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281 - 310 Clocks & Watches

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 281 Lot number 281
Four gentleman's wristwatches.
Lot 282 Lot number 282
Four gentleman's fashion watches.
Lot 283 Lot number 283
A collection of gentleman's wristwatches to include a Giorgio Armani designed Whatever It Takes watch, one marked HMS Victory to the dial an...
Lot 284 Lot number 284
A collection of gentleman's fashion watches to include a boxed Ingersoll Envy and similar
Lot 285 Lot number 285
Three lady's wristwatches comprising Rotary, Montine and similar.
Lot 286 Lot number 286
A gentleman's Delvina Geneve automatic wristwatch with baton hour markers and day / date aperture at 3 o'clock, on black leather strap
Lot 287 Lot number 287
Two gold plated full hunter pocket watches (one lacking cover) and two Oris watches
Lot 288 Lot number 288
Two electric clocks comprising a Smiths Sectric and one other by Ferranti. [2]
Lot 289 Lot number 289
A lady's 9ct gold cased Tissot wristwatch on 9ct bracelet, 17 jewel signed movement, approximately 17.4 grams all in, contained in Tissot bo...
Lot 290 Lot number 290
A highly carved banjo barometer / thermometer.
Lot 291 Lot number 291
A fine quality English double fusee skeleton clock c1850, the gothic style frame in the form of Westminster Abbey, wood rod pendulum with cy...
Lot 292 Lot number 292
Clock / Timepiece collection - Makers = Smiths, Humberstones, Abbey, Dalvey, Timecal, Maxim, I.M...
Lot 293 Lot number 293
A small collection of wristwatches.
Lot 294 Lot number 294
A ladies silver wristwatch
Lot 295 Lot number 295
A ladies silver fob watch with leather pouch
Lot 296 Lot number 296
A Fila chronograph wristwatch
Lot 297 Lot number 297
A vintage wristwatch
Lot 298 Lot number 298
A braille pocket watch
Lot 299 Lot number 299
A gentleman's Tudor Royal stainless steel wristwatch on expanding bracelet, case approximately 3 cm (d), the signed dial with Arabic numeral...
Lot 300 Lot number 300
An early 20th century German torsion pendulum clock housed under glass dome, with key
Lot 302 Lot number 302
Three vintage wristwatches comprising a Tissot, Tempex and Timex.
Lot 303 Lot number 303
A quantity of black watch boxes with cushion inner 84 in total.
Lot 304 Lot number 304
Three pocket watches and a lady's wristwatch.
Lot 306 Lot number 306
A Zaanse type wall clock with two weights and pendulum.
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