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411 - 460 Collectables

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 411 Lot number 411
iTek bluetooth speaker with rotating disco ball boxed
Lot 412 Lot number 412
Lot to inlcude a vintage Eumig projector, a wooden I.C.I folio case, vintage desktop document tray, Royal commemorative newspapers and simil...
Lot 413 Lot number 413
Lot to include a sewing box and contents, child's Jones Meccano sewing machine, one similar by Vulcan and a quantity of vintage tennis racke...
Lot 414 Lot number 414
Lot to include handbags, Wade whisky decanters (empty), glassware, onyx table lamp, boxed Spong coffee grinder and similar.
Lot 415 Lot number 415
A mixed lot of collectables to include costume jewellery, framed prints, treen, Cairoware style dish and similar.
Lot 416 Lot number 416
A mixed lot to include a Chiswick Products Ltd metal advertising sign for Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish (believed by the vendor to be 1950's), ...
Lot 417 Lot number 417
A mixed lot of ceramics and glassware, three boxes. [3]
Lot 418 Lot number 418
A mixed lot of collectables to include watercolour of Warrington Town Hall, vintage grooming set, bronze medallion, 2002 Grand National comm...
Lot 419 Lot number 419
Lot to include Booths & Colcloughs Ltd dinner wares for The Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited, Norwich Railway Mission bowl, British Rai...
Lot 420 Lot number 420
Lot to include vintage tins, plated ware, vintage blow torch, hip flask and similar.
Lot 421 Lot number 421
Lot comprising treen, ceramics to include a small Coalport lady figurine, Wedgwood, Delft, vintage boxes, R.A.O.B items and similar.
Lot 422 Lot number 422
Masonic Interest - A quantity of publications relating to Freemasonry, a family Bible and a quantity of regalia cases, some with contents...
Lot 423 Lot number 423
A pair of brass and mother of pearl opera glasses and a vintage Colibri table lighter.
Lot 424R Lot number 424R
A boxed Pets With Personality model, Einstein The Dachshund, approximately 19 cm (h).
Lot 425 Lot number 425
Lot to include vintage tools, a boxed Rolls Razor and a cased Rotring drawing set.
Lot 426 Lot number 426
A mixed lot to include plated ware, crumb tray and brush, ceramic tile decorated with a lamb, telescope and similar. [2]
Lot 427 Lot number 427
A quantity of plated and stainless flatware and similar.
Lot 428 Lot number 428
A collection of decorative figurines depicting nudes and couples, largest approximately 39 cm (h).
Lot 429 Lot number 429
A quantity of metal animal sculptures, brass pewter and similar, to include horses, tiger, wise monkeys and similar, largest approximately 1...
Lot 430 Lot number 430
Animal figurines, elephants, owls, monkeys, comprising stone, resin, wooden and similar examples.
Lot 431 Lot number 431
A collection of alcoholic drinks to include absinthe, sake, Grand Marnier, ouzo and similar, also includes a bottle of grenadine.
Lot 432 Lot number 432
A collection of carved wooden wall plaques, black forest style and similar.
Lot 433 Lot number 433
A small collection of royal commemorative items, Victorian and later.
Lot 434 Lot number 434
A collection of snuff boxes to include white metal examples and similar
Lot 435 Lot number 435
Robert Mouseman Thompson - An octagonal napkin ring with signature mouse and a similar style ashtray.
Lot 436 Lot number 436
A quantity of treen, carved wall plaques and similar.
Lot 437 Lot number 437
A limited edition Country Artists figure group entitled Spring Clean and a similar Danbury Mint example entitled Threshing. [2]
Lot 438 Lot number 438
A mixed lot of collectables to include blown ostrich egg, pair of field glasses, cigarette lighters, paperweights, a Beswick Timpsons Shoes ...
Lot 439 Lot number 439
A vintage walking cane with white metal mount, riding crop and a decorative Spanish sword.
Lot 440 Lot number 440
A brass oil lamp with ceramic reservoir, glass shade and chimney, approximately 63 cm (h) and a table lamp. [2]
Lot 441 Lot number 441
A collection of items relating to Humpty Dumpty to include teapot, biscuit barrel, ceramics, money banks, table wares and similar. [2]
Lot 442 Lot number 442
Lot to include Royal commemorative ephemera and scrap books, vintage portable typewriter, jewellery box, plated flatware, Portmeirion Botani...
Lot 443 Lot number 443
Binoculars - Private Collection x 10. Makers = Philo, Schulz, Remie, Gracia, Omiya, Miranda, Triton, Zennox, Tohyoh and a USSR model in rept...
Lot 444 Lot number 444
Binoculars and Optical / Makers = Miranda, Tecnar, Carton, Tasco, Kershaw, G.P. Goerz Unipont Berlin, some boxed watch repair vision aids an...
Lot 445 Lot number 445
A Victorian cast iron boot scraper, one further boot scraper painted green and a Benares style folding table. [4]
Lot 446 Lot number 446
Camera and Optical collection - Makers include Kodak, Minolta, Ensign, Agfa, Olympus, Ilford, Nikon, Optima, Jessop, Rollei, Cliimo, Chinnon...
Lot 447 Lot number 447
CD Collection - Classical in general. Large Quantity.
Lot 448 Lot number 448
Vintage Stereo and Radio equipment. Makers = Roberts, Hacker, Blaupunkt, Phillips, Bang and Olufsen, Denon, Revox and Harman Kardon. (4).
Lot 449 Lot number 449
Vintage Stereo and Radio equipment. Makers = Phillips, Bang and Olufsen, Technics, JVC and German maker Dual...
Lot 450 Lot number 450
Le Creuset part Pan set in Yellow and brown, Sizes 16, 18, 14, 18 and 22 respectively...
Lot 451 Lot number 451
Enormous Classical music collection. Four large stacks estimated around 400-500 vinyls. Records are mostly unsorted...
Lot 452 Lot number 452
Large book and comic collection. Classical music, music, Beatles, Haynes Peugeot manuals, Royalty and English history, history, Stamps, Art ...
Lot 453 Lot number 453
Extensive private collection of Denby 'Chevron' Olive Green Dinner wares. Around 150 pieces.
Lot 454 Lot number 454
Two sets of kitchen scales and a quantity of various brass weights.
Lot 455 Lot number 455
A small mixed lot to include watches, thimbles, small model depicting the Loch Ness monster, yellow metal mounted pendant with image of Edwa...
Lot 456 Lot number 456
Lot to include cartridge belt, ceramics, plated ware, ceramic table lighters, coffee grinder, pool cue and similar. [2]
Lot 457 Lot number 457
A pair of early 20th century cast iron door stops in the form of Napoleonic soldiers on stepped bases approximately 40 cm (h). [2]
Lot 458 Lot number 458
Lot to include ceiling and wall lights, vintage top hat, Indian exercise clubs, metal dishes, tapestry and similar. [2]
Lot 459 Lot number 459
A cast metal model of a tiger, approximately 28 cm (l), mounted to wooden plinth.
Lot 460 Lot number 460
Lot to include a Victorian oil lamp with glass reservoir (lacking shade and with later chimney) and an oak cased barometer. [2]
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