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301 - 360 Collectables

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 301 Lot number 301
A boxed set of Wills's Star Cigarettes dominoes, a boxed vintage sphygmomanometer and a Thomas Webb decanter and glasses set. [3]
Lot 302 Lot number 302
Lot to include a small, leather bound, travelling inkwell, a George V silver and mother of pearl folding knife, Sheffield assay 1913, sponso...
Lot 303 Lot number 303
A metal cased technical drawing set by A.G. Thornton Ltd, appears to be 'Minerva Series', lift out compartment revealing further storage spa...
Lot 304 Lot number 304
Lot available
Lot 305 Lot number 305
A quantity of plated and stainless flatware with cased examples and hallmarked silver handled examples.
Lot 306 Lot number 306
A collection of treen items and a small Chinese carved stone Buddha.
Lot 307 Lot number 307
A small mixed lot to include a framed, limited edition Doug Kewley print entitled 'The Old Rotunda Theatre', an Acme Scout whistle, small qu...
Lot 308 Lot number 308
A boxed Lady Sheaffer fountain pen, a Mentmore Paramount with 14ct nib and a Sheaffer ballpoint.
Lot 309 Lot number 309
Two bottles of Croft Original sherry (1 x 1 litre and 1 x 750ml), a bottle of Cockburn's Special Reserve port and a bottle of Mateus.
Lot 310 Lot number 310
Photography - A Praktica MTL5 camera with Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 2.8/50 lens attached and additional Prakticar lens.
Lot 311 Lot number 311
An ebony dressing table set comprising mirror and two brushes, paper fan, embroidered scarf and white metal nutcracker and pick set.
Lot 312 Lot number 312
A quantity of lady's hats.
Lot 313 Lot number 313
An antique Singer sewing machine, serial number V523088, contained in wooden carry case and an early Imperial 'Good Companion' portable type...
Lot 314 Lot number 314
A pair of twin handled bronze vases, probably Japanese, with bird and turtle decoration, white metal inlay, approximately 12 cm (h)
Lot 315 Lot number 315
A mixed lot to include two Liverpool Football Club match programmes from the 1970's, a boxed Wardonia Devon Razor Set, promotional photograp...
Lot 316 Lot number 316
An illuminated globe, quantity of thimbles and cast iron money bank.
Lot 317 Lot number 317
A half bottle of John Dewar & Sons Ltd 'White Label' Finest Scotch Whisky Of Great Age, spring cap, likely a 1930's bottling.
Lot 318 Lot number 318
A unopened vintage tin of Players Navy Cut 'Medium' cigarettes containing 50 cigarettes.
Lot 319 Lot number 319
An Apple PowerBook 500 Series, model M4880, with carry bag and power adapter.
Lot 320 Lot number 320
A Watson Prickard Ltd folding top hat, 15 cm (h), internal measurements approximately 7'' by 6''.
Lot 321 Lot number 321
An Hitachi HT354 turntable, SR-2010L Stereo Receiver, D-30s Cassette Deck, a Yamaha CD-X2 Compact Disc Player and speakers. [3]
Lot 322 Lot number 322
A vintage jointed teddy bear, approximately 54 cm (h) and a quantity of artist's equipment for acrylic painting and similar.
Lot 323 Lot number 323
A vintage Technics portable CD player, model SL-XP5.
Lot 324 Lot number 324
A mixed lot to include MahJong, vintage card games, vintage bear, belt and similar.
Lot 325 Lot number 325
A collection of Russian pin badges.
Lot 326 Lot number 326
A quantity of vintage glass bottles and a stoneware jug 'The Lancashire Botanical Brewery Co Ltd' dated 1949.
Lot 327 Lot number 327
A Russian two draw telescope marked 'Typnct-3' contained in case, a pair of opera glasses and a Clarke hands free magnifier.
Lot 328 Lot number 328
Small mixed lot to include trinket boxes, vintage B.G.L Table Tennis set, dominoes, purse.
Lot 329 Lot number 329
Photography - A collection of cameras to include Cosina, Canon, Olympus and similar.
Lot 330 Lot number 330
A vintage wood and brass carving set and a vintage exercise club and three vintage suitcases. [2]
Lot 331 Lot number 331
A vintage Eardley's Patent Pitch Pipe and whistle and a quantity of sheet music. [2]
Lot 332 Lot number 332
Saree / Sari - A three piece sari set in turquoise and a four piece set in peach tone.
Lot 333 Lot number 333
Saree / Sari - A two piece sari set in green, a three piece set in red and similar.
Lot 334 Lot number 334
Saree / Sari - An intricately embroidered uttariya.
Lot 335 Lot number 335
A mixed lot of collectables comprising a boxed Rotary wristwatch, vintage card games and dominoes, light shades, ceramics to include Wade an...
Lot 336 Lot number 336
An Art Nouveau copper crumb tray and brush by Beldray and a collection of pewter items.
Lot 337 Lot number 337
A collection of various metalware and a canteen of cutlery.
Lot 338 Lot number 338
An M Spranger curved octave harmonica 'C', contained in original box.
Lot 339 Lot number 339
A vintage wall hanging letter rack with floral decoration and a desk tidy with twin glass inkwells. [2]
Lot 340 Lot number 340
A mixed lot of collectables to include hallmarked silver napkin ring, silver handled button hook, a German, leather bound white metal vesta ...
Lot 341 Lot number 341
A cased autoharp with song books.
Lot 342 Lot number 342
A large quantity of souvenir collector spoons and storage chest of drawers. [2]
Lot 343 Lot number 343
A boxed 75 cl Bells Old Scotch Whisky decanter, Queen Mother 90th Birthday commemorative, a 26? floz decanter, a 13? floz, one 6? floz and t...
Lot 344 Lot number 344
Lot to include a smokers pipe with silver collar, Chester assay 1913, sponsors mark for W H Carrington & Co, contained in fitted case, c...
Lot 345 Lot number 345
Lot to include lady's gloves, powder compacts, lidded powder bowl, manicure set, opera glasses and similar.
Lot 346 Lot number 346
Various flatware, plated and stainless, including boxed examples.
Lot 347 Lot number 347
A mixed lot to include two framed lenticular pictures of animals, soft toy, small quantity of cutlery and a copy of Westward Ho!.
Lot 348 Lot number 348
A quantity of plated ware to include cutlery, candelabra and similar.
Lot 349 Lot number 349
A vintage Singer 185K sewing machine in case and an Imperial portable typewriter, also cased. [2]
Lot 350 Lot number 350
A quantity of predominantly plated ware
Lot 351 Lot number 351
A mixed lot to include a gentleman's travelling grooming set, dressing table set, glassware, pen knife and similar.
Lot 352 Lot number 352
Lot to include a Maelzel Metronome, folding magnifying glass and other.
Lot 353 Lot number 353
A small collection of oil lamps and similar.
Lot 354 Lot number 354
A cased clarinet.
Lot 355 Lot number 355
Four tribal figurines, the largest approximately 25 cm (h). [4]
Lot 356 Lot number 356
A mixed lot to include metalware comprising horse brasses, brass inkwell, plated ware and similar, ceramics, trinket box and similar.
Lot 357 Lot number 357
A plated model of a Spitfire mounted on a wooden plinth, approx 22 cm (h)
Lot 358 Lot number 358
A collection of various pin badges, children's annuals and similar.
Lot 359 Lot number 359
A quantity of vintage linen, fabrics, table coverings and similar.
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