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311 - 410 Ceramics

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 311 Lot number 311
A Royal Doulton figurine depicting a lion cut poodle, approximately 13 cm (h).
Lot 312 Lot number 312
A pair of Royal Vienna style twin handled vases decorated with typical scenes, shield / beehive mark to the base, approximately 34 cm (h)...
Lot 313R Lot number 313R
Royal Doulton - An early 20th century pedestal bowl with floral decoration, the base with Underglaze Indestructible Flowers backstamp and re...
Lot 314R Lot number 314R
Three boxed Nao figurines and one unboxed Lladro. [4]
Lot 315R Lot number 315R
Four unboxed Lladro figurines, largest approximately 21 cm (h). [4]
Lot 316R Lot number 316R
Lot to include Oriental tea wares, a small quantity of Wedgwood jasperware, ceramic jelly mould and two limited edition Coalport figurines T...
Lot 317 Lot number 317
a Royal Doulton figurine entitled Pauline, approx 21 cm
Lot 318 Lot number 318
Two Royal Doulton figurines entitled Marie and Sharon, approx 15 cm
Lot 319 Lot number 319
Two Royal Doulton figurines entitled Bedtime and Stayed at Home, approx 15 cm
Lot 320 Lot number 320
Two Royal Doulton Charles Dickens figurines, approx 12 cm
Lot 321 Lot number 321
A Royal Doulton 101 Dalmatians entitled Pups on Ice, approx 6 cm
Lot 322 Lot number 322
A pair of Shelley ceramic cup and saucers. [4] Condition Report: A small chip and a small area of discolouration to the rim of one cup, a ve...
Lot 323 Lot number 323
A Dresden cockerel, Germany, approx 18 cm
Lot 324 Lot number 324
Two Royal Worcester collector plates, approx 19 cm
Lot 325 Lot number 325
A pair of Murano glass vases, approx 19 cm
Lot 326 Lot number 326
A glass Queen Victoria's jubilee butter dish, approx 15 cm (h)
Lot 327 Lot number 327
A pair of Royal Doulton dogs, approx 12 cm
Lot 328 Lot number 328
A set of ceramic flying ducks, approx 23 cm
Lot 329 Lot number 329
Two Beswick figures from the Pig band, approx 13 cm
Lot 330 Lot number 330
A Royal Doulton ceramic figurine entitled Margaret, approx 21.5 cm
Lot 331R Lot number 331R
Anita Harris - A trial vase with abstract floral decoration, signed in gold to the base, approximately 13 cm (h).
Lot 332 Lot number 332
Lorna Bailey - A limited edition conical sugar sifter in the Summer pattern, signed to the base and numbered 36/75, with certificate of auth...
Lot 333R Lot number 333R
Royal Doulton - A limited edition figurine, Grace Darling # HN3089, numbered 619, approximately 22 cm (h).
Lot 334 Lot number 334
Clarice Cliff - A Bizarre, Crocus pattern milk jug for Newport Pottery, shape 36, approximately 9.5 cm (h) and a Royal Vienna style cup and ...
Lot 335 Lot number 335
A collection of cut glass table wares to include bowls, vases, table salts (one with silver spoon) and similar.
Lot 336 Lot number 336
A vintage drinks set comprising a cocktail shaker, two highball glasses and six digestif.
Lot 337 Lot number 337
Troika - A large early 1970's Troika Pottery Pillar Vase of footed form, designed by Leslie Illsley, decorated in low relief and incisions w...
Lot 338 Lot number 338
Lladro - Two unboxed figurines by Lladro comprising # 4922 Sea Breeze, # 5027 Flowers In The Basket, largest approximately 36 cm (h) and thr...
Lot 339 Lot number 339
Lladro - Inspiration Millennium 1999, 'New Horizons' # 6570, approximately 39 cm (h) Condition Report: There are two areas of restoration, t...
Lot 340 Lot number 340
An Edwardian oversized salt glazed teapot, 24 cm (h) impressed mark British Made.
Lot 341 Lot number 341
Royal Doulton - A collection of Brambly Hedge, part boxed, comprising plates, tea wares and figurines.
Lot 342 Lot number 342
Lot to include two glass ceiling lights with floral decoration, ceramics to include Wedgwood, Nao, Royal Albert Old Country Roses and simila...
Lot 343 Lot number 343
Six boxed Nao figurines, animals and children and one boxed Nadal figurine.
Lot 344 Lot number 344
A group of Oriental ceramics to include ginger jars, vases and similar.
Lot 345 Lot number 345
A large pair of vases with decoration in the form of a closed robe or haori, approximately 36 cm (h). [2]
Lot 346 Lot number 346
T G Green - A quantity of Streamline range kitchen storage jars and similar, green banded against an ivory ground, jars include Lump Sugar, ...
Lot 347 Lot number 347
T G Green - A quantity of Streamline range kitchen storage jars and similar, green banded against an ivory ground, jars include Wholemeal, F...
Lot 348 Lot number 348
Denby - Large pottery collection of various patterns of ceramic dinner wares. Quantity...
Lot 349 Lot number 349
Denby - Large pottery collection of various patterns of ceramic dinner wares. Quantity...
Lot 350 Lot number 350
Denby - Large pottery collection of various patterns of ceramic dinner wares. Quantity...
Lot 351 Lot number 351
A mixed lot to include Denby teapot,Bohemia Glass and Crystal, an art pottery vase signed to the base, various glass and crystal...
Lot 352 Lot number 352
A quantity of blue and white ceramics to include ginger jar and cover, vases and similar.
Lot 353 Lot number 353
A pair of late 19th or early 20th century Chinese blue and white moon flasks raised on oval foot, decorated with panels of figures bordered ...
Lot 354 Lot number 354
A small collection of ceramics to include Copeland Spode, Paragon, Minton Delft pattern and similar.
Lot 355 Lot number 355
Four Royal Doulton figurines, one by Lladro, one Nao and two Hummel, largest approximately 34 cm (h). [8]
Lot 356 Lot number 356
Lot to include Alice In Wonderland themed ceramics and other items, novelty teapots, glassware, tea light stands.
Lot 357 Lot number 357
Lot to include Alice In Wonderland themed ceramics and other items, novelty teapots, tea light stands.
Lot 358 Lot number 358
A Japanese teapot and sugar bowl with cover, hand painted decoration of birds in flight, signed. [2]
Lot 359 Lot number 359
A Chinese blue and white tea set comprising teapot, four cups and tray, with applied chilong handles. [6]
Lot 360 Lot number 360
Two ceramic spirit barrels comprising a Doulton Lambeth Pedestrian Barrelette and a Doulton & Watts Lambeth Pottery London example, larg...
Lot 361 Lot number 361
Four pieces of Carlton Ware Rouge Royale and three pieces of Shelley.
Lot 362 Lot number 362
A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Delecia dish, Newport Pottery backstamp and a similar beaker decorated with crocus, 7.5 cm (h), no backstamp. [2]
Lot 363 Lot number 363
Lot to include a Shelley Harmony jug, Beswick Shire Horse, Crown Devon jam pot, Newport Pottery pepper pot of waisted form decorated in the ...
Lot 364 Lot number 364
Mixed ceramics to include Oriental, Royal commemorative including Edward VIII coronation mug, Chelson China part service manufactured for Ha...
Lot 365 Lot number 365
Lot to include a collection of Alfred Meakin dinner and tea wares in the Hedgerow pattern, vases, Spanish porcelain figurine, jugs and simil...
Lot 366 Lot number 366
Mixed ceramics to include Royal Worcester, crested ware, Royal Doulton and similar.
Lot 367 Lot number 367
A Wedgwood bottle vase decorated with dragon against a blue ground, Portland vase mark to the base, approximately 20 cm (h)
Lot 368 Lot number 368
A collection of money banks to include Wade Natwest Pig examples.
Lot 369 Lot number 369
Mixed ceramics and glassware to include Wedgwood, Denby and similar.
Lot 370 Lot number 370
Two small Doulton Lambeth bowls one with applied sea shell style decoration and one similar, approximately 6.5 cm (h). [2]
Lot 371 Lot number 371
A mixed lot of ceramics to include Royal Worcester, Spode, Wedgwood, Masons Ironstone, Royal Doulton and similar.
Lot 372 Lot number 372
A Lorna Bailey dog entitles Dozy, approx 7.5cm
Lot 373 Lot number 373
A Moorcroft ceramic Anna Lily vase, approx 7.5 cm
Lot 374 Lot number 374
An Anita Harris figurine depicting a puffin bird, approx 14.5 cm
Lot 375 Lot number 375
A Lorna Bailey cat entitled Ali, approx 14 cm
Lot 376 Lot number 376
An Anita Harris Deco Tree ceramic vase, approx 10 cm
Lot 377 Lot number 377
A Lorna Bailey figurine depicting a cat entitled Milkman, approx 13 cm
Lot 378 Lot number 378
An Anita Harris crocus ceramic vase, approx 17 cm
Lot 379 Lot number 379
A Lorna Bailey ceramic jug entitled Fantasia Cottage, approx 23.5 cm
Lot 380 Lot number 380
A Moorcroft ceramic vase decorated with twelve drummers drumming, approx 12.5 cm
Lot 381 Lot number 381
An Anita Harris ceramic begging dog, approx 18 cm
Lot 382 Lot number 382
A Lorna Bailey small bird entitled Quackers the Duck, approx 10 cm
Lot 383 Lot number 383
An Anita Harris ceramic cockerel, approx 24 cm
Lot 384 Lot number 384
An Anita Harris Ocellaris clownfish ceramic vase, approx 14.5 cm
Lot 385 Lot number 385
A Moorcroft ceramic Anna Lily vase, approx 20.5 cm
Lot 386 Lot number 386
A Royal Crown Derby Mallard Duck with Silver stopper, approx 9 cm
Lot 387 Lot number 387
A Royal Crown Derby Amari Quail with gold stopper stopper, approx 6 cm
Lot 388 Lot number 388
Minton - six ceramic Minton mugs, approx 9 cm
Lot 389 Lot number 389
Two Royal Worcester Egyptian style collector plates, approx 20 cm
Lot 390 Lot number 390
Two ceramic Portmeirion dishes, one oval and one square
Lot 391 Lot number 391
Two ceramic Portmeirion oval serving plates depicting a Snipe, approx 33 cm
Lot 392 Lot number 392
A ceramic Portmeirion serving dish depicting salmon, approx 40 cm
Lot 393 Lot number 393
six ceramic Portmeirion mugs depicting birds, approx 8 cm (h) Condition Report: Generally good condition, no chips or cracks, some surface d...
Lot 394 Lot number 394
Three Dresden pottery candle sticks, approx 5.5 cm
Lot 395 Lot number 395
A Murano glass pig, approx 13 cm
Lot 396 Lot number 396
A Copeland wall plaque, signed, approx 37 cm
Lot 397 Lot number 397
Coalport - two Coalport ceramic cottages, approx 13 cm
Lot 398 Lot number 398
Lot to include Liling dinner wares, collector plates and similar, two boxes. [2]
Lot 399 Lot number 399
A Royal Worcester ceramic figurine entitled Spring Morning, approx 18 cm
Lot 400 Lot number 400
Two Royal Doulton limited edition Toby jugs, approx 10.5 cm
Lot 401 Lot number 401
A pair of Staffordshire ceramic dogs, approx 15 cm
Lot 402 Lot number 402
A Royal Worcester ceramic figurine entitled Summer Day, approx 18.5 cm
Lot 403 Lot number 403
A Royal Worcester ceramic figurine entitled January, approx 16 cm
Lot 404 Lot number 404
Two ceramic figurines depicting mother and father, approx 19 cm
Lot 405 Lot number 405
Six Beswick country cousins, various sizes tallest approx 8 cm
Lot 406 Lot number 406
Six Royal Doulton Toby jugs, approx 4 cm
Lot 407 Lot number 407
A Royal Worcester ceramic figurine entitled Polly put the kettle on, approx 15.5 cm
Lot 408 Lot number 408
Four Coalport cottages, approx 14 cm
Lot 409 Lot number 409
A Royal Worcester ceramic figurine entitled January, approx 11.5 cm
Lot 410 Lot number 410
A Royal Doulton ceramic figurine entitled Sharon with certificate, approx 23 cm
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