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431 - 480 Ceramics

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 431 Lot number 431
Bertil Vallien for Kosta Boda - Headman Blue sculpture on black marble base, signed to the base, approximately 19 cm (h).
Lot 432 Lot number 432
Three Murano and similar glass ornaments, two clowns and a fish, largest approximately 31 cm (h). [3]
Lot 433 Lot number 433
A large quantity of Royal Albert Old Country Roses dinner and tea wares to include plates, cups, saucers, vases, table lamp and similar appr...
Lot 434 Lot number 434
A good collection of various carnival glass pieces.
Lot 435 Lot number 435
A quantity of boxed crystal glassware. [4]
Lot 436 Lot number 436
Mixed lot of glassware to include Whitefriars style vases, Mary Gregory style and similar.
Lot 437 Lot number 437
A good collection of teapots, predominantly Sadlers, nineteen in total. [2] Condition Report: A small chip to the underside of the lid of th...
Lot 438 Lot number 438
Two carnival glass bowls one Grape And Cable pattern the other Peacocks On A Fence, approximately 22 cm (d). [2]
Lot 439 Lot number 439
A quantity of carnival glass, predominantly bowls.
Lot 440 Lot number 440
A collection of carnival and similar glassware to include vases, bowls, jugs and similar.
Lot 441 Lot number 441
A collection of various glassware to include paperweights, vases, candlesticks / candle holders, animal figurines and similar.
Lot 442 Lot number 442
Mixed glassware to include decanters, bowls, knife rests, candlesticks and similar. [2]
Lot 443 Lot number 443
A collection of teapots, predominantly Sadlers. Condition Report: Pieces appear in good condition overall, no signs of significant damage, s...
Lot 444 Lot number 444
A large Bewley Pottery vase decorated with stylised trees and birds, approximately 51 cm (h)
Lot 445 Lot number 445
Two small Doulton Lambeth bowls one with applied sea shell style decoration and one similar, approximately 6.5 cm (h). [2]
Lot 446 Lot number 446
A set of eight Natwest pig money banks. [8]
Lot 447 Lot number 447
Mixed ceramics to include a Royal Doulton character jug depicting Sir Henry Doulton and Michael Doulton, Gainsborough tea wares, stoneware f...
Lot 448R Lot number 448R
Mixed lot to include Toby jugs, character jugs, collector plates, Wade Andy Capp money bank and similar.
Lot 449 Lot number 449
A pair of twin handled Japanese vases decorated with panels of birds and flowers, approximately 36 cm (h). [2]
Lot 450 Lot number 450
A pair of Japanese vases of ovoid form decorated with panels of a well dressed lady in a garden setting with floral surround, raised on wood...
Lot 451 Lot number 451
A collection of Oriental ceramics to include octagonal section blue and white vase (36 cm height), Guardian Lions, Budai and similar. [2]
Lot 452 Lot number 452
A mixed lot of Oriental tea wares, two boxes. [2]
Lot 453 Lot number 453
Four Royal Worcester blanks, all lady figurines and a boxed Royal Doulton Top o' The Hill figurine. [5]
Lot 454 Lot number 454
Six boxed pieces of Old Tupton Ware, largest approximately 12 cm (h). [6]
Lot 455 Lot number 455
Two boxed Royal Doulton Disney Showcase figurines comprising This Is Love and Terrible Trio and a Disney photograph frame, also boxed. [3]
Lot 456 Lot number 456
Border Fine Arts - Four pottery farmyard bird figurines comprising Goose, Chicken (Light Sussex), Cockerel and (Rhode Island Red) also inclu...
Lot 457 Lot number 457
Seven glass decanters.
Lot 458 Lot number 458
Seven boxed Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines to include King Richard, Doctor, Little John and similar.
Lot 459 Lot number 459
Seven boxed Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines to include Land Girl, Sundial Bunnykins, Fortune Teller and similar.
Lot 460 Lot number 460
Seven boxed Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines to include Evacuees, Teacher, Maid Marion, Storytime and similar.
Lot 461 Lot number 461
Six boxed Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines to include Fireman, Choir Singer, Deep Sea Diver and similar.
Lot 462 Lot number 462
Seven boxed Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines to include Sheriff Of Nottingham, Prince John, Will Scarlett and other.
Lot 463 Lot number 463
A boxed Walt Disney Showcase Collection figural group Homeward Bound # 4005434, depicting the Seven Dwarves
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