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51 - 100 Collectables

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 51 Lot number 51
Halcyon Days - A limited edition Halcyon Days enamel trinket box made exclusively for St James's Place, numbered 331 of 430 and contained in...
Lot 52 Lot number 52
Three Casio hand held TV's (two boxed) comprising TV-470, TV-770 and TV-880 This lot must be paid for and collected (or despatched) no later...
Lot 53 Lot number 53
A collection of pens to include a Conway Stewart 475, a Parker 61 and similar. This lot must be paid for and collected (or despatched) no la...
Lot 54 Lot number 54
A wooden dolls house with accessories measuring approximately 57 cm x 72 cm x 38 cm.
Lot 55 Lot number 55
A two storey wooden dolls house with lights fitted, but untested, with in excess of 30 pieces of furniture, approximate height is 54 cm x 66...
Lot 56 Lot number 56
Mixed lot of collectibles to include cased plated flatware, copper sign, clocks, mesh purse and similar.
Lot 57 Lot number 57
Dolls House - a dolls house by L Bros Tri-ang, two storey high, approx 42cm, with wooden dressed family members, resin furniture and opening...
Lot 58 Lot number 58
Two ceramic and enamel snuff boxes. Condition - no chips, cracks, crazing or restoration, larger box has some discolouration to the lid and ...
Lot 59 Lot number 59
A Rado Switzerland pen
Lot 60 Lot number 60
A marble Art Deco style ashtray decorated with a dogs head
Lot 61 Lot number 61
A French knife rest in the form of a squirrel
Lot 62 Lot number 62
An Oriental lidded cloisonne pot, approx 14 cm (high)
Lot 63 Lot number 63
A Peaky Blinders cast iron sign
Lot 64 Lot number 64
A cast iron nutcracker in the form of Hitler (mechanism works, presumed to be a novelty item not intended for use as a nutcracker). [WHINC]
Lot 65 Lot number 65
A white petrol can advertising Porsche
Lot 66 Lot number 66
A magnifying glass on a wooden base
Lot 67 Lot number 67
A cast iron advertising figure, depicting a dog and a Michelin Man.[WMI&D]
Lot 68 Lot number 68
A brass crab
Lot 69 Lot number 69
A brass four faced Buddha
Lot 70 Lot number 70
A large cast iron BP sign approximately 34 cm x 33 cm. [YBPL]
Lot 71 Lot number 71
A cast iron novelty mechanical money bank in a form of Punch and Judy [XBB&J]
Lot 72 Lot number 72
Handbags - two faux leather day bags.
Lot 73 Lot number 73
Handbags - two day bags marked Michael Kors and similar.
Lot 74 Lot number 74
Handbags - a leather handbag, marked Dolce&Gabbana fully lined, a further handbag marked Versace and a black an white occasional bag mar...
Lot 75 Lot number 75
Handbags - four handbags to include a leather handbag fully lined marked Mulberry and three further handbags, one marked Lihao and similar.
Lot 76 Lot number 76
Handbags - a Key West handbag in the form of a fox with original tag, an unused leather handbag, marked with the initials H, a leather handb...
Lot 77 Lot number 77
Jasper Conran - a designer Jasper Conran bag At Tripp, a Paignton leather travel bag with handle and wheels
Lot 78 Lot number 78
A Silver Crest SS television 10A1 BT sound tower, serial number 003175
Lot 79 Lot number 79
Vintage Telephones - a collection of three rotary dial vintage telephones
Lot 80 Lot number 80
Frontalini Italia piano accordion with diamante and floral finish with hard case
Lot 81 Lot number 81
Lot to include vintage tins, a 'Lenthall' Sound Box, vintage medical equipment and other.
Lot 82 Lot number 82
A quantity of small storage boxes, Masonic literature and similar.
Lot 83 Lot number 83
A quantity of carved wooden animals with examples to include lion, rhino, elephant and others also included in the lot is a carved African t...
Lot 84 Lot number 84
Cameras - a large collection of folding cameras and boxed cameras to include Ensign, Gevart, Coronet, Agfa, Kodak and others
Lot 85 Lot number 85
A lot comprising an Otto Burnz and Co blow torch, made in Rochester New York, a Hughes's balance scale #43 and a FJ Thornton The Viking scal...
Lot 86 Lot number 86
A vintage military compass stamped with broad arrow / crow's foot, a set of Ross brass and leather field glasses marked 1907 and a framed ho...
Lot 87 Lot number 87
A collection of thirteen cigarette lighters to include Zippo, Ronson, Sony-Lite, Hadson and similar.
Lot 88 Lot number 88
A six string practice guitar by TS Music Fidelity bearing paper label and logo and protective carry case
Lot 89 Lot number 89
Avery Scales - a white enamelled Avery heavy grocers scales, weight set to 3 pounds, part # 1105CCF
Lot 90 Lot number 90
Four travel/carry bags to include large blue and white Cath Kidstone bag, black tote Samsonite bag, BOSE travel bag/cabin suitcase on two wh...
Lot 91 Lot number 91
A local interest watercolour 'Thatched Cottages - Frodsham' by Kevin Sparrow, various sheet music, coins, commemorative military plates, In ...
Lot 92 Lot number 92
A limited edition Wedgwood plate and a miniature tankard marked WMF.
Lot 93 Lot number 93
A quantity of plated ware, pewter, brass ware, silver hallmarked napkin ring and similar.
Lot 94 Lot number 94
Cameras and Binoculars - a lot to include a quantity of vintage cameras and accessories to include Pentax SFSN with Pentax lens and case, Ag...
Lot 95 Lot number 95
Four boxes containing a large quantity of leather and material fashion belts, also included in the lot is an Allure pocket perfume bottle wi...
Lot 96 Lot number 96
A small collection of vintage collectibles to include Ronson cigarette lighters, cigarette cases, Rolls razors, Ronson electric shaver, trav...
Lot 97 Lot number 97
Three Halcyon Days enamel trinket boxes and a limited edition Selkirk glass paperweight Amber Queen numbered 127 of 500.
Lot 98 Lot number 98
Conchology - a quantity of shells with some coal and similar.
Lot 99 Lot number 99
A large quantity of mixed collectables to include Rob Roy handy made iron, a Regent radio, 30 m Chesterman tape measure, a quantity of playi...
Lot 100 Lot number 100
A quantity of wooden elephants, miniature tables, wooden box, vintage telephone and a lava lamp.
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