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This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 196 Lot number 196
A sewing box with contents and a Toyota EC1 series sewing machine [2].
Lot 197 Lot number 197
A mixed lot to include an Acer laptop with a Maxtor 160 GB external hard drive, a Cookworks bread maker and mixed ceramics including Doulton...
Lot 198 Lot number 198
A mixed lot to include ceramics comprising a Dartmouth Pottery Gluggle jug, a ceramic model of a bull, James Kent cheese dish, glassware, ho...
Lot 199 Lot number 199
A mixed lot of ceramics to include Royal Doulton tableware in the Platinum Concord pattern comprising plates and bowls, small Royal Copenhag...
Lot 200 Lot number 200
A good mixed lot of glassware, ceramics, pewter and plated ware to include Royal Worcester, Poole Pottery, Wade and similar
Lot 201 Lot number 201
Unused Retail Stock - a quantity of rubber palm coated work gloves Est 20 - 40
Lot 202 Lot number 202
Unused Retail Stock - four Ecotronic Eco radios contained in original boxes, two 4 Gamers No Spaces home entertainment centres contained in ...
Lot 203 Lot number 203
A lot to include a Grundig TK 125 reel to reel player, a Grundig GDM 312 microphone in original box and an Adler Gabriele 25 portable typewr...
Lot 204 Lot number 204
A good mixed lot to include a carved miniature screen, an Asian wall plaque, vintage counters, ceramic centre pieces and other
Lot 205 Lot number 205
Treen - a mixed lot of predominantly treen items to include shallow bowls, trinket boxes, wall plaques and similar
Lot 206 Lot number 206
A good mixed lot of glassware and ceramics to include Limoges trinket box, Colclough tableware, Wedgwood Jasperware, plated ware, lady figur...
Lot 207 Lot number 207
A good mixed lot of glassware, ceramics and flatware to include two part table services by Royal Vale, a Royal Blue Ironstone plate, Hornsea...
Lot 208 Lot number 208
Two boxes containing a good mixed lot of predominantly ceramic tableware, part tea service with a floral pattern, glassware, records and son...
Lot 209 Lot number 209
A mixed lot to include glass ware, comprising decanters, drinking glasses and similar, plated cutlery, ceramics and similar [2].
Lot 210 Lot number 210
Artist Equipment - a quantity of artist equipment to include drawing pads, watercolor, pencils, pastel set, watercolor paints, acrylic paint...
Lot 211 Lot number 211
A mixed lot to include Webb continental glass dish, brass weights, cast iron door stop, vintage hand tool, collector's plates, ceramics, box...
Lot 212 Lot number 212
A mixed lot to include ceramics, comprising Royal Worcester, silver, Royal Commemorative collectors plate, Asian ceramics, Masons and simila...
Lot 213 Lot number 213
A decorative vintage Singer sewing machine in wooden case, serial # EE105212
Lot 214 Lot number 214
A lot to include a quantity of protective motorcycle clothing, to include child set of leathers age 14, further set of Ashman leathers size ...
Lot 215 Lot number 215
A lot to include a quantity of lady's hats and gloves.
Lot 216 Lot number 216
Four lady's handbags, two marked Mulberry, one marked Gucci made in Italy and a Christian Lacroix shoes, size 38.5 in green set with stones ...
Lot 217 Lot number 217
Three lady's fur coats, unmarked for size, the first approximately 88 cm length, the second approximately 110 cm and a third 110 cm [3].
Lot 218 Lot number 218
A mixed lot to include framed prints, plated ware, metal ware, decorative table top display stand, the Times Comprehensive Atlas of The Worl...
Lot 219 Lot number 219
A lot to include a large quantity of metal ware, comprising black brass, copper and similar, glassware to include bowls, Caithness glass vas...
Lot 220 Lot number 220
Two tool boxes containing a quantity of tools and similar [2].
Lot 221 Lot number 221
A mixed lot to include a ceramics, flatware, glassware to include a boxed Cristal d'Arques lead crystal whisky decanter and glass sert conta...
Lot 222 Lot number 222
A good quality Antler suitcase containing a quantity of miscellaneous items to include a cased set of Ross binoculars, Morphy Richards, iron...
Lot 223 Lot number 223
Three boxes containing a mixed lot to include vintage cameras, unused retail stock, vintage enamelled kitchen ware, ceramics, glassware and ...
Lot 224 Lot number 224
Two boxes containing a good mixed lot of glassware and ceramics, including Hornsea sets, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton bowl decorated in the Moon ...
Lot 225 Lot number 225
A concept antique ACTICOOL technology picnic bag with contents, to include plates, tables cloth, knives and forks, accessories (unused) 25 ...
Lot 226 Lot number 226
Two boxes containing a good mixed lot of glassware, ceramics, brass and similar, also included in the lot is Aynsley and similar [2]
Lot 227 Lot number 227
A lot to include five decorative prints of varying image sizes, all mounted and framed under glass and a bevel edged wall mirror [6]
Lot 228 Lot number 228
A mixed lot to include a chess board with cast metal pieces, vintage Monopoly game, Scrabble, dominoes and a pair of Ross headphones and a s...
Lot 229 Lot number 229
Two boxes containing a good mixed lot of glassware, ceramics, electrical items and similar [2]
Lot 230 Lot number 230
A collection of lady's handbags, shoes to include Dubet, Dune, Martina Kmart, INA K, John Lewis and similar.
Lot 231 Lot number 231
Two canteens of cutlery one by Ashberry of Sheffield and a boxed set of six Lancashire crystal drinking glasses[3]
Lot 232 Lot number 232
A mixed lot to include tables lamps, wall lights, telephone, Christmas decorations, Ibco 1232 calculator and a leather bound copy of Longfel...
Lot 233 Lot number 233
Three pairs of CONTENDER kickboxing gloves, one pair of DBE and a pair SANDEE shin pads.
Lot 234 Lot number 234
A mixed lot to include Sally Swannell prints and cushions and a German coffee set comprising cups, saucers, coffee pot, cream jug and simila...
Lot 235 Lot number 235
A mixed lot to include a quantity of porcelain collectors dolls, a Nintendo DS Lite in case, a vintage cricket bat, umbrella, a quantity of ...
Lot 236 Lot number 236
A good mixed lot to include HELIOS Macro Bellows attachment with original box and related ephemera, Kodak Brownie CRESTA II with canvas prot...
Lot 237 Lot number 237
A mixed lot to include a pair of Le Jockey Club Paris racing binoculars, a Bakelite Soho Cadet folding camera, Champion album of famous foot...
Lot 238 Lot number 238
A lot to include a Gnome Jaguar projector, a Boots QI semi automatic projector contained in original box, Da-lite projector screen (boxed) s...
Lot 239 Lot number 239
A Lookwell bike fashion leather jacket, with label marked 50/40M and a quantity of lady's fashion and evening bags
Lot 240 Lot number 240
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware,plated ware and a musical vanity case
Lot 241 Lot number 241
A good mixed lot to include a chess set, a Venturer PVS123 LCD portable DVD player, a Proline RAC 65 cooker / grill and a light-up musical v...
Lot 242 Lot number 242
A lot to include a Boots Dichroic 2000 projector, a Prinz Sabra Super8 camera and projector screen [3]
Lot 243 Lot number 243
A good mixed lot to include a Tecknet, a pair of Prinz 3x30 binoculars, large German ceramic steins, carnival glass, a further pair of binoc...
Lot 244 Lot number 244
A lot to include three pieces of Price Kensington Cottage Ware and five Capodimonte figures
Lot 245 Lot number 245
A quantity of carved wooden items predominantly African tribal and three walking canes
Lot 246 Lot number 246
A lot to include a quantity of brass ware to include bells, ornaments, horse brass, wall plaques, fireside items and similar, approx 17.5 kg...
Lot 247 Lot number 247
A good mixed lot to include a Sweet Treats pie / cake maker, a Russell Hobbs travel kettle, Asian ceramics, paperweight, treen animals, plat...
Lot 248 Lot number 248
A quantity of limited edition prints and tapestry to include an L.S. Lowry print entitled Going to the Match, an Asian style picture, a limi...
Lot 249 Lot number 249
A good mixed lot to include a 525 power telescope, boxed, a Kodak Easyshare camera system, a projector screen and a tripod (4)
Lot 250 Lot number 250
Two part tea services to include a Royal Standard decorated in the Fantasy pattern and an Elizabethan set decorated in the Burgundy pattern ...
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