Lot Number 20

Red Barons Fokker DR1 Triplane - a rare 1/8th scale model of the Red Barons Fokker DR1 Triplane, it has been constructed from 100 weekly magazines containing all of the parts required to build it, the collection was purchased two years ago from the owner who was unable to construct it, the model was designed and supplied by Hatchette partworks UK Ltd in 2003/4, the kit consists of ply wood, brass and die cast parts and took approximately 300hrs and a fair bit of ingenuity to put together, the model is finished with a very realistic and vintage looking matt red fine weave covering that gives it an historic and pleasing appearance, the model can be displayed in a manner that gives the viewer a two dimensional view of the aircraft, one view allows it to be seen in an open frame format showing framework cables cockpit etc, and the other fully covered and ready for action, the propeller spins and the wheels turn, the ailerons, rudder and elevator all work correctly from the joy/control stick and the rudder pedals, I believe that this model would be appreciated and desired by anyone who has a love of vintage military aircraft but who do not have the time, capacity or patience required to construct one for themselves, the 100 magazines that the model came with are also included in the lot, the magazines are full of information relating to the history of flight and the Red Barons rise to fame (2)

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