterling silver and 925 silver 35
459 A lady's hallmarked 9 carat gold and 0.50 ct black diamond cluster ring, approximate weight 2.6 grams size Q, boxed - Est 50 - 70 60
460 Two good quality necklace sets from the Cornelius Collection, each set containing two necklaces in boxes 18
461 A lady's 9 carat gold cubic zirconia earring and pendant set, approx weight 2.2 gm (unused surplus retail stock) - Est 25 - 35 22
462 A good mixed lot of predominantly costume jewellery and evening wear to include pearls, cultured pearls, tiger's eye, paired earrings, also included in the lot is a small quantity of 925 silver 45
463 A lady's platinum full eternity ring, diamond set, each diamond 0.05pt, comprising 24 brilliant cut stones, total carat weight of diamonds 1.20 ct, approx 3.10 gm (all in) - Est 400 - 500 360
464 A lady's 18 ct yellow gold traditional style ring, set with 8 mill grain / bead set old cut diamonds, approx 1ct diamond, size L, approximate weight 3.15 g, Est 500 - 800 400
465 A lady's hallmarked 9ct yellow gold ring set with large pearl, size K, approx weight 1.65g 20
476 A lady's 14K white gold cluster ring set with diamonds and sapphires, size P, approx weight 3.96 gm (all in) 80
477 A 9 carat gold 20 pt diamond set leaf earrings and necklace set, approx 4.3 gm unused surplus retail stock - Est 60 - 90 60
480 A 9 carat white gold pink sapphire drop pendant, approx weight 1.1 gm, unused surplus retail stock - Est 25 - 35 40
481 A lady's 9 carat gold .10 pt diamond set half eternity ring, size_, approx weight 2.9 gm unused surplus retail stock - Est 35 - 50 35
483 A lady's 9 carat 50 point carat baguette and round diamond ring, approx. 3.4 gm (all in), size _, in presentation case, unused surplus retail stock - Est 110 - 150 60
486 A 9 carat gold .20 pt diamond stick pendant and earrings set, approx. weight 2.1 gm unused surplus retail stock - Est 35 - 50 30
488 A lady's 9 carat gold solitaire ring, size , approx weight 2.3 gm, unused surplus retail stock - Est 30 - 50 30
489 A lady's yellow metal diamond ring stamped 10K, size U + 1/2, approx weight 3.01 gm (all in) - Est 30 - 50 30
495 A lady's hallmarked 9ct white gold and three citrine stone set pendant, approx. weight 1.3 grams 20
496 A lady's pair of 9 carat gold 20 pt trilogy stud earrings (unused surplus retail stock) - Est 30 - 40 30
501 A lady's 9 carat gold diamond set smoky quartz ring, size P & 1/2, approx. weight 2.4 gm (unused surplus retail stock) - Est 30 - 50 65
510 A sack of unsorted costume jewellery 60
511 A sack of unsorted costume jewellery 60
550 A good lot of vintage perfumes. Estimate 20 - 40 15
555 Steiner Bear - an exclusive bear by Heidi Steiner available only to retailers for the promotion of O & B luxury nursery items and not available to the general public, ca 1992, approx 46 cm (high) mint 30

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