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241 -300 P'cards, Ephemera, Records

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 241 Lot number 241
Rugby League - A collection of Rugby League Challenge Cup Final ticket stubs, fourteen in total, comprising 1958 - 1972 (1961 not present).
Lot 242 Lot number 242
Football - A collection of six cup final ticket stubs comprising FA Cup Final 1956, 1969, 1981 and League Cup Finals 1970, 1974 and 1976.
Lot 243 Lot number 243
Deltiology - over 500 largely early-mid period postcards, predominantly UK topographical with a few subjects and some modern This lot must b...
Lot 244 Lot number 244
Four cigarette card albums containing complete sets of famous UK landmarks, Coronation souvenirs (both sets real photographs by Chairman Jun...
Lot 245 Lot number 245
A collection of postcards, photographs and similar to include family photos, topographical and others, also included in the lot is a limited...
Lot 246 Lot number 246
Three limited edition prints comprising No. 7 of 25 Peter Cushing, No. 1 of 100 Frankenstein and No...
Lot 247 Lot number 247
Two black and white signed photographs, one of Alec Guinness and the other of Janet Leigh, both framed under glass and with certificates (2)
Lot 248 Lot number 248
A limited edition print No. 17 of 50 Dracula Price of Darkness, a signed black and white photo of R Englund and a Collectors Edition DVD cov...
Lot 249 Lot number 249
Three signed colour photographs to include Linda Blair, Clint Walker and the cast members of The Poseidon Adventure and one further signed b...
Lot 250 Lot number 250
Liverpool F.C - A mounted photo montage depicting Steven Gerrard, signed with certificate of authenticity and a signed mounted colour photo ...
Lot 251 Lot number 251
Liverpool F.C - A collection of five signed photos of Liverpool Football Club players to include Tommy Smith, Alan Kennedy, Ron Yeats, Tommy...
Lot 252 Lot number 252
A file containing approximately 150 Italian silks.
Lot 253 Lot number 253
The Who, Live at Leeds, 2406 001, blue lettering on front of gatefold cover with twelve inserts.
Lot 254 Lot number 254
Four LP's to include The Rolling Stones, Big Hits [High Tide And Green Grass] TXS.101, The Kinks, Well Respected Kinks MAL 612, The Kinks, S...
Lot 255 Lot number 255
The Beatles - White Album PMC 7076, cover numbered 0239389 with poster insert and black inners.
Lot 256 Lot number 256
The Beatles - A collection of Beatles and related LP's to include Abbey Road PCS 7088, The Beatles 1962 - 1966 PCS 7171 PCS 7172, Wings, Ban...
Lot 257 Lot number 257
A collection of 33 RPM vinyl records to include Simon and Garfunkel, The Carpenters, ABBA, The Beach Boys, ELO, Status Quo and similar.
Lot 258 Lot number 258
A collection of 33 RPM vinyl records to include ELO, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John and similar.
Lot 259 Lot number 259
Lot to include a quantity of 33 RPM vinyl records to include Simon and Garfunkel, ABBA, Johnny Cash and similar, also includes a small quant...
Lot 260 Lot number 260
A collection of FA Challenge Cup Final Programmes with a run from 1952 - 1971 inclusive with some semi - final programmes and a Jules Rimet ...
Lot 261 Lot number 261
Football programmes comprising FA Cup Final Replay 1993 Arsenal v Sheffield Wednesday, 2008 Cardiff City v Portsmouth, Liverpool v Mancheste...
Lot 262 Lot number 262
A Lindner binder containing a quantity of Aerogramme Air Letters, predominantly unused.
Lot 263 Lot number 263
A vintage suitcase containing a quantity of first day covers from 1960's, '70's, '80's and '90's.
Lot 264 Lot number 264
A framed MBE citation and medal awarded to Richard George Norrell in recognition of his service to blind people, with related ephemera...
Lot 265 Lot number 265
An Elizabeth II Military Commission awarded to Roger Francis Mount Wassner appointing him Lieutenant in th Royal Army Service Corp dated 195...
Lot 266 Lot number 266
A framed montage from the film The Time Machine bearing signatures of Alan Young and Rob Taylor, framed pictures of Vincent Price. [3]
Lot 267 Lot number 267
A stamp album containing UK and foreign stamps, loose envelopes, cigarette card albums comprising cricketers, racehorses and similar.
Lot 268 Lot number 268
A book containing British and foreign matchbox labels.
Lot 269 Lot number 269
Lot to include stamp albums, cigarette cards, small quantity of coins, magnifying glass and similar.
Lot 271 Lot number 271
Lot to include 45 RPM vinyl records, music related books, Ion Quick Play LP USB powered LP - to - MP3 Turntable (boxed) and other. [4]
Lot 272 Lot number 272
Rothamns Football Year Book - a collection of eight Rothmans Football Year Books from 1984 to 1994.
Lot 273 Lot number 273
A lot to include a quantity of Glass's Guide to Used Car Values comprising 1947, 1958, 1960, 1961 and 1962, two slide rules to include an Ar...
Lot 274 Lot number 274
Nine Liverpool Football Club season tickets from the Kemlyn Road Stand comprising '73/'74, '78/'79, '80/'81 and later.
Lot 275 Lot number 275
In excess of 30 children's books to include annuals, Lady Bird novels and similar, also included in the lot is some quantity of board games,...
Lot 276 Lot number 276
A collection of Stingray comics to include #1, #2, #3, #5, #7 and #14 together with a TV comic annual [2].
Lot 277 Lot number 277
Aeronautics - a collective lot of aeroplane related items to include two sets of pin badges, D Day landings jigsaw puzzles by Gibbons, photo...
Lot 278 Lot number 278
A collection of railway related photographs and ephemera.
Lot 279 Lot number 279
Football Programmes - A good collection of 1960's and later matchday programmes to include English, Scottish, non-league, Cup finals and int...
Lot 280 Lot number 280
A quantity of 1960's railway related magazines to include Trains Illustrated, Modern Railways, Railway World and Railway Magazine and a phot...
Lot 281 Lot number 281
Transport Ephemera - a good vintage collection of predominantly hard cover books to include The Universal Encyclopaedia of Steam&Rail, E...
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