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201 - 230 General & Collectables

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 201 Lot number 201
A quantity of boxed collector plates, three boxes. [3]
Lot 202 Lot number 202
A small collection of pewter to include two antique French lidded tankards / measures (litre and demilitre).
Lot 203 Lot number 203
Three boxes of mixed glassware, decanters, bowls, drinking glasses and similar. [3]
Lot 204 Lot number 204
A quantity of cutlery, loose and boxed.
Lot 205 Lot number 205
A miscellaneous box of ephemera, commemorative articles, newspaper cuttings, predominantly Royal related.
Lot 206 Lot number 206
Nao - Four boxed figurines of children and animals, largest approximately 22 cm (h). [4]
Lot 207 Lot number 207
Nao - Four unboxed figurines of children with pets and toys, largest approximately 23 cm (h). [4]
Lot 208 Lot number 208
Nao - Four boxed Nao figurines, largest approximately 19 cm (h). [4]
Lot 209 Lot number 209
Wedgwood - Ten boxed pale blue Jasperware Christmas mugs
Lot 210 Lot number 210
Wedgwood - A collection of boxed items by Wedgwood, predominantly Jasperware, to include limited edition Prince Charles portrait medallion, ...
Lot 211 Lot number 211
A box of international costume dolls and similar.
Lot 212 Lot number 212
Five boxes of mixed glassware. [5]
Lot 213 Lot number 213
A collection of dinner and tea wares comprising Paragon and Keeling & Co Losol Ware, approximately 50 pieces.
Lot 214 Lot number 214
Twelve boxed Lilliput Lane models to include Bear Necessities, Little Scrumpy, The Great Equatorial, The Dog House, Waterside Mill and simil...
Lot 215 Lot number 215
Twenty boxed Lilliput Lane models to include The Spinney, Chestnut Cottage, Hollytree House, Kiln Cottage, Wash Day, Gold Top and similar.
Lot 216 Lot number 216
Eight boxed Lilliput Lane cottages to include Penny Sweets, Walker's Rest, Chatterbox Corner, The Good Life, St Lawrence Church, Diamond Cot...
Lot 217 Lot number 217
Thirteen boxed Lilliput Lane models to include Tea Caddy Cottage, Jones The Butcher, Pussy Willow, The Gingerbread Shop, Butterwick, Porlock...
Lot 218 Lot number 218
Wedgwood - A collection of boxed items, predominantly Jasperware to include plates, Christmas mug, round trays and similar.
Lot 219 Lot number 219
Wedgwood - A quantity of Jasperware, part boxed, to include Christmas plates, trinket boxes, pin dishes and similar.
Lot 220 Lot number 220
Wedgwood - Boxed Jasperware items to include Christmas plates (1980's and 1990's) and other.
Lot 221 Lot number 221
A quantity of collector plates, part boxed, two boxes. [2]
Lot 222 Lot number 222
Lilliput Lane - A boxed model, Westminster Abbey # L2285. Condition Report: Appears in good condition overall, there is a small chip to one ...
Lot 223 Lot number 223
Two boxed Lilliput Lane models from the Britain's Heritage collection comprising St Paul's Cathedral and Tower Bridge...
Lot 224 Lot number 224
A collection of twenty Lilliput Lane models, all bar two boxed. Collectors club included...
Lot 225 Lot number 225
A collection of Lilliput Lane model display stands.
Lot 226 Lot number 226
A quantity of boxed Wedgwood Jasperware items including plates and trinket boxes.
Lot 227 Lot number 227
A pair of miniature cloisonné vases with floral decoration, each approximately 9 cm (h), damage to one vase.
Lot 228 Lot number 228
A mixed lot of ceramics and glassware, two boxes. [2]
Lot 229 Lot number 229
A mixed lot of ceramics and glass to include Doulton Burslem plate, New Chelsea Staffs ginger jar and cover, Booths The Pompadour, Royal Vie...
Lot 230 Lot number 230
A collection of Royal commemorative memorabilia and ephemera.
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