Hammer prices for auction 435

Lot Catalogue Description Price
2 A 19th century Vizagapatam, elk horn sewing casket or workbox, of sarcophagus form raised on four supports, the fitted interior with ivory lidded compartments (two covers lacking) set to a removable tray, approximately 22 cm x 31 cm x 24 cm. 300
3 A Walker & Hall silver plated and vaseline glass epergne, having three glass flutes, approximately 35.5 cm (h). Condition Report: Glass appears in very good condition, no chips, cracks or significant damage, some surface dirt in areas. 40
4 A 19th century Staffordshire pottery leech jar and cover with scroll handles, decorated in cobalt blue and gilt and scribed Leeches, the domed cover being pierced, indistinct impressed mark to the base, approximately 31 cm (h) Condition Report: The cover has one large chip to the rim 15 mm x 7 mm and one smaller 5 mm x 3 mm, the finial of the cover has been detached at some point and glued back in place, no apparent cracks or hairlines to the cover. There is a chip to the rim of the jar where the cover sits approximately 13 mm x 5 mm and a couple of chips to the underside rim, the largest being 12 mm x 4 mm, there is an old staple repair to one of the handles, an area of discolouration 20 mm x 10 mm to the left of the L on the Leeches label and a small 'star' hairline crack to the inside of the jar at the same point, loss to the gilding in areas. 600
5 A 19th century, amethyst glass, apothecary carboy / demijohn of bulbous form, some remnants of the gilt labeling remain, approximately 35 cm (h). Condition Report: Lip of the bottle is smooth to the touch, examination under light held in the neck of the bottle shows no apparent cracks, there are surface scratches around the bottle at the widest point and a couple of small nibbles to the lower portion of the bottle. 45
6 A 19th century, amethyst glass, apothecary carboy / demijohn of bulbous form, some remnants of the gilt labeling remain, approximately 35 cm (h). Condition Report: A few small chips / nibbles around the lip of the bottle, examination under light held in the neck of the bottle shows no apparent cracks, there is surface scratching around the body of the bottle at the widest point. 45
7 Lot to include penknives, Fire Service buttons, Ottmar Mergenthaler bronze medal, a pair of brass and mother of pearl opera glasses, a vintage Colibri table lighter and other 15
8 A brass desktop or counter top bell on wooden stand, approximately 17 cm (h) 70
9 A pair of good quality reproduction Samurai swords comprising katana and wakizashi, each with black lacquered saya, with display stand, katana approximately 70 cm blade and 102 cm total length. [3] 70
10 A vintage Joe Davis 600 Century Break Cue, 16 oz, approximately 148 cm (l), in metal case. 20
11 A Must de Cartier Briquet cigarette lighter contained in original box with paperwork. 75
12 A World War Two (WW2 / WWII) period United States M6 tank periscope, dated 1943. 15
13 A wooden desk tidy / inkwell stand bearing badge of the 12th Royal Lancers. 45
14 A Christmas Nativity diorama with ceramic figures, approximately 27 cm (h) 10
15 Ethnographica - An African pottery figurine, probably Kenyan, depicting a seated man dressed in a robe, incised mark to the base 'Flora', approximately 26 cm (h). 20
16 A vintage tin plate Tom and Jerry Jack In The Box by Rosebud Mattel. 12
20 A vintage Triebert alto saxophone, cased. 40
21 An acoustic guitar by Kremona. 50
23 An Epiphone Les Paul Standard electric guitar, Vintage Sunburst, contained in carry case. 160
25 A Maestro acoustic guitar by Gibson, contained in carry case. 15
28 Glenfiddich - A 75cl - 26? Fl Ozs bottle of Glenfiddich Pure Malt, aged over 8 years, 86 US Proof - 43 Gay Lussac, likely a 1970's bottling, contained in card tube. 15
29 Black & White whisky, standard size bottle, no capacity or strength stated and a Brogan Legacy Limited Edition single malt Irish whiskey 700ml 40% ABV, numbered 206/17588 contained in card tube. [2] 18
30 A half litre bottle of Moskovskaya Vodka 40% (70 Br proof), a 26? fl oz bottle of Beefeater Dry Gin 47 US proof, both likely 1970's bottlings and a 100cl bottle of Bacardi Superior 37.5% ABV. [3] 18
31 A glazed taxidermy bird display in naturalistic setting, approximately 47 cm x 38 cm x 35 cm. 100
44 Robert Harrop's Classic the Beano Dandy Collection - Lot to include five figures, which includes a ''school's out'' figure, a ''yo-yo'' collectors piece, a limited edition Jonah the Beano book colour alternative, a Brassneck figure, and a limited edition Aunt Aggie retro paint pattern. Condition Report: Figures appear in very good condition generally, no significant damage, the Yo-Yo piece is rather nicotine stained. 65
45 Robert Harrop's Classic the Beano Dandy collection - Lot includes a limited edition Desperate Dan ''Gone Fishing'' figure and The Dandy 70th anniversary limited edition box set, which includes a limited edition Desperate Dan figure and a limited edition Korky the Cat figure. [2] 50
46 Robert Harrop's Classic the Beano Dandy collection - This lot includes three figures, which are the Janitor, a Roger the Dodger ''school's out'' figure and a limited edition BDLE98 Beano Six O figure. [3] 50
47 A brass oil lamp with fluted column support and orange glass shade, approximately 74 cm (h) to top of chimney. Condition Report: Appears in good condition, no chips or cracks to the shade, one small chip to the glass chimney. 12
48 A brass oil lamp on circular base with four column supports, the shade decorated with game birds, approximately 74 cm (h) to top of chimney. Condition Report: A few scattered, small dents to the brass, shade appears good with no cracks or chips. 12
49 A copper and brass oil lamp with glass shade, approximately 51 cm (h) including chimney and a brass candle lantern with attached bell. [2] 15
50 Two brass oil lamps, one with wall mount, largest approximately 40 cm (h) including chimney. [2] 18
51 A brass oil lamp with ceramic reservoir and milk glass shade, approximately 54 cm (h) including chimney. 15
52 A brass desktop oil lamp (converted) with red and white glass shade with gilt highlights, approximately 52 cm (h). 15
53 An oil lamp with black ceramic base and brass support below a mottled glass reservoir and floral decorated shade, approximately 56 cm (h). 15
54 A brass column oil lamp with white shade, approximately 71 cm (h) including chimney and a Tiffany style ceiling light. [2] 15
55 An inlaid musical sewing table with Lador Swiss movement which plays the theme from Love Story when opened (working), key wind and original paper label to the base, the table contains a quantity of sewing accessories and vintage buttons, approx height 43 cm 10
56 A collection of oil lamps, candle stands, chambersticks, largest approximately 28 cm (h). 20
57 A converted oil lamp, brass with ceramic reservoir and milk glass shade, approximately 48 cm (h). 15
83 Mixed ceramics and glassware to include Sylvac, West German vases, Noritake, Crown Staffordshire and similar. 12
84 Four boxed Legends, Myths & Fables pewter fairy figurines with enamel decoration. [4] 15
85 Two boxes of mixed ceramics to include Carlton Ware, Sylvac, motto ware and similar. [2] 15
86 A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, plated ware, oil lamp and similar, two boxes. [2] 12
87 A mixed lot comprising ceramics to include Minton, Wedgwood, Limoges, Chinese, also includes a pair of cloisonne vases, two boxes. [2] 15
88 Mixed lot of ceramics to include blue and white, Chinese, Royal Doulton, Arthur Wood and similar, two boxes. [2] 12
89 Two boxes of mixed ceramics to include blue and white, Chinese, Japanese and other. [2] 15
90 Two boxes of mixed ceramics to include Haviland & Co Limoges, Tuscan China and similar. [2] 15
92 A collection of plated ware to include flatware (with some stainless), napkin rings and other and a small quantity of brassware, two boxes. [2] 40
93 Two boxes of mixed ceramics, predominantly dinner and tea wares. [2] 12
94 A mixed lot of Oriental ceramics to include vases, tea wares, plates and similar. 12
95 Soapstone group to include a pair of Guardian Lions, landscape carving, small sea and a lidded pot. 28
97 A quantity of mixed ceramics to include Carltonware Rouge Royale, Japanese, blue and white, Delft and similar, two boxes. [2] 25
98 Two boxes of mixed tea wares to include Ridgway, Royal Grafton, Paragon and similar. [2] 12
99 Lot to include factory sealed jigsaw puzzles, a boxed Spears chess set, a Berrick te and set of chess pieces with 9.5 cm King. [5] 12
100R Christmas Decorations - A Christmas tree and a large Clear Snowflake Rope Light Silhouette. [3] 12
101 A carpenter's wooden tool case containing a quantity of vintage planes and chisels. 25
102 A collection of metalware to include, plated, pewter and brass and a glass vase and stoneware kitchen jar. 20
103 A mixed lot comprising ceramics to include Wedgwood, Coalport, Meakin and other, glassware and a boxed Pelham Puppet. 15
105 A mixed lot comprising vinyl records to include The Beach Boys, The Stylistics, Paul Simon, Billy Joel and similar, stamp albums, philatelic literature, ceramics, glassware. [3] 20
107 A Sony micro hi-fi component system CMT-EH20DAB, appears unused. 15
109 A variety of rugs and cushions. [5] 10
111 A mixed lot to include kitchenalia, decorative wall art, ceramics and similar. 12
113 A collection of vintage hand tools, a potter's wheel and similar. [2] 20
114 A mixed lot to include camping equipment, tea card albums and a Hamilton Collection Star Trek collector plate. [2] 10
115 A mixed lot comprising ceramics to include three boxed Ringtons miniature replicas, teapots, glassware, plated and brassware and other. 12
116 Two bevel edge wall mirrors and three framed prints of ornithological interest. [5] 12
118 A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, brassware, paperweights and similar. 15
119 Lot to include exercise equipment, Manchester United Stadium Tour pass and Enid Blyton Bible Pictures (Old Testament). 10
120 A mixed lot comprising ceramics to include boxed Wedgwood items, glassware, ceramic Monk decanter and other, two boxes. [2] 10
121 A sewing box with contents, vintage linen, Hoover Dustette and similar. [2] 18
122 Two canteens of cutlery and a carving set. [3] 18
123 Lot to include ceramics, glassware, treen, French cast iron pan, brassware and similar, two boxes. [2] 12
124 Lot to include vintage Remington typewriter, croquet set, small scale snooker balls, vinyl records and similar. [2] 10
125 Lot to include mixed collectables, glassware, vintage dominoes, ceramics and similar, two boxes. [2] 10
127 A quantity of metalware, copper and brass. 20
128 A quantity of brass and other metal ware, predominantly candlesticks / chambersticks. 30
129 Metal ware, brass and other to include candlesticks / chambersticks, horse brasses and similar. 35
130 A collection of antique and vintage metalware, copper, brass to include measuring jugs, jelly moulds and similar. 45
131 Mixed metalware, brass, copper, pewter to include scales, horn, bellows, wall plaques and similar. 30
132 A large quantity of brassware, predominantly candlesticks. 40
133 Two boxes of mixed glassware to include ceiling light, bowls, vases and similar. [2] 18
138 Mixed ceramics and kitchen ware, three boxes. [3] 10
140 A large ceramic vase, six rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, a Riley snooker cue and a pool cue. 5
141 A late 19th or early 20th century, framed oil on canvas landscape scene depicting cattle taking water at a stream, signed lower right by the artist George Williams, approximately 19 cm x 29 cm image size. 40
142 A late 19th or early 20th century, framed oil on canvas landscape scene depicting sheep grazing below a tree with farm buildings to the background, signed lower right by the artist George Williams, approximately 19 cm x 29 cm image size. 40
147 An early 20th century oil depicting a soldier fishing at a river, signed lower right by the artist G Williams, unframed, approximately 27 cm x 38 cm and a watercolour country cottage scene 15
154 Two limited edition prints after Norman Thelwell, humorous angling scenes The Salmon Leap and Down By The River, each signed in pencil and numbered by the artist, framed under glass, approximately 21 cm x 30 cm image size. [2] 10
157 Pakistan - A hand knotted wool carpet, approximately 172 cm x 122 cm 40
158 A rug measuring approximately 192 cm x 125 cm 45
159 A wall mountable coat rack with mirror, approximately 42 cm x 84 cm. 20
163 A large candle stand (120 cm height), a plant stand and vintage wooden box. [3] 25
164 Lot to include table lamps, antique style wall clock, 49 cm (d) and similar. [5] 50
165 A varied collection of home decor to include candle holders, wall art and similar. 40
166 A stone effect, gothic style wall mirror / candle holder by Simon Jameson for Lost Worlds, approximately 82 cm x 24 cm. 20
167 Reconstituted stone and similar artichoke finials, largest approximately 44 cm (h) and a decorative column. 25
168 Garden ornaments to include reconstituted stone wall masks, large part glazed pot and similar. 60
172 A framed print of religious interest depicting Jesus, approximately 70 cm x 38 cm. 18
173 A framed oil on board landscape scene, titled verso The Vale Of Clwyd From Llanbedr Towards Denbigh, signed lower right by the artist A Dalrymple and dated 78, approximately 39 cm x 49 cm image size. 40
175R A twin door pine corner cupboard measuring approximately 184 cm x 97 cm x 43 cm. 20
176 Two watercolour landscape scenes comprising a view of a street beside a castle, mounted and framed under glass, approximately 30 cm x 40 cm image size and an early 20th century depiction of the childhood home of Ann Griffiths, signed by the artist W G Rose. [2] 1
178 A floor standing, telescopic, brass oil lamp, approximately 144 cm (h) when at lowest setting. 25
179 A mahogany, circular, tilt top table and six balloon back dining chairs, table approximately 75 cm x 122 cm. [6] 60
180 Ornamental Gardenware - a large planter of globular form, approx 92 cm (high) 80
182 Four terracotta planters comprising three cuboid ones measuring 13 cm x 23 cm x 23 cm, and a rectangular one measuring 13 cm x 42 cm x 20 cm [4] 15
184 Two terracotta planters of cylindrical form, 37 cm (h) x 36.5 cm (diam) [2] 25
185 Gardenware - a white painted metal garden set comprising rectangular table and six chairs, the table 72 cm (h) x 182 cm (l) x 105 cm (w) [7] 60
188R A mirror back, oak sideboard with carved detailing, approximately 173 cm x 153 cm x 55 cm. 12
190R An oak sideboard with mirror back, approximately 137 cm x 122 cm x 47 cm. 1
191 A 1940's Revo R8 enamelled electric cooker, metal plate displays 18727765, 230v, 5.9kw with makers mark, approx 88 x 55 x 43 cm ( top of cooker a/f ) 1
193R A storage chest and a trunk. [2] 5
194 Six dining chairs with upholstered seats and walnut veneered backs. [6] Condition Report: Generally good condition, some cracking to the veneer and one chair is starting to separate at the joints. 30
196 A Wolf Baby Cub air compressor and a Black & Decker Workmate. [2] 20
198 Three garden planters of cylindrical form, largest approximately 39 cm x 51 cm. [3] 15
200 Four garden planters of cylindrical form, largest approximately 30 cm x 40 cm. [4] 15
202 Two tool boxes containing a quantity of hand tools and a Black & Decker Workmate Workbox. [3] 15
203 An engineer's seven drawer tool chest by Union and two further wooden tool boxes. [3] 50
204 Lot to include a Bosch PKS 46 circular saw, electric drill and similar. 15
206 A copper fire hood, planished and riveted, approximately 102 cm x 125 cm x 20 cm. 10
207 A mixed lot of hand tools, gardening equipment and similar. [3] 15
208 A mixed lot of vintage and other tools, including drills, sander and other. 35
209 A sideboard with twin cupboards and drawers, approximately 79 cm x 122 cm x 51 cm. 10
210 A gilt metal mounted and red marble topped secretaire a abattant, approximately 136 cm x 69 cm x 37 cm. 180
211 A fold top card table on fluted supports, approximately 74 cm x 91 cm x 46 (92) cm. 15
212 A burr walnut veneered occasional table, approximately 70 cm x 52 cm. 30
213 A 20th century six drawer writing bureau, the tambour top opening to reveal a fitted interior, approximately 108 cm x 122 cm x 66 cm. 85
215 Three tool boxes containing a quantity of hand tools. [3] 12
216 A collection of reconstituted stone garden ornaments to include wall pocket, recumbent putto, Buddha head and other. 15
217 A quantity of tools to include a chop saw, trolley jack, Clarke Strong-Arm metal folder and other. 25
218 Sony stereo equipment including turntable and a Samsung 22'' television. [6] 10
219 A oval topped coffee table with inlaid decoration, approximately 43 cm x 120 cm x 70 cm, a chrome three tier wedding cake stand and a wall mountable shelving / display unit in the shape of a heart. [3] 15
221 A cast iron framed overmantel mirror of architectural form with bevelled pane, approximately 85 cm x 84 cm 45
223 A Benares brass folding table and a wall mountable shelving / display unit. [2] 20
231 Philately - A binder containing first day covers and mint stamps and a small quantity of coins, commemorative crowns and similar. [2] 40
232 A collection of 12'' vinyl records, blues, jazz, Motown and other to include Huddie Ledbetter, Jimmy Smith, Booker T & The M.G.s, Sonny Boy Williamson, Lightning Hopkins, Bo Diddley, The Leadbelly Box and similar. 55
233 A quantity of 12'' vinyl records to include The Traveling Wilburys, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Smith, The Beach Boys, Dusty Springfield, The Who and similar, also included in the lot are two Elvis videos. 30
234 A quantity of vintage sheet music, two guitar carry cases and a boxed ukulele. [4] 12
235 Two limited edition, signed, photographic prints issued by Big Blue Tube comprising Nat Lofthouse and Tom Finney, 60 cm x 42 cm, with certificates of authenticity. 25
237 A binder containing a collection of film and TV promotional photos, some with facsimile signatures. 12
240 James Lawrence Isherwood (1917-1988) - Two books entitled 'Catalogue of Art Sales - The Path to Wigan' and 'What the Papers Say' both issued in a limited edition of 50 copies 120
245 Liverpool Football Club - A collection of publications and memorabilia relating to Liverpool FC including 1976 scarf, pennants, Charity Shield ticket stub, record and similar. 35
246 Liverpool Football Club - Lot to include the passport of former Liverpool player James (Jim) Harley, Liverpool player 1934 - 1948, 131 appearances, marked to the description page Profession: Footballer, also included in the lot is a 1965 FA Cup Winners pennant. 120
247 Football Trading Cards - A collection of cards from the 1950's and 1960's to include A& BC, Bazooka and DC Thompson Publications. Condition Report: Cards are in generally good condition with wear and tear commensurate with age, there are some damaged cards with tears but there do not seem to be many with significant damage, some cards have adhesive mounting tabs to the reverse, there look to be in excess of 400 cards. 180
250 A large quantity of train and railway related photographs, all contained in plastic sleeves, approximately 800 in total. 50
251 A small collection of mixed ephemera, Victorian and later including an 1883 edition of Boys Own Paper, Daily Mail November 23rd 1963 covering the Kennedy assassination, Echos Of Yesterday covering the history of Liverpool and other. 12
252 Lot to include a quantity of cigarette cards, loose and in albums, stamp album with contents and mixed ephemera. 22
253 An album containing a quantity of postcards including landmarks, humorous, portrait cards, topographical and similar and an album of cigarette cards. [2] 30
256 Wigan Interest - Lot to include a collection of postcards relating to Wigan, street views, parks, landmarks, and other, rugby league programmes, two Exclusive First Edition models comprising Leyland PD2 Highbridge Wigan Corporation # 16101 and Leyland PD1 Lowbridge Wigan Corporation 15801. 40
257 A collection of various CD's, one box. 12
258 Philately - A Penny Black and a Two Penny Blue framed under glass. 35
259 Deltiology - A collection of postcards, UK and foreign, military interest, Africa, Spain, approximately 100 cards. 30
260 A collection of 12'' vinyl records to include Alice Cooper, The Spencer Davis Group, Cher, Wings and similar. 20
261 Two boxes of 12'' vinyl records to include Status Quo, Rod Stewart, Cat Stevens, 10cc, Sad Cafe, Santana, Simon And Garfunkel, ABBA, Yes and similar. [2] 15
262 Two boxes of 12'' vinyl records to include Jazz, David Bowie, Sad Cafe, Genesis and similar. [2] 35
263 A quantity of vintage film reels to include boxing, The Muhammad Ali Story, Laurel & Hardy, Mexico 1970 Brazil v Italy, Disney and similar 20
268R A large quantity of The Railway Magazine, 1897 - 1967, approximately 105 volumes. [6] 90
269 Lot to include CD's, DVD's and books. 28
270 A collection of cigarette cards including photographic type, cricketers and other. 15
271 A collection of vinyl records 12'' and 7'' to include The KLF, The Prodigy, The Shamen, Queen, Wet Wet Wet, del Amitri and other. 15
273 Philately - A collection of GB stamps, predominantly Elizabeth II with some kings. 30
274 Philately - British Commonwealth and Israel postal history, to include covers, first day covers, post cards and similar. 15
275 Philately - A collection of East German commemorative covers 15
276 Philately - Collection of albums containing GB stamps, GB islands, Germany, French colonies and similar. 25
277 Philately - A quantity of albums containing used stamps, Australia, Germany, Liberia and other. 20
278 A Lindner album containing a quantity of German Ersttagsblatt, five albums of Czechoslovakia commemorative first day sheets (1949 - 1962) and similar. 15
279 Philately - A collection of albums containing used stamps, GB, Netherlands, Jersey and similar. 22
281 A Comitti of London mahogany cased mantel clock, 21 cm (h) 20
284 A 20th century French carriage clock by Bayard, white enamel dial with Roman numerals, the 9 jewel movement signed Duverdrey & Bloquel, approximately 11 cm (h). 15
285 An early 19th century 8-day longcase clock, Roman numerals, arched, rolling moon dial, corners painted with fruit and flowers, case of mahogany with inlaid decoration, full length trunk door, quarter reeded columns, four matching reeded columns to the hood, swan necked pediment and 3 ball finials, verre eglomise inserts, base reduced, some loose mouldings, bell striking movement with one weight, key and pendulum. 120
286R Silver Watches - A Swiss silver cased open face pocket watch, Roman numerals to a white enamel dial, dial with subsidiary seconds marked 91996 and movement marked Tho Russell & Son Liverpool, approximately 52 mm diameter, a white metal fob watch marked Argent 800, Roman numerals to a white dial with subsidiary seconds, approximately 46 mm diameter and one further fob watch marked Fine Silver. 45
287 A 9ct gold cased, full hunter pocket watch by James William Benson, the signed dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial and the signed movement numbered R2778, 47mm diameter, approximately 87 grams all in and contained in original box. Condition Report: Dial appears good with no cracks, watch winds and is currently ticking away (this does not constitute a guarantee), suspension ring is stamped 9 and .375, there are a couple of small dents to the case rim although these are quite minor. 440
289 A collection of wristwatches to include Oris, Seiko, Sandoz and other 15
290 A collection of wristwatches to include Seiko, Avia, Cotton Trading and similar, a 14kt gold tie pin set with pearl, stamped 14kt and a further yellow metal tie pin in the form of a horse shoe (unmarked). 20
291 A collection of wristwatches to include a gentleman's vintage Kered 15 jewel wristwatch with subsidiary seconds dial, a vintage white and yellow metal pocket watch, Roman numerals to a white enamel dial, winding crown at 6 o'clock, contained in leather travel pouch and a pair of Merlin 22ct gold plated, diamond cut cufflinks, contained in presentation box and other 35
292 Three wristwatches to include a lady's sterling silver cased, stone set wristwatch on white metal bracelet, A B Jobin 17 jewel wristwatch on black leather strap and a lady's white metal sports / fashion watch. 15
293 A Hermle, skeleton type wall clock with one weight and pendulum, movement marked 701-781 20
295 A gentleman's automatic wrist watch by Heritor, contained in original box and a quantity of other wrist watches to include Rotary, Sekonda and similar. 28
296 A French black slate and green marble mantel clock with 4'' enamel dial having Roman numerals, with pendulum, approximately 25 cm (h). 15
297 A figural mantel clock, Roman numerals to a 3'' enamel dial. 20
298 A French black slate mantel clock with incised gilt highlights, Roman numerals to a 4'' enamel dial, approximately 27 cm (h). 15
299 A French black slate and marble mantel clock with Roman numerals to a 3'' enamel dial, approximately 22 cm (h). 15
301 Early 19th century mantel clock garniture, Roman numerals to a 3'' enamel dial above inset floral panels, approximately 28 cm (h). [3] 40
302 Two mantel clock cases, one a figural brass example, the other black slate with gilt highlights, largest approximately 40 cm height (including figure's staff). [2] 10
304 A good 19th century 8-day longcase clock signed to the 14 inch arched, rolling moon dial for Taylor of Manchester, dial in excellent condition having evidence of restoration recorded on the reverse, Roman numerals, corners painted with figures representing the continents, decorative case of mahogany with inlaid decoration, 3/4 length trunk door, turned columns with Corinthian capitals, matching columns flank the hood, swan necked pediment and 3 ball finials, ogee feet, bell striking movement with weights, key and pendulum. 260
305 A late 18th/ early 19th century 8-day longcase clock signed to the 13 inch square painted dial for Lupton, Altrincham, Roman numerals, corners painted with pink flowers, case of mahogany with inlaid decoration, full length trunk door, square reeded columns, matching square columns to the hood, swan necked pediment and 3 ball finials, ogee feet, bell striking movement with weights, key and pendulum. 300
317 An electronic keyboard (boxed) and a quantity of guitar, keyboard and harmonica music books and a quantity of vinyl records. [3] 1
318 Lot to inlude Beano comics and annuals, Airfix model kit, Dr Who model making kit, James Bond novels, Star Wars annuals, ET Soundtrack picture disc and similar. 10
319 Mixed lot to include trinket boxes, glassware, ceramics, boxed gift ware, money banks and other, two boxes. [2] 15
320 Breweriana - Lot to include a glass Greenall's Draught Beer Jug, a Whyte & Mackay water jug, a Guinness and a Greenall's ashtray. [4] 15
321 A mixed lot to include Peter Bates miniatures, porcelain half dolls, boxed gift ware, model boat and similar. 20
322 Three boxed figurines by Tudor Mint, one Myth And Magic series and two from the Land Of The Dragons series and three further unboxed figurines. [6] 15
323 A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, framed pictures and other, two boxes. [2] 15
324 Lot to include a Panasonic DVD recorder, silk scarves, costume jewellery, model boat, framed Margaret Clarkson prints and other. [2] 12
325 A vintage, scratch built wooden doll's bed measuring approximately 62 cm x 48 cm x 64 cm and three collectors dolls. [3] 5
326 Lot comprising knives including a Joseph Rodgers survival knife, a J Hudson Metropolitan whistle, sunglasses, multi tool and similar. 28
329 Lot to include collector plates (part boxed) with military / aviation related examples, David Winter and similar models and other, two boxes. [2] 10
331 A Jasper Conran handbag and three evening bags. [3] 15
332 A cast metal sculpture depicting Hymen, set to a marble base, approximately 48 cm (h) and a small quantity of ceramics. [2] 15
333 Lot comprising tea wares to include Wedgwood Runnymead, Spode Harrogate, Royal Worcester Regency, Spode Indian Tree, also included in the lot is a small quantity of plated flatware, an Aynsley plate signed D Jones and Royal Doulton Annunciation cup. 30
334 A quantity of collectable pig figurines to include Border Fine Arts, Leonardo Collection, Royal Albert and similar and an Oriental style chess set with 15 cm (h) king. 20
336 Mixed clothing to include lady's gloves, head scarves, silk neck tie, handbag and similar. 1
337 A German Bundeswehr gas mask canister, approximately 33 cm (h). 5
338 Lot comprising ceramics to include continental figurines and tea wares, also included in the lot is a brass vase with shaped rim and chased decoration. 12
340 A ceramic bust of Homer on a stone effect plinth, approximately 137 cm (h). [2] Condition Report: Height of bust is approximately 47 cm. 75
341 A Roberts digital radio / CD player, with remote. 25
342 A mixed lot to include ceramics, plaster wall masks, vintage wooden rocking horse model and similar. 15
344 A vintage set of brass scales, good quality set of weights in wooden case and a W Redwood, Yeovil bowler hat. [2] 15
345 Lot to include a small, faux tortoise shell cigarette case, a cased set of vintage spectacles and Wordsworth's Poetical Works With Life published by Gall & Inglis 15
346 Lot to include a vintage The Blackbird Pen fountain pen in original box, vintage Ronson cigarette lighter, the small gemstone style globes and similar. 22
347 A mixed lot of collectables to include an antique serving tray with carved decoration, large fossil cast of Megarachne servinei, vintage cut throat razor and similar. [4] 20
348 A small collection of bronze and brass religious figures, largest approximately 13 cm (h) 20
349 A Chinese coin sword, approximately 23 cm (l) 65
351 A mixed lot of collectables to include trinket boxes, carved wood stand in the form of elephants, further Oriental stands and similar. 15
352 A pair of cast iron, rococo style photograph / picture frames, each approximately 35 cm (h). [2] 30
355 A mixed lot of collectables to include Egyptian style ornaments, aeroplane desk ornament / trophy, hip flasks and similar. 28
356 Lot to include a set of Avery kitchen scales, treen, glassware, metalware and similar. 12
357 A Victorian, painted tin hat box, approximately 29 cm (h) and a wooden case with fitted interior. [2] 15
358 Lot to include a small, early 20th century, ivory carving of a sphinx, two vintage Mappin & Webb straight razors in wooden case, glass scent bottle and similar. 30
360 Metalware to include a wood and brass model of a miner with cart at a pit head, a similar all brass example and other. 15
361 A good collection of turned wooden candlesticks including barley twist stem pair and similar, largest approximately 26 cm (h). 40
362 Lot to include a 19th century blue and white cup with underglaze asterisk mark to the base, a blue and white plate impressed Derby, Haviland & Co Limoges vase and other. 15
365 WW2 Silk Escape Map of China- Double-sided, marked 44M and 44L. Double-sided- French Indo China and China. Undated believed to be 1944. Folded, excellent condition. 93 cm by 62 cm. 35
366 A collection of candlesticks / chambersticks, turned and carved wood examples, slate and other. 30
370 A collection of brass oil lanterns, glass shades and similar. 15
371 Lot to include jewellery box, corkscrews, Beswick Beatrix Potter Mrs Tiggy Winkle and similar. 15
372 A folding cake stand with inlaid decoration and two carved wooden boxes containing English - German translation cards. [3] 15
374 A quantity of Robertsons Golly figurines, footballers and seven enamel badges to include viking, knight, judge, doctor and one fridge magnet. 45
375 Lot to include candle holders, wall art, bookends and other. [2] 35
376 A collection of faux fruit, candle holders / stands and similar. 15
380 A Masonic regalia case with contents and a hat box and a quantity of lady's hats. [3] 10
381 A collection of Swarovski crystal animals, figures, flowers and other part boxed with some additional empty boxes. 130
382 Royal Doulton - Three figurines comprising Nanny HN2221, Queen Alexandra Nurse HN4596 and It Won't Hurt HN2963, largest approximately 20 cm (h). [3] Condition Report: Figurines appear in good condition overall, no chips, cracks, hairlines or restoration, there is a small piece of sticky tape adhered to the back of the Nanny figurines chair and there is some surface dirt / staining in areas. 75
383 Coalport - Three lady figurines comprising a limited edition Spring Walk, limited edition Sentiments Collection English Rose and Classic Elegance Collection Many Happy returns, largest approximately 23 cm (h). [3] 50
387 Moorcroft - A Moorcroft Pottery vase of inverted baluster form decorated with anemone against a blue ground, impressed marks and WM monogram to the base, approximately 27.5 cm (h) 85
388 Spode - A boxed, limited edition cabinet cup and stand from the 1987 Maritime Collection, The Lady Hamilton, numbered 30 of 500 and with certificate of authenticity and an unboxed Warrior Cup, numbered 247 of 500. [2] 25
391 A quantity of boxed glassware, wine glasses, tumblers and other to include Edinburgh Crystal, Royal Doulton, Royal Crystal Rock and similar and a vintage glass contained in associated Harrods box. [6] 30
397 A collection of Art Deco ceramics to include a Myott pinch neck jug. 20
398 A quantity of Art Deco ceramics to include Wadeheath and other. 15
399 Art Deco ceramics to include Wades, Roskyl and similar. [5] 30
400 Art Deco ceramics to include Wadeheath, Myott and similar. 30
402 Lot to include coloured glassware and ceramics including motto ware. 20
403 Various glassware, paperweights, vases, bowls, to include Caithness and similar. 18
405 A collection of German porcelain figurines and similar to include centrepiece, fairings, match holders including Conta & Boehme and Schierholz Plaue examples. 18
406 A collection of dog figurines, Beswick and Sylvac, largest approximately 14 cm (h), also includes a brass example. 30
407 Lot to include Arthur Wood, Art Deco ceramics including a coffee pot and wall pocket, Sylvac swan vases and other. 20
408 Mixed ceramics to include Wade Gothic basket, Schierholz Plaue centrepiece, Delft figural group and similar. 15
410 A quantity of dinner and tea wares to include Royal Worcester Classic Platinum and other, part boxed. [3] 15
411 A Chinese blue and white bogu pattern ginger jar, vacant double circle mark to the base, approximately 15 cm (h) 40
412 Lot to include a pair of Victoria Carlsbad reticulated vases of triangular section decorated with putti, approximately 11 cm (h), a three piece Wedgwood Jasperware cruet set and a Burleigh Ware lustre vase. [4] 15
413 A late 19th or early 20th century glass vase in the form of a hand holding aloft a cornucopia, approximately 21 cm (h). 15
416 A pair of Vienna style porcelain urns and covers, decorated with panels of classical figures and gilt scroll highlights, signed A Heer, titled to the base, approximately 33 cm (h). [2] 130
417 A pair of Vienna style urns and covers raised on square bases, each decorated with panels of classical figures against a bleu de roi ground with gilt highlights and having twin, swan neck handles, the reticulated covers with wreath finial, signed, approximately 32 cm (h). [2] 240
418 A pair of Vienna style porcelain, twin handled urns each decorated with floral panels, approximately 22 cm (h). [2] 30
419 A late 19th century glass vase decorated with a classical figure in profile with Greek key border, gilt highlights and shaped rim, approximately 30 cm (h) 20
420 A pair of twin handled porcelain vases decorated with landscape garden panels to one side and floral sprays to the other raised on splayed feet, approximately 23 cm (h). [2] 25
423 A group of miniature porcelain figures to include Ernst Bohne & Sohne putti, animals and similar. 25
424 Two art glass vases to include one of reticulated form and a large white glazed ceramic ewer, largest approximately 50 cm (h). [3] 18
425 Lot to include a Royal Doulton figurine entitled Pegasus # HN3547, with display plinth, approximately 16 cm height (not including plinth), two ceramic bird groups and two figurines depicting ladies. [5] 15
427 Seven Spanish porcelain figurines by Nao, largest approximately 24 cm (h). [7] 15
428 Six Spanish porcelain figurines comprising Lladro, Nao and similar, largest approximately 24 cm (h). [6] 15
429 Mixed ceramics comprising Royal Albert Old Country Roses to include vases, telephone and similar, Arthur Wood teapots and similar. [2] 15
430 A good collection of novelty teapots, character jugs and Toby jugs, two boxes. [2] 30
432 Three Murano and similar glass ornaments, two clowns and a fish, largest approximately 31 cm (h). [3] 15
434 A good collection of various carnival glass pieces. 15
435 A quantity of boxed crystal glassware. [4] 35
437 A good collection of teapots, predominantly Sadlers, nineteen in total. [2] Condition Report: A small chip to the underside of the lid of the Rovers Return pot, no apparent significant damage to other pieces. 95
438 Two carnival glass bowls one Grape And Cable pattern the other Peacocks On A Fence, approximately 22 cm (d). [2] 15
440 A collection of carnival and similar glassware to include vases, bowls, jugs and similar. 25
443 A collection of teapots, predominantly Sadlers. Condition Report: Pieces appear in good condition overall, no signs of significant damage, some surface dirt in areas. 55
445 Two small Doulton Lambeth bowls one with applied sea shell style decoration and one similar, approximately 6.5 cm (h). [2] 15
446 A set of eight Natwest pig money banks. [8] 30
448R Mixed lot to include Toby jugs, character jugs, collector plates, Wade Andy Capp money bank and similar. 1
449 A pair of twin handled Japanese vases decorated with panels of birds and flowers, approximately 36 cm (h). [2] 15
451 A collection of Oriental ceramics to include octagonal section blue and white vase (36 cm height), Guardian Lions, Budai and similar. [2] 20
453 Four Royal Worcester blanks, all lady figurines and a boxed Royal Doulton Top o' The Hill figurine. [5] 30
454 Six boxed pieces of Old Tupton Ware, largest approximately 12 cm (h). [6] 20
455 Two boxed Royal Doulton Disney Showcase figurines comprising This Is Love and Terrible Trio and a Disney photograph frame, also boxed. [3] 45
456 Border Fine Arts - Four pottery farmyard bird figurines comprising Goose, Chicken (Light Sussex), Cockerel and (Rhode Island Red) also included in the lot is a James Herriot's Country Kitchen Milk Churn Jug. [5] 15
458 Seven boxed Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines to include King Richard, Doctor, Little John and similar. 25
460 Seven boxed Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines to include Evacuees, Teacher, Maid Marion, Storytime and similar. 28
461 Six boxed Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines to include Fireman, Choir Singer, Deep Sea Diver and similar. 25
462 Seven boxed Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines to include Sheriff Of Nottingham, Prince John, Will Scarlett and other. 28
463 A boxed Walt Disney Showcase Collection figural group Homeward Bound # 4005434, depicting the Seven Dwarves 22
482 General Service 1918 - 1962, one clasp, Palestine 1945 - 48, 14528282 SIGMN. F. BICKET. R.SIGS and a small quantity of coins and commemorative crowns. 10
484 A collection of loose coins, Victorian and later, and two coin sets. [3] 28
485 A white metal commemorative medal, Queen Victoria Coronation, designed by Joseph Davis, draped bust right obverse with Britannia, Scotia and Hibernia offering wreath and scroll reverse, 51 mm (d) and 43 grams and a NCAS ( Northern Countries Archery Society ) medal displaying an enamelled shield, inscribed verso 2nd score 1961 5
501 A small group of hallmarked silver items comprising a small Victorian tankard, London assay 1884, sponsors mark for Martin, Hall & Co, a George V spork, Birmingham assay 1922 and other, approximately 155 grams / 4.9 ozt. 50
502 A George V hallmarked silver trinket box (A/F), Birmingham assay 1920, a cut glass and silver sugar caster, Birmingham assay 1930, three hallmarked silver souvenir spoons. 18
504 A Mappin & Webb hallmarked silver collared, cut glass decanter, London assay. 25
506 An Edward VII silver powder box with floral and foliate repousse decoration, Birmingham assay 1903, approximately 8.5 cm (h) x 7.5 cm (d) and 108 grams / 3.4 ozt. 40
507 A small Swedish silver vase with repousse decoration, 1904, approximately 9 cm (h) and 66 grams / 2.1 ozt and a George V mother of pearl and silver folding knife, sponsors mark for Thomas Marples 35
508 A George V silver vesta case, Birmingham assay 1919, sponsors mark W& CoW, 4 cm x 6.5 cm. 18
509 An Egyptian silver circular box and cover with chased decoration, approximately 7 cm (d) and 94 grams / 3 ozt all in, cover detached. 30
510 A cased set of six Irish silver goblets, each with knopped stem and silver gilt bowl interior, Dublin assay, sponsors mark for Royal Irish Silver co, Sheffield import marks, approximately 1220 grams / 39 ozt all in. 550
511R An Edward VII silver pin tray with enamel decoration of the civic crest for Bath, Birmingham assay 1905, sponsors mark for Levi & Salaman 35
532 Lot to include a 9ct gold pendant in the form of two fish, 1.9 grams, a white metal and amber ring, stamped 925, size N, a yellow metal mourning brooch, white metal rope twist bracelet stamped 925, 20.5 cm (l) 130
533 A 9ct gold sapphire and diamond, Cartier style ring in the form of a panther, size O, approximately 3.2 grams all in. 80
534 A yellow metal and enamel RFC sweetheart brooch stamped 9ct, approximately 2.5 grams all in. 28
535 A George V half sovereign, 1913, in 9ct gold mount and on 9ct gold chain (62 cm length), approximately 17.3 grams all in. 250
536 An Edward VII half sovereign, 1902, in yellow metal mount on 9ct gold chain (78 cm length), approximately 19 grams all in. 280
537 A 9ct gold Wishbone ring, size Q, a 9ct gold Currency Note charm and a rolled gold ring size H, 9ct ring and charm approximately 4.8 grams all in. 40
538 Silver Jewellery - A hallmarked silver bangle, Birmingham assay, 6 cm (d), a Wedgwood sterling silver and Jasperware pendant on white metal chain and a ring stamped Silver, size L, all contained in jewellery boxes. 30
539 Lot to include two yellow metal mounted cameo brooches, a similar ring, pearl necklaces, wristwatches and silimar 22
540 A 9ct gold watch chain with T bar and fob, 43 cm (l) and approximately 40 grams all in. Condition Report: The main chain is 39 cm (l), each link is stamped 9 and .375 as are the end clips and the large T bar, the fob is stamped 9ct the additional thin piece of chain attached to one of the clips is 4 cm (l) and appears unmarked, condition appears good, no apparent damage or repairs. 480
541R A silver 'Flowerhead' ring, stamped 925 and yellow metal and opal pendant and chain. 10
542 Butler & Wilson - a Butler & Wilson stone set brooch in the form of a deer, verso displaying Butler & Wilson logo, approx 5 cm x 3 cm, a graduated beaded necklace and other 1
543 Silver 925 - a Silver necklace with stone set pendant and matching earrings, stamped 925 with presentation box and a evening necklace with matching earrings (2) 5
546 A quantity of costume jewellery, stone set yellow metal earrings, scrap yellow metal (some stamped 9ct / 375) and similar. [2] 35
547 A 9ct gold stone and pearl set pendant, approximately 4 cm (h) and 2.6 gram all in. 30
548 Two 9ct gold stone set, Heart pendants and one further, unmarked yellow metal, stone set pendant, approximately 3.9 grams all in. 40
549 A 9ct gold stone set pendant on 9ct chain (44 cm length) and a pair of matching earrings (one earring A/F), approximately 6.1 grams all in. 45
551 A 9ct gold stone set pendant and a pair of stone set earrings, approximately 2.6 grams all in. 25
552 A pair of 9ct gold stone set earrings, approximately 3.7 grams all in. 20
553 A pair of 9ct gold stone set earrings, set with light blue stone, approximately 2 grams all in. 15
554 A small quantity of costume jewellery, some stamped 925, Swarovski brooch, watches and other. 22
555 An Edwardian 15ct gold, stone set bar brooch, 4 cm (l), Birmingham 1904, approximately 2.6 grams all in. 40
556 Costume Jewellery - A sealed sack containing approximately 28kg of unsorted costume jewellery. 120
557 Costume Jewellery - A sealed sack containing approximately 28kg of unsorted costume jewellery. 110
558 Costume Jewellery - A sealed sack containing approximately 28kg of unsorted costume jewellery. 110
559 Two carved jade or hardstone pendants, one with yellow metal mount stamped 585 for 14ct, largest approximately 6 cm x 4.5 cm. 220
560 A 9ct gold charm bracelet with safety chain, with a quantity of 9ct charms, 20 cm length, approximately 17 grams all in. 160
561 Gold Rings - 9ct gold wedding band, size K, 9ct gold signet ring, size P, 9ct gold cluster ring, size K and an unmarked white and yellow metal eternity ring set with with and blue stones, size J, approximately 15 grams all in. 120
563 Costume Jewellery - A sealed sack containing approximately 28kg of unsorted costume jewellery. 120
564 Costume Jewellery - A sealed sack containing approximately 28kg of unsorted costume jewellery. 130